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Carnegie Grant
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Centre for African Library Leadership (CALL)
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Centre for African Library Leadership (CALL)

The Centre for African Library Leadership (CALL) has been established in the Merensky Library of the University of Pretoria, with a grant of $1m awarded to the University of Pretoria Library Services (UPLS) by the Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY) in 2008.
The three-year grant has been awarded following an application by the UPLS for the location of a  project that could address the library leadership training and skills development needs of library managers in the South African Library and Information Services (LIS) Sector.   As a library leader the UPLS is ideally positioned to address the specific leadership skills development needs of South African libraries. The involvement in the project of the Department of Information Science at the University of Pretoria, the Centre for Information Literacy at the University of Cape Town and the Information Studies Programme at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, ensure the design of sector specific programmes that address the unique challenges of the LIS sector.
The primary and distinct goal of the CALL is to develop leadership qualities in current and future library managers in the academic, public/community, and national library sectors in South Africa, including South African Carnegie model libraries.

    The strategic objectives of the CALL:
  • To develop a self-sustaining Library Leadership Centre
  • To build leadership skills within the above mentioned South African LIS sectors by making available further development opportunities and facilitating relevant and appropriate skills based training
  • To identify and select middle to senior library managers to participate in six two-week Library Leadership Academies
  • To define and design a one-week Train-the-Trainer Programme to be attended by participants selected from the Academies and aimed at developing learning and training skills.
    The outcomes of the grant will be:
  • A self-sustaining Library Leadership Centre in the Merensky Library at the University of Pretoria
  • A comprehensive library leadership development plan for library managers in South Africa
  • The achievement of a high level of measurable improved skills and service delivery among library leaders
  • The development of a cadre of 120 well trained library leaders who can lead libraries effectively through the challenging LIS landscape in South Africa
  • The building of a team of 30 library trainers who would be able to continue training after the termination of the grant.
The project is being run by a full-time Project Co-ordinator from the office of the UPLS Deputy Director: Marketing, Training and Development. In accordance with the grant requirements an independent Advisory Committee (AC) has been appointed to support the implementation of the project, review operations and set policies.

The 12-member AC is composed of the UPLS Director, the CALL Project Director, the CALL Project Co-ordinator, representatives from the various LIS sectors, i.e. the Council for Higher Education Libraries in South Africa (CHELSA), Metropolitan public and community libraries, Provincial library services, the Library and Information Association of South Africa (LIASA), the IFLA/Africa Section, the South African Dept of Arts and Culture, as well as representatives of the three collaborating library schools, who have consultative status within the Committee.
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