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Digitisation Services

Digitisation on demand is a service the Digitisation Unit provides, where a client can
  -  place a request for the digitisation and editing of materials by digitisation staff; or
  -  digitise and edit materials themselves

Materials can include works in print, on microfiche, on slides, or in the form of 3D objects.

The Digitisation Unit can digitise the work and assist with the basic editing of the electronic copy at a cost.
The Digitisation Unit can also provide training in basic editing at a cost.

Please note that there are costs involved for these services as indicated below.



Self Service

Done by our staff

1 Document feeder scanner R0.25c R0.50c
2 Flatbed High Quality - up to A3 R5 / page R15 / page
3 Microfiche   R50 / h
4 Slide scanning R0.50c / slide R2 / slide
5 Internet Archive (Project based) (300 - 600 DPI, A3): N/A  
6 Administration fee:   R 500
  Metadata fee:   R10 / book
  Digitisation fee:   R1.75 / page
7 Basic editing (cropping, resizing, removal of scratches, colour adjusments, file conversion and OCR) N/A R150 / h
8 3D Scanning   R250 / h
9 Bookeye Scanner   R0.75 / page