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  Facilites for clients with physical and learning disabilities

A designated lab on the 4th floor of the library houses equipment intended to serve students with visual and cognitive or learning disabilities.
The lab currently has 4 computers:

  • 1 with Zoomtext (For students with low vision)
  • 2 with JAWS and Open Book and is connected to a scanner (Job Access With Speech, for blind students)
  • 1 with WYNN only (For students with cognitive and learning disabilities) - The WYNN program is also effective for studying use by students suffering from ADHD or Dyslexia as it facilitates the reading process and helps the student make effective summaries.
  Library services for clients with physical and learning disabilities
The information specialist, responsible for the relevant Department is the first point of contact for any library related enquiries.
  Textbooks and e-books
  • 1. The client has to provide the information specialist with the information on the text book needed.
  • 2. The information specialist sends the request (including the contact details of the client) to Mrs W Marais (wilna.marais@up.ac.za / 012 4204803).
  • 3. Mrs Marais contacts the client to establish in which format the information is needed and refers him / her to the Unit for Students with Specific Needs for access to the necessary facilities.
  • 4. If the information is not available in the required electronic format, the publisher is contacted for an electronic copy of the information in a usable format. If the electronic format is not available, the publisher will be approached for permission to scan the book / article to make it available electronically.
  • 5. The client and information specialist will be kept informed during this process and the client will be notified as soon as the information is available. 6. If the information has to be brailled, Mrs Marais will contact the Unit for Students with Specific Needs. The Unit will notify the client as soon as the brailled information is available.


  • 1. The client has to provide the information specialist with the research topic and relevant keywords.
  • 2. The information specialist will search on different databases on behalf of the client.
  • 3. A list of references and abstracts on the topic and relevant keywords will be sent to the client.
  • 4. The client then has to select relevant articles with the help of a departmental assistant/lecturer and arrange with him / her to download the information .
  • 5. If the full text is not available electronically, the assistant/lecturer must request it on interlibrary loan on behalf of the client.
  • 6. When the article is available only in paper format, the client must arrange with the assistant/lecturer for photocopies to be made in the library.The Unit for Students with Specific Needs can then be contacted to change the information into the required format.
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