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 Welcome to SFX@UP! This tool from Ex Libris creates shortcuts to the full text of online journals and books. It also links to the Library catalogue. With SFX it will not be necessary to search separately in a number of resources for the information needed. Please note:

SFX is not a search engine, it is a link solver. It doesn't search, it links!
Searches done in databases, e.g. EBCSOhost or Academic OneFile will also deliver SFX  results.

In search results you will find SFX links often displayed as an icon:

Google Scholar displays: SFX@UP in your search results.

If you have done a search and the results  are a bit overwhelming, remember this advice:

  • If there is a direct link to the publisher, always choose the direct link first as it is the shortest path.
  • Choose SFX in the absence of a direct link.
  • Sometimes  you have to sign in with personal passwords before you will see any SFX results(Scopus).
  • The SFX links could be available in the references only .
  • SFX links will not be visible after having clicked on a pdf link.
  • Golden rule: don’t search for SFX, use it when you come across it! You will see it all over our databases/journals.

To quote Ex Libris: For library patrons SFX means quick and reliable access to the resources they need.                 

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