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  Passwords to access all the Electronic Resources

  • You will always be prompted for  your Student / Personnel number and a PIN, as chosen by yourself.


  Passwords for Titles in  the e-Journals Titles: A-Z Collection
If you are prompted for passwords again, but see no relevant message  in the title (as in the  example below),  it could mean one of two things:
  • We do not have access to the title at all    OR
  • We do not have access to the complete holdings of the title
Always double check the e-Journals Titles: A-Z Collection for notes on passwords, holdings and embargo's. In the example below:
  • we have no passwords for this title
  • we have limited access (holdings) 1920-1940
  • there is no embargo
  • the link next to "Subject" will provide more journal titles on the specific subject

Example from our e-Journals Titles: A-Z Collection

Titles where title name contains 'League of nations official journal': 1


League of Nations Official Journal
HeinOnLine Law Journal Library 1920 - 1940
Publisher: Unspecified
Subject: Political Science -- International relations -- International organizations and associations

Titles where title name contains 'League of nations official journal': 1

Help with Passwords
  If you experience problems accessing the journals, please contact your Information Specialist, or the Journals@UP office. See the Journals Help page for more information.
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