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The books in the Law Library mainly deals with legal subject matter. According to the Dewey Decimal Classification system, such books fall between the range 340 - 349. Extensive guidance on this arrangement are being given inside the library. Some books on other topics with relevance to law, like politics or certain medical books, can also be found in the Law Library, and will be explicitly indicated as such on the library catalogue as well as on the shelves. The following collections can be found in the Law Library:
  Law of Africa Collection
Our Law of Africa Collection aims to collect primary sources of legal information from African countries in order to facilitate research into the legal systems of Africa.
  Human Rights Reference Collection
The Human Rights Reference Collection is a database with references to journal articles on human rights held in the library.
 Study Collection
The Study Collection consists of all the prescribed books for undergraduate students.  These books can be used for 2 hours inside the library for study purposes.  It is, however, preferable for students to buy their own textbooks.
 Closed Collection
All the books, journals, law reports and statutes in the Law Library are part of the Closed Collection.  The material may not be taken out, but can be used freely inside the library.
 Reference Collection
Reference works, such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias and loose-leaf volumes, are kept next to the photocopying section in the Law Library.  These works can be recognised by a call number starting with a capital letter N, e.g. N 344.10968 LABOUR.
 Old Authorities Collection
The Old Authorities Collection consists of very old and valuable legal books, such as the original works of Grotius and Voet.  This collection is kept on the 3rd floor of the Law Library in a temperature-controlled room, and can be used on request.>
 Pamphlet Collection
All pamphlets and non-book textual material are being kept in the Pamphlet Collection, available on request.
 Electronic Info Collection
The Electronic Information Collection refers to CD ROMs and other electronic material.  This material (sometimes accompanying certain books) can be used in the library on request.
Research Repository
LLM dissertations (Centre for Human Rights)
 Old Books Collection
All books published before 1980 are kept on the 2nd floor of the Law Library.  This Old Books Collection can be used with the old card catalogue in the Main Library. We are in the process of putting all the books on the electronic library catalogue.
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