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Law of Africa Collection - Law Reports
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 Law reports Location Scope
African Law Reports Index  (Only available on campus)

This index contains information from the recent law reports of many African countries (excluding South Africa).  Use this index to find full citations to specific cases, or to find lists of cases dealing with specific topics
African human rights case law * See website  
African human rights law reports See catalogue 2000-
African law reports (Commercial law series) See catalogue 1964-1980
African LII *  See website  
Association des Cours Constitutionnelles ayant en Partage l'Usage du Francais Link to website Selected (French speaking countries
CommonLII (Commonwealth Legal Information Institute) * See website Selected (Commonwealth countries)
Recueil des arrets See catalogue 1994-1999
Recueil des decisions (Elections legislatives & Elections presidentielles) See catalogue 1995, 1996, 1999, 2001
Recueil des decisions et avis See catalogue 1991-1993, 1995-2002
Botswana law reports See catalogue 1976-1978
Botswana law reports     CD at Front Desk Latest version
Botswana on SAFLII * See website  
Côte d'Ivoire
Recueil des arrets de la Cour Supreme See catalogue 1991
Special election See catalogue 2000
East Africa
Eastern Africa law reports See catalogue 1957-1967
East Africa Law Reports See catalogue 1968-1975
East Africa Law Reports CD Law Databases 1995-(2004)
Gambia law reports See catalogue 1960-1993, 1995-2008
Gambia law reports CD Law Databases 1997-2001
Ghana law reports  CD Law Databases  
Kenya law reports See website Regularly updated
Kenya law reports (East Africa Protectorate) See catalogue 1897-1918
Law reports of Kenya See catalogue 1919-1956
Kenya law reports See catalogue 1982-1991, 2002-2004
Kenya law reports See catalogue 1982-1988
LesLII * See website  
Lesotho on SAFLII * See website  
Lesotho appeal cases See catalogue 1980-1989
Lesotho law reports See catalogue 1967-1981
Lesotho law reports and legal bulletin See catalogue 1999-(2000)
LiberLII * See website  
Liberian law reports See catalogue 1977-1978
Malawilii * See website  
African law reports.  Malawi series See catalogue 1923-1972
Malawi law reports See catalogue 1973-1993
Malawi law reports CD Law Databases 1990-1993
Mauritius on SAFLII * See website  
MozLII * See website  
Namibia e-Laws * See website  
Namibia on SAFLII * See website  
Superior Courts of Namibia * See website  
South African law reports – South West Africa: decisions of the High Court of South-West Africa See catalogue 1920-1945
Namibian Law reports See catalogue 1990-(2003) -
Namibian Law Reports CD Law Databases Latest version
Nigeria law reports See catalogue 1881-1955
Nigeria law reports See catalogue 1911-1924
Monthly judgments of the Supreme Court of Nigeria CD Law Databases Apr. 2001-Mar. 2004
Weekly reports of Nigeria CD Law Databases Jul. 2000-Dec. 2003
Selected judgments of the Federal Supreme Court of Nigeria See catalogue 1956-1960
All Nigeria law reports See catalogue 1961-1970
Law reports of Nigeria See catalogue 1978-1979
Nigerian criminal reports See catalogue 1980(1), 1981(2) & 1983(1)
Nigerian internet law reports * See website Selected
Western Nigeria law reports See catalogue 1956-1966
Selected judgments of the West African Court of Appeal See catalogue 1930-1945
Seychelles on SAFLII *  See website  
SeyLII * See website  
Sierra Leone
African law reports (Sierra Leone series) See catalogue 1920-1973
SierraLII * See website  
South Africa
All law reports of South Africa Available in printed and electronic format From the very first cases to the most recent ones
Swaziland on SAFLII *  See website  
Swaziland law reports See catalogue  
SwaziLII * See website  
Tanzania on SAFLII *  See website  
Tanzania law reports CD Law Databases 1983-1997
Ulii * See website  
Zambia on SAFLII *  See website  
Zambia law reports See catalogue 1963-1987
Zambia law reports CD Law Databases 1963-1997
ZAMLII court rulings * See website Selected
Zimbabwe on SAFLII * See website  
ZimLII * See website  
Decisions of the High Court of Southern Rhodesia See catalogue 1927-1955
Rhodesia and Nyasaland law reports See catalogue 1956-1963
Zimbabwe law reports See catalogue 1984-1994
Case law of Zimbabwe CD Law Databases 1980-(2000)
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