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Law of Africal Collection - Legislation


- AfricanLII -
- COMESA - Legis-palop (Legislation in Portuguese)
- CommonLII (Commonwealth Legal Information Institute) - OHADA Business Law Portal in Africa
- Constitutions of African countries - OSALL (Organisation of South African Law Librarians)
- - SAFLII (Southern African Legal Information Institute)

African Countries

  Algeria   Malawi
- Algeria on - MalawiLII
- Algerian Law Guide - Laws of Malawi (CD at front desk)
    - Laws of Malawi
  Angola - Legal System and Research Rescources
- Angola on SAFLII    
- Legislacao Comercial   Mali
- Sumario de Legislacao Administracao/Publica - Mali on
- Angola Legal System and Research - Codes et textes usuels de la Republicque du Mali (CD at front desk)
    - Guide to Legal Research in Mali No 1
- Recueil des textes fondamentaux: Cour constitutionnelle
(Print copies in Library)
- Benin on - Mauritania on
- Systeme Juridique et Judiciare du Benin - Legal System and Laws of Mauritania
  Botswana   Morocco
- Botswana e-Laws - Morocco on
- Botswana on SAFLII - Introduction to Moroccan Legal System
- Laws of Botswana (CD at front desk)    
- Laws of the Botswana Stock Exchange   Mozambique
- Botswana's legal System & Legal Research - Mozambique Legislation (CD at front desk)
    - Atneia Database (Login: UOP, Password: UOP)
  Burkina Faso - Mozambique on SAFLII
- Codes et lois du Burkina Faso (Print copies in Library) - Mozambique Tudo Legal
- Burkin Faso on - Mozambique Legal System and Research
- Burkina Faso Legal Information & Research    
  Burundi - Namibian Laws
- Burundi on - Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy
- Bulletin officiel du Burundi (Print copies in Library) - Namibia on SAFLII
- Burundi Legal System & Research - Parliament of Namibia
    - Statutes of Namibia
  Cameroon - Researching Namibian Law and Legal System
- Code general des impôts (Print copies in Library)    
- Code penal (Print copies in Library)   Niger
- Cameroon on - Systeme Juridique et Judiciare du Niger
- Researching Cameroonian Law    
  Central African Republic - Guide to Nigerian Legal Information
- Central African Republic on - Index to the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria
    - Laws of the Federation of Nigeria
  Chad - Legislation of Nigeria
- Introduction: Legal System & Research in Chad    
  Comores - Int Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (CD at front desk)
- Comores on - Rwanda on
    - Rwanda's Legal System and Materials
  Congo (Brazzaville)    
- Congo on   Senegal
- Codes d'Audience (Print copies in Library) - Senegal on
    - Senegal Legal System & Research: Human Rights Perspective
  Congo (Democratic Republic)    
- Congo, Democratic Republic of on   Seychelles
- Les codes Larcier (Print copies in Library) - SeyLII
- Overview: Legal System & Research DRC    
      Sierra Leone
  Côte d'Ivoire - SierraLII
- Codes C.N.D.J. (Print copies in Library) - Sierra Leone acts
- Côte d'Ivoire on - Sierra Leone Child Rights Act Bill
- The Legal System in Côte d'Ivoire - Sierra Leone legislation
    - Sierra Leone Legal System & Legal Research
- Djibouti on   Somaliland
    - Guide to the Somaliland Legal System
- Egyptian Legal System and Research: Overview   South Africa
    - Researching South African Law
- Federal negarit gazeta of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia  
    - Sudanese Legal System and Legal Research
- Gabon on   Swaziland
- Gabonese Legal System & Research - Statutes of Swaziland
    - The Law and Legal Research in Swaziland
  Gambia - SwaziLII
- Gambia Legislation    
  Ghana - Laws of Tanzania (CD at front desk)
- Laws of Ghana (LexisNexis Butterworths) - Tanzanian statutes (CD at front desk)
- Laws of Ghana Looseleaf (Print copies in Library) - Tanzanian Legal System and Legal Research
- Researching Ghanaian Law - Tanzanian Acts
    - Parliament of Tanzania
  Guinee   Tchad
- Guinee on - Tchad on
- Guinean Legal System & Research    
  Guinee Equatoriale - Togo on
- Guinee Equatoriale on    
  Kenya - Guide to the Tunisian Legal System
- Laws of Kenya - Tunisia on
- Researching Kenyan Law    
  Lesotho - Laws of the Republic of Uganda
- Laws of Lesotho - Uganda's Legal System and Legal Sector
- LesLII - Ulii
- Lesotho on SAFLII    
- The Law & Legal Research in Lesotho   Zambia
    - Zambia on SAFLII
  Liberia - ZAMLII
- Liberian codes revised - Laws of the Republic of Zambia (CD at front desk)
- LiberLII - Laws of Zambia
- Guide to the Liberian Legal System & Research - The Law and Legal Research in Zambia
  Libya   Zanzibar
- Libya's Legal System and Research - Laws of Zanzibar (CD at front desk)
  Madagascar   Zimbabwe
- Madagascar on - Statutes of Zimbabwe
- Madagascar on SAFLII - ZimLII
- Textes 2000 (CD at front desk) - The Law in Zimbabwe
    - Legislation Optima (Front desk computer only)