Department of Library Services
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Computer Facilities at the Learning Centre


The carousels have computer facilities where students can access the Library webpage and the Learning Management system (clickUP).
These facilities are mainly for quick access and printing
The time limit for these computers is 30 minutes per student.
Quizzes and online submission of assignments should not be done at these facilities but at the open computer area on level three.

Open Computer Area

The open computer area has 102 computers, with 130 seats, where you can access the following:
    -  Internet
    -  Word processing
    -  clickUP

Access to computers
Use your portal / clickUP password.
Follow the instructions on the screen or ask for assistance at the helpdesk or info desk.


There are eight printers available on level 3.

    -  TuksPrint Information
    -  Generate a printing pin.