Department of Library Services
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Physical Facilities at the Learning Centre

Auditorium   |   Training Centre   |  Discussion Facilities   |   Individual Study Spaces


The auditorium area consists of:
 -   85 seats (+ loose chairs), smart podium, 4 plasma screens and Vidyo facilities
 -   Kitchen and service area
 -   Lounge area
 -   Restrooms

The use of any of the facilities is restricted to library hours

Booking is essential for all use of the auditorium & can be made with:
Gerda Ehlers: OR Louisa buys:

Training Centre

The training centre consists of:
Training room 1
 -   This facility has 34 computers, 4 plasma screens.
Training room 2
 -   This facility has 22 computers, 2 plasma screens.

Bookings can be made with:
Louisa Buys: 012 420 3159 or

Discussion Facilities

All Group Discussion rooms for students can be booked online at

Discussion Room 1
This facility consists of:
 -   2 plasma screens
 -   One large table with 10 seats

Discussion Room 2
This facility consists of:
 -   White board
 -   Plasma screen
 -   One table with 10 seats

Training Room 3
 -   This facility has 4 tables with 16 seats & computer facilities at each table
 -   This can be used as group discussion areas
 -   Each table can be booked for two hours at a time

Open Group Discussion Areas
The Learning Centre also offers access to open group discussion areas with Wifi Connectivity.
There are 84 seats and available on the eastern side on level 3.

Individual Study Spaces

There are 35 seats on the balcony on level 4 on the eastern side of the Library, where you can do individual, quiet, studying. This facility also has Wifi Connectivity.