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Services at the MakerSpace

3D Printing

Accepted file types are OBJ and STL files. Standard colours are black and white; however, others are available per items in stock. A resolution of 0.2mm renders higher detail, where 0.3mm is standard for overall and rapid printing.
OBJ and STL files
Minimum printing: R35

The filament type used is PLA, and the following machines are available:
   -  X3 MakerBot Replicators - Maximum dimensions: 252x199x150mm
   -  X1 RoboBeast - Maximum dimensions: 300x300x280mm

Cost is currently R2,50 per gram, and a minimum printing price of R35.
When you need to print, ask any of the technicians on duty to assist you, or any other questions you might have.

3D Scanning

In order to print a 3D object, you will need a file to print. This can be done in the following manners:
   -  Scanning an existing object, then edit it if required
   -  Obtain a file from online sources such as Thingiverse
   -  Build a new model using 3D software such as TinkerCADe

To scan an object, the following is available:
   -  x1 Makerbot Digitizer
   -  x1 Intel Realsense F200
   -  x1 Intel Realsense F300
   -   EinScan- with the assistance of a technician

3D Design Software to create or edit files:

   -  Autoscad
   -  TinkerCad
   -  SketchUp
   -  Blender
   -  Solidworks
   -  MeshMixer

Virtual Reality

   -  x2 Oculus Rift DK1 headsets


   -  Arduino
   -  Lego Robotics

Other Tools

   -  Soldering Irons
   -  Tool set (screwdrivers, pliers ect)
   -  Dremel
   -  Projector