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          Augustus 2008 Uitgawe 1  August 2008 Issue 1  

Department of Library Services Centenary Function 21 June 2008


A dream came true on the 21st of June when about 400 colleagues, with their families and colleagues of years gone by, attended the Centenary function of the library.  It was the first time in history that the families of colleagues had the opportunity to join in celebrations and see a whole new picture of the library and its staff


Maureen du Pisanie and her  team were responsible for organizing all the different exhibitions.  Every Faculty Library and Unit had the opportunity to show why they are unique and important in the library in the “A day in the life of...” exhibitions, while the “Life after 5” exhibition (organized by Erica Slabbert, Kabelo Nzima and Ria Groenewald) showcased the talents of the staff.  Everyone was impressed by the wonderful artworks, pottery and even wedding dresses that were displayed.


Emelia Minnaar and Myleen Oosthuizen were responsible for the “Kids Corner” programme.  The huge crowd that attended the puppet show demonstrated that one is never too old for a world of fantasy, and the face painters had their hands full with all the kids who wanted to be transformed into Barbie or Batman.  The campus tour was a hit with the young and the not-so-young.


Antoinette Kemp and Julene Vermeulen compiled the Centenary album with pictures and messages from the staff.  This will become a true part of history in the future.


To trace all the Merensky romances of the past was Sonja Delport’s and Leone Muller’s responsibility.  All the wedding pictures and stories (and even a wedding dress) at this exhibition and the attention it got from all the visitors emphasized the fact that there is a romantic part hidden in every person.  Leone Muller also did a splendid job on the Hans Merensky exhibition.


Our alumni staff were our guests of honour and Erica van der Westhuizen and Clarisse Venter traced about 50 of them.  They enjoyed everything – especially the “Merensky Story” DVD where they could walk down memory lane and see themselves when they were still young.  Our Training DVD  showed them the changes in the past few years and they  were impressed with all the developments.


The logistics behind a party of this size are huge, but Salomie Stolz and Maureen du Pisanie planned it all with military precision.  To feed 400 people without any problem is a major achievement.


This will be a day and date to remember for many years to come.  Everyone who attended was proud to be part of the Merensky family.


Contributed by Magriet Lee



Vier fees saam met Alumni-Personeel  /  Celebrating with Alumni Library Staff


Met die hulp van kollegas kon ons ‘n lys van by die 70 name opstel en opspoor van kollegas wat  oor die jare 10jaar of langer by die biblioteek gewerk het. Slegs 32 kon nie kom nie - die meeste omdat hulle nou in die Kaap bly.


Wat ons veral opgeval het, was die opgewondenheid dat ons hulle onthou het, en dat hulle die geleentheid kon hê om weer met almal te kon gesels. Die entoesiasme was só groot, dat die eerstes al Saterdagoggend skuins na 9 aangemeld het, alhoewel ons die tyd as 11uur aangedui het! Daar was ‘n regte fees-atmosfeer by ons registrasietoonbank, en elk het ook ‘n klein geskenkie as blyk van waardering ontvang. Die vreugde en verrassings was groot om ander oud-kollegas na baie jare weer te kon ontmoet, en die “oe’s” en “aa’s” het ook nie uitgebly nie!


Vir diegene wat daar was, was daar ook ‘n gelukstrekking met 2 UP Eeufeesrose as pryse. Die gelukkige wenners was Annatjie Botes (Momberg) (Vlak 6), en Joriet Coetzee (Africana), wat al die pad van Warmbad af spesiaal gekom het.


Ons het net positiewe terugvoer ontvang. Ons oud-kollegas is trots en vol lof dat so ‘n funksie met soveel styl aangebied is, en veral dat hulle deel darvan kon wees. Hulle het elke oomblik geniet, aanmekaar gekuier, en lekker geëet. Heelparty het genoem dat dit die hoogtepunt van hulle jaar was! Die towerbekers het vir ná-feesvreugde gesorg, en baie het genoem dat hulle graag op meer gereelde grondslag so met ons huidige kollegas wou kuier en so sommer net deel bly van so ‘n puik biblioteek.


Van ons kant af ook ‘n groot dankie aan almal wat bygedra het om die dag so spesiaal vir ons oud-kollegas te maak!


We would also like to thank the UP Centenary office for kindly donating the beautiful rose post cards which we used for the invitations. Antoinette Lourens designed the layout of the invitation as well as an electronic rose invitation for those with email addresses.

It was indeed a privilege to be involved with this project, enabling us to contact these former colleagues and share Merensky memories!



            Robert Moropa en Eggie Gerryts                                  Bettie Langkilde en Rolf Tönsing                                  Clarisse Venter, Erica van der Westhuizen,

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Heleen Fourie en Joey Breedt


Minda Meyer en Rita Botes                                                                                                                                             Ann van Zijl, Erica van der Westhuizen, Alet Fisher,

                                                                                                                                                                                        Sophia van Zijl en Minda Meyer


Contributed by:  Erica van der Westhuizen en Clarisse Venter



Marriages of the Library


When an opportunity was given to me to do an exhibition on the marriages of the Library, for the centenary celebrations, I was not quite sure how people would react to the idea that questions are going to be asked on such a private matter. That was then also the reaction I got! But, we were in the end able to set up an exhibition!


The initial challenge was identifying those people who met as colleagues at the University and then became life partners in marriage.


With the help of “Die Biblikasie” (former library newsletter - Africana) (en as jy tyd op hande het, gaan blaai gerus daardeur. Dit was so lekker!) and the info I got from my colleagues, I identified 10 couples.


In the process of gathering all the info I even visited Miemie and Chris Vink at home, who will this year be married for 44 years! Having tea with them and seeing their excitement was very inspiring!


Leone, I want to thank you for your help with setting up the exhibition.


I would also like to thank all our couples who were willing to share this special event with us. Best wishes for you to come. Rayno Geyser and Mari van Schalkwyk, wedding wishes to you, with your coming wedding!




Contributed by:  Sonja Delport



Live after 5 – The exhibition was not only about work!


First of all we want to thank everyone involved in our successful exhibition. 


The “Live after 5 – arts and crafts” idea open a door to the creative, innovative and very talented personnel members of the library to showcase what they do after working hours. We really had the opportunity to expose the hidden talents in the library and the work was appreciated by many on Saturday the 21st of June.


The exhibition really met our expectations from the start.  The reaction to our initial emails for contributions to the “Live after 5” exhibition, were overwhelming.  We had absolutely a wonderful time planning the exhibition up and until the Saturday afternoon when we had to end the display. Everyone involved was positive, people were helping out, making sure everything is in order, and were looking after the items that were exhibited.


To give an idea of the spirit of the exhibitors, Kabelo remarked: “it is always beautiful to work with people who love what they are doing and are willing to make it work. I took the first hour of looking after the place on the Saturday and I was so overwhelmed by the number of people who came in, just between 9 and 10. It was a lot of people and they really stayed and went through everything admiring what the other colleagues have made.”


Calvyn’s work attract a lot of attention and remarks like: "Did Calvyn really make this? Wow. Did he make this as well? I didn't know he was an artist? were overheard.  During the exhibition we saw people gathering around a hobby they have in common and exchanging ideas.  Thank you to all the “arts and crafters” contributing to this special exhibition, your work were admired and appreciated by many.


Unfortunately logistic reasons prevent us from exhibiting for a longer period than only one day, but maybe we could think about having a similar type of exhibition in the future, let us know what you think of the idea.




       A few photo's of the hidden talents in the library


Rolf en Heidi het die deure na hulle privaat lewe vir ons oopgemaak en ons 'n kykie gegee in die manier hoe hulle ontspan tydens hul jaarlikse verlof. Hierdie twee bydraes is wyd bewonder en as merkwaardig beskou.


Dankie Rolf dat ons jou foto's aan die groot klok kon hang vir so 'n lang tydperk.


Contibuted by Ria Groenewald, Erica Slabbert and Kabelo





Die Eeufeesalbum wat ons saamgestel het, bevat die boodskappe van al die personeel wat so vriendelik was om vir ons diè boodskappe te stuur. Dit is baie interessant om te lees aangesien die persoonlikhede van elke persoon wat 'n bydrae gestuur het, daarin weerspieël word.


'n Foto van elke  dienseenheid word gevolg deur hulle personeel se boodskappe. Ons het dit ook goedgedink om al die personeel se name by die fotos te voeg, sodat hulle wat 100 jaar later daarna gaan kyk, nie hoef te wonder wie die mense van vervloë dae in 2008 was  nie.


Die Bindery het die albums in rekordtyd pragtig gebind in blou leer met goue letters - ‘n ware kleinood.


Elke dienseenheid gaan 'n album ontvang. Daar is egter ook van die personeel wat gevra het of hulle daarvan mag aankoop as 'n aandenking. Dit is wel moontlik.


Plaas gerus ‘n bestelling vir ‘n album of ‘n CD van die album by Julene of Antoinette:






Centenary album


The Centenary album which we compiled contains the messages of everybody that was so kind to send us these messages. It is very interesting to read through the book as the personalities of each contributor are reflected.


Every service unit's photo is followed by their personnel's messages. We decided to add everybody's names so that in a hundred years time, people should not wonder about those long ago folk back in 2008.


The Bindery bound the albums in record time in beautiful blue leather with golden letters – truly something to treasure.


Every service unit will receive an album. Some of the personnel even requested to buy one as a souvenir. This will be possible.


Please send  your order for an album or a CD of the album to either Julene or Antoinette:






With this album we have a tangible memento of an exceptional time in the history of the library which will be preserved for our descendants.

Met hierdie album het ons 'n tasbare aandenking, van 'n besondere tyd,  in die geskiedenis van die Biblioteek, wat  bewaar gaan word vir ons nageslag.


Contributed by:  Antoinette Kemp and Julene Vermeulen





Om voor- en laerskoolkinders in ‘n akademiese inligtingsentrum te amuseer, is beslis nie kinderspeletjies nie. Indien ‘n inligtingkundige egter die taak aan professionele vermaaklikheidskunstenaars delegeer, het jy verseker ‘n suksesvolle kinderpartytjie! Die talente van Gerard-die-nar en Antoinette Pienaar het gesorg dat jong kinders van personeel ‘n plesierige dag gehad het. Inteendeel, toe Antoinette haar poppespel met groot lawaai aankondig, het nie net die getalle van haar gehoor gestyg nie, maar ook die gemiddelde ouderdom met etlike dekades. Sy betrek die kinders op unieke wyse en sodoende kon almal hulle verlekker aan die ongelooflike danspassies van Blok Beukes se dogtertjie!  Antoinette toer deur die hele land met haar vertoning en volgens haar het sy nog nooit so besondere kind teëgekom nie!


Na die groot opwinding van die ‘pop-idols’ het die kinders RD die nar oorval om hulle gesiggies te verf. Kort voor lank was prinsesse, skoenlappers, tiere, zebras, Batmans, seerowers en nog meer,  te sien in die biblioteek.


Intussen het die koue reënerige weer bietjie opgeklaar en het oud en jonk die  Farmer’s Express aangedurf. Die rit op ‘n sleepwa en trekkertjie deur die kampus het ook die bonus van ‘lewendige’ kommentaar deur twee toergidse ingesluit. Vir die jonges was dit waarskynlik ‘n ontspanne plesierrit. Die ouer garde kon hulle verwonder aan hoe die kampus sy voorkoms verander het oor die jare.


Die kinders het sowaar ‘n heerlike eeufeespartytjie beleef…..EN daarna was die bib skoon! Vat so vir die kroos van boekepaljasse!




Bygedrae deur:  Emelia Minnaar



A Day in the life of the Natural & Agricultural Sciences, Engineering & Built Environment and Information Technology Library


(The mere title suggests that one could get entangled quite easily!)


In our faculty library we strive to deliver seamless service without spoon feeding. To achieve this we literally ‘keep our feet on (in!) the ground and reach for the stars’. Although the workload is tough, our small team has a remarkable team spirit which creates a positive dynamic working environment and which also influences our clients in a positive way.


Deur ‘n goeie verhouding met ons departemente te handhaaf, is ons in staat om fokusareas te identifiseer en vroegtydig te ondersteun met relevante inligting en diens. Opleiding gefokus op spesifieke dissiplines word gereeld aan nagraadse groepe studente verskaf en opgevolg met een-tot-een opleiding soos nodig. Daardeur bemagtig ons ons gebruikers  om selfstandig navorsing te doen.  Dit is ‘n verrykende werksomgewing waar kollegas en studente elke dag ontmoet om iets wyser te word van wat gister nog onbekend was. 




Bygedrae deur:  Leoné Muller


Skemerkelkgeselligheid om 'n Eeu in Diens van Kennis te vier - 25 Junie 2008


Een van die hoogtepunte van die Biblioteek se Eeufeesfunksies het op 25 Junie plaas gevind toe erkenning  gegee is vir die rol wat Dr Hans Merensky in die ontstaan van die Biblioteekdiens aan UP gespeel het en die bydrae van die Biblioteek in diens van kennis oor die afgelope honderd jaar.  Na al die plesierighede van die personeelfunksie op 21 Junie,  is daar die keer gefokus op gaste soos lede van die Hans Merensky Stigting, Hoofbestuurslede van UP, Dekane en Direkteure, ons verskaffers wat ook borge met die Boekjol was en bestuurslede van ander biblioteke.  GP van Rheede van Oudtshoorn – die stem op die DVD en Rikus de Kock – die vervaardiger het ook die geleentheid bygewoon


Maureen du Pisanie en Salomie Stolz was verantwoordelik vir ‘n stylvolle aanbieding in die ou Merensky biblioteek. Met die sagte lig, goue tafeldoeke en rooi rose is net die regte atmosfeer geskep vir so ‘n geleentheid.  Prof Robin Crewe, wat as spreker opgetree het, het die rol van die biblioteek deur die geskiedenis geskets en veral die veranderinge deur die eeue beklemtoon.  Hy het ook verwys na die rol wat UP se biblioteekdiens op die kampus, nasionaal en internasionaal speel.


Al die gaste het onder die indruk van Dr Hans Merensky se bydrae  gekom met die vertoning van die Merensky Story DVD en die goedkeuring van Dr Viktor Hesse, voormalige voorsitter van die Hans Merensky Stigting, het bewys dat die Biblioteek so ‘n befaamde persoon se naam met trots kan dra. 


Leoné Muller was verantwoordelik vir die uitstalling oor Dr Merensky se lewe en die borsbeeld wat altyd in die ou Merensky staan, het ‘n ereplek by die uitstalling gekry. 


Die atmosfeer van die funksie is voortgesit  met die onthaal in die bestuursfoyer, waar die gaste lank gekuier het en duidelik die geleentheid geniet het.


‘n Spesiale woord van dank aan Salomie en Maureen, Blok Beukes en Jeffrey Mashapa waarvoor niks te groot en te swaar was om rond te dra of te skuif nie, Hennie Müller vir die IT en tegniese ondersteuning, Robert Moropa wat  gasheer was en Ujala Satgoor wat as seremoniemeester opgetree het.  Dit was waarlik ‘n funksie om op trots te wees.



                       Gaste geniet 'n glasie sherry voor die             Gaste gereed vir aanvang van verrigtinge              Me Ujala Satgoor verwelkom die gaste



    Mnr Robert Moropa aan die woord                                                                   Prof Robin Crewe aan die woord                           Prof Robin Crewe oorhandig die

                                                                                                                                                                                                Hans Merensky Story DVD aan Dr Viktor Hesse


                      Dr Viktor Hesse aan die woord                Dr Viktor Hesse en Mnr Robert Moropa       Hans Merensky Story DVD op TV skerm


   Mnr Rikus de Kock, Me Magriet Lee en                Gaste kuier gesellig saam in die Bestuursfoyer van die Merensky II Biblioteek na die verrigtinge in die Ou Merensky

      Mnr GP van Reede van Oudtshoorn

Foto's:  Mnr Francois Theron


Bygedrae deur:  Magriet Lee

How to get the Office spell checker to ignore Internet addresses


If your documents contain e-mail addresses or URLs, the spell checker will stop at every one, and that’s going to annoy you. Well… I know it annoys me. You can inhibit this behaviour by simply telling Office to ignore Internet addresses as follows:

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Options.

  2. Click the Spelling & Grammar tab.

  3. Check the Ignore Internet And File Addresses option.

  4. Click OK.

If you’re using Office 2007, do the following:

  1. Click the Office button and then click Word Options (or whatever application you’re using).

  2. Select Proofing in the left pane.

  3. Check Ignore Internet And File Addresses.

  4. Click OK.

This permanent change affects all documents.


Source: http://techrepublic.com.com/


Contributed by: Hennie Müller


Augustus boek van die maand / August book of the month


New History of South Africa© 2007/Herman Giliomee Bernard Mbenga



Contributed by Katrien Malan


  • A new, up-to-date history of South Africa
  • Written by 31 of South Africa's top historians
  • The first comprehensive history since 1991
  • Includes new discoveries about the origin of humanity in Africa
  • Lavishly illustrated
  • Readable narrative style, interspersed with text boxes, makes the story of South Africa come alive
  • Also available in Afrikaans as Nuwe Geskiedenis van Suid-Afrika


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