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25 Desember/December 2009


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        Desember 2009 Uitgawe 1 • December 2009 Issue 1  

Message from our Director

Another exciting year within UP and the UPLS is coming to an end.  2009 is a significant year for UP and the UPLS in several ways:


1.       It is the first year of the 2nd century of UP’s existence.


2.       It will be remembered as the year during which Prof Pistorius resigned after serving the University for many years in various     capacities, including his years as Principal.


3.       2009 will be remembered as the year during which the UP Council appointed Prof Cheryl de La Rey as the first lady and the first person of colour to be appointed as UP Principal in the 100 years of its existence.


As I have mentioned in my state of the Library address we have indeed set a high standard for ourselves.  The biggest challenge that we are faced with is to maintain this high standard.  We can be proud of the fact that UPLS has done well.

  •       It is generally accepted within the academic library sector in South Africa that the UP Library is one of the leading academic libraries in the country.  Our Library is held in high regard within the LIS profession and within the University.   We have once again confirmed this fact through the leadership role that we have played in the adoption of the Open Access Mandate by the University.  We are the only university in Africa, and one of the few in the world, that has adopted an Open Access Mandate.  This initiative is indeed gaining momentum.  Shirley has informed us that the dean and heads of departments in the Faculty of Law have taken a decision, on Thursday,  03/12/09, to make the Faculty journal  (De Jure), which is well known and respected in legal circles, an open access journal as from 2011.

  •       Our leadership role and our capacity to empower LIS managers and leaders have been confirmed by the Carnegie Corporation of New York when it entrusted us with a grant of $1m (which is equivalent to approximately R7,5m) to establish a leadership academy for the LIS profession in South Africa.  Through this grant UPLS is on its way to being a “must go to” institution for managers or leaders needing to sharpen their leadership skills.  Our inclusion in the Research Library Consortium is a confirmation of the respect our Library enjoys with the LIS academic library sector locally.  This will enhance our capacity to support researchers at UP.

These and many other achievements would not have been attained without your input.  UPLS is what it is today because of the dedication and hard work of its staff members.  Without a doubt you have played a significant part in the building of this Library.  It is for this reason that the further improvement of the conditions of service of the UPLS staff members is an important priority for the UPLS Exco.  The implementation of the Investors In People assessment and the creation of career paths for staff members will go a long way towards enabling us to improve the conditions of employment for the UPLS staff members.  Our goal is to have highly skilled and highly motivated staff members who are well remunerated.  


May I take this opportunity to wish each one of you a blessed, enjoyable and peaceful Christmas and/or festive holiday season.


May the Almighty bless you!


Robert Moropa



UP Staff appointed to the Board of the National Library of South Africa (NLSA)

The Minister of Arts and Culture has appointed Ms Ujala Satgoor and Ms Fatima Darries (reappointed for a second term) to serve on the Board of the NLSA for a period of three years from 01 October 2009 to 30 September 2012.


The NLSA is administered in accordance with the National Library of South Africa Act, 1998 (Act 92 of 1998). The aims of the National Library are to contribute to the socio-economic, cultural. educational, scientific and innovative development of South Africans by:

  • collecting, recording, preserving and making available the national documentary heritage

  • promoting an awareness and appreciation thereof,

  • fostering information literacy, and

  • facilitating access to the world's information resources.

The Board is appointed to oversee the affairs of the NLSA and its main functions are to:

  • formulate the policies of the National Library in consultation with the Minister

  • approve the budget of the National Library

  • approve the financial statements of the National Library

  • advise the Minister of matters with which the National Library is concerned

  • furnish the Minister with such information as may be required.

The National Library is the flagship of our profession and we wish both Ujala and Fatima well with their work on the Board of this important institution.


Contributed by Robert Moropa


Visit of Prof Bruce Muirhead (CEO of EIDOS Institute, Australia) on Tuesday, 3rd November 2009



Dr Muirhead was hosted in South Africa by the Meraka e-Skills Institute (e-SI) located within the South African Department of Communication. The e-SI is driving a national programme that addresses the ICT skills shortage in South Africa and the provision of appropriate e-skills education and training. It aims to collaborate with existing institutions and private organisations. Representatives of the e-SI who accompanied Prof Muirhead are also exploring partnership opportunities with the University.



Bruce Muirhead is the founding Chief Executive Officer and Professor of Eidos Institute. Eidos is a research institute and public policy think tank, which focuses on human capital to drive the Institute’s understanding into reducing the growing gap within the knowledge economy. Eidos’s capacity to develop ideas, to build new high growth industries, to apply knowledge in new ways to old industries, and to fashion intelligent solutions for the social and environmental problems they face, is critical. Eidos members include nine universities. This specific membership collaboration is crucial because the institute draws the intellectual strength of its research community into an active dialogue with policy makers and practitioners. Within the Eidos  membership there are more than 50 leading research and policy institutes and centres, and over 300 active senior and early career researchers.




Faculty of Law hosted a book launch for the book: “Future Africa. Prospects for Democracy and Development under NEPAD


On Wednesday 11 November 2009 the Faculty of Law hosted a book launch for the book: “Future Africa. Prospects for Democracy and Development under NEPAD” by Hesphina Rukato, published by Africa World Press. The author was associated with the Centre for Human Rights of the University of Pretoria. Former President Thabo Mbeki was the keynote speaker at the event. He spoke of the challenges and achievements of NEPAD (New Partnership for Africa’s Development).  Also attending were Prof Wiseman Nkuhlu, Prof Chris de Beer, Prof Sibusiso Vil-Nkomo and representatives from GTZ. The media were present and SABC reported on the event.  After the event President Mbeki  asked to see the Oliver R Tambo Law Library and was given a brief tour by Shirley Gilmore.

Prospects for Democracy and Development under NEPAD

By Hesphina Rukato



        Mrs Shirley Gilmore, Former President Thabo Mbeki               Former Deputy Minister Mr. Aziz Pahad, Former President Thabo Mbeki

                             and Prof Chris de Beer                                                                                and Mrs Shirley Gilmore


[Photos taken by Yolanda Booyzen of the Centre for Human Rights]


Contributed by Shirley Gilmore


Innovative Interfaces SA Conference (IUGSA) held on 11-13 November 2009


The IUGSA Director’s and User Group Conference was held in Port Elizabeth during 11-13 November 2009.  This annual event was attended by representatives of GAUTENG & Environs, Eastern Cape, Free State and Botswana.


The Millennium Library System plays a fundamental role in the management of library processes and information provision to all its clients.  The IUGSA Director’s Symposium and Conference was attended by Hilda Kriel, Lita Ferguson and Anette Lessing.  During the Director’s Symposium papers were represented on the ASSAf scholarly publishing programme, SciElo SA platform and new developments of Millennium. 


During the Conference, papers in the application of the various modules as well as the administration of the system were presented. 


Besides the valuable information gained from the papers delivered, sufficient time was allowed for liaison, sharing expertise and building new contacts that form an integral part of attending conferences.


Anette Lessing presented a paper on analysing Millennium Web Access logs.  She stressed the importance of analyzing these logs that provide valuable information on server traffic.  This information assists inter alia in the development of the OPAC interface as well as securing the system against Robots (Search engine crawling) that may put an increased load on the server.  She also demonstrated how to set-up and analyse these logs.


The images below are examples of information retrieved from the web logs over a short period of time.  The logs show that the My Millennium functionality - where items can be renewed - were the most requested pages.  It also indicates that the student portal was the main point of access to search the library catalogue.


Contributed by Anette Lessing


The Mortenson Fall Associates Program - 14 September to 30 October 2009


I recently had the opportunity to attend a 7-week program at the Mortenson Center for International Library Programs in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois.  The Mortenson Center is located in the Undergraduate Library of the University of Illinois (UI), one of the three largest universities in the United States and which is situated in the twin cities of Urbana and Champaign.


The program is being offered by the Mortenson Center ( to library and information science professionals from outside the United States to allow them to get a deeper understanding of the connection between the stated goals of the profession and the actual provision of library services.  The visitors, referred to as ‘Associates’, are exposed to practical  librarianship in America and have the opportunity to exchange information about practices in their home countries.  The 2009 Fall Associates Program was attended by 14 library professionals from 9 different countries, i.e. Colombia, Georgia, Japan, Nigeria, South Korea, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda and Vietnam.


From left to right: Samson Adebayo (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria), Fehintola Onifade (University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria),

Claudia de Four (University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago), Trang Huynh (Cantho University, Vietnam), Sara Thompson (Mortenson Training Co-ordinator), Hyunwoo Park (Seoul National University, South Korea), Fernando Garcia (Luis Angel Arango Public Library, Bogota, Colombia),

Christine Asao ( Gulu University, Uganda), Morongwa Modiba (National library of South Africa),

Heiner Camacho ( Luis Angel Arango Public Library, Bogota, Colombia), Ben Ramela (City of Johannesburg Libraries),

Martha de Waal (Centre for African Library Leadership, UPLS), Annamarie Goosen (LIASA Center for Information Career Development),

Nana Berikashvili (Caucasus Research Resource Center, Tbilisi, Georgia) and Kengo Yamada (Hosei University, Japan).



The program consisted of a variety of activities such as seminars, lectures, workshops, individual and group assignments, library visits, participation in the annual Illinois Library Association Conference and tours outside of Illinois to other professional organisations and institutions of interest.  Topics such as library advocacy, library communication strategies, project management, grant writing, marketing, information literacy, Web 2.0 technology, the IFLA Internet Manifesto, diversity and multicultural services, community informatics, international copyright, etc. were presented in different learning formats and styles.  The Associates had the opportunity to explore and participate in activities in their individual fields of interest as offered by the UI Main Library, the Undergraduate Library, various decentralised branch libraries, and the UI Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS).  We had full access to the holdings and services of the University Library during our stay.


As Programme Co-ordinator for the Centre for African Library Leadership (CALL), established within the University of Pretoria Library Services through a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, I had the opportunity to observe and experience the day-to-day functioning and programming of the Mortenson Center.  Through talks and meetings with staff members, I gathered valuable ideas on how to run the CALL, how to promote the  activities of the CALL, and how to improve on certain aspects of the library leadership academies that are being offered ( > CLLA 2009 feedback or:   ( ).


Martha de Waal (Centre for African Library Leadership, UPLS) and Annamarie Goosen (LIASA CiCD, second from right) with the Mortenson staff,

from left to right: Susan Schnuer (Associate Director), Coral Daube (Office Support Associate), Sara Thompson (Training Co-ordinator), Barbara Ford (Director) and Jamie Luedtke (Graduate assistant)



The Associates had the honour of attending meetings during which 2 South African library professionals contributed to the 2009 program: Dr Peter Lor, former South African National Librarian and immediate past IFLA Secretary-General, presented a paper on comparative librarianship, while Ms Ellen Tise, the 2009/2011 IFLA president, presented the 19th Annual Mortenson Distinguished Lecture: Isolation and information famine: stifling Africa’s growth. ( )



        Annamarie Goosen (LIASA CiCD), Martha de Waal (Centre for African                Jamie Luedtke (Graduate Assistant, Mortenson Center), Annamarie Goosen,

              Library Leadership, UPLS) and Ms Ellen Tise (IFLA President)                                                          Dr Peter Lor and Martha de Waal




Herewith some of the highlights of the 2009 Fall Associates Program:


1. Library visits:


Visits to different academic, public and special libraries on campus and elsewhere, formed an important part of the Programme.  After an initial tour of the UIUC Main Library and Undergraduate Library early in the Program, we were gradually introduced to the unique features and services of some of the other libraries on campus.


The unique Oak Street Library Facility with its state-of-the-art climate control system is a major component in the University of Illinois Library's efforts to preserve its rich print collections.  The facility primarily houses items with a low circulation history, shelved on 40-foot high racks of industrial shelving.  The high-density shelving is utilised to accommodate considerably more material than could possibly be housed on regular library shelving or even in moveable, compact shelving.  A special inventory program utilises barcode technology and interfaces with the Library’s online catalog (  The Associates were fascinated by the facility and particularly enjoyed the ”elevator forklift” which is used to store and retrieve items from the high-density shelving.



The 40-foot high racks of industrial shelving and the elevator forklift

The Associates with the forklift operator


Off campus we had the opportunity to visit two extraordinary local public and community libraries, i.e. the Champaign Public Library ( ) and the Urbana Free Library ).  The former impressed all of us because of the modern building, the natural light and open spaces, the advanced e-resource collection and the online services available to the public.  The library has been named one of America’s top public libraries in the November 2009 issue of The library journal.



The Urbana Free Library, housed in an older, more traditional library building, with many interesting corners and ‘hide-away spaces’ allows the individual to escape to the weird and wonderful world that exists only in books. And although it is an old building, the beautiful children’s library inspired adults to play again …




Entrance to the Urbana Free Library ... and some adult librarians having fun in the children’s library


A visit to the Chicago Public Library ( was an exhausting and mind-boggling experience.  The library can be described as nine floors of innovative library services where the community come to improve their lives, nourish their intellect or simply to be entertained.  The library’s mission statement perhaps says it all: "We welcome and support all people in their enjoyment of reading and lifelong learning. Working together, we strive to provide equal access to information, ideas and knowledge through books, programs and other resources. We believe in the freedom to read, to learn, to discover." A so-called Winter Garden on the 9th floor is a tranquil, quiet open space which rises through the tenth floor to a skylight.  The library is indeed a place ‘to gather, learn, connect, read and be transformed’ and the many library quotes on the walls are a constant reminder of the important role that libraries need to play in the community.



The Associates at the entrance to the Chicago Public Library


The Winter Garden on the 9th floor and open space inside the Library


Amongst many other libraries we also had the opportunity to visit the Norris L. Brookens Library (University of Illinois at Springfield), the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, the Westerville Public Library in Ohio and the Illinois University High Library at the school for gifted learners.  All these libraries provided a unique and different learning opportunity.



2. Visits to professional events and organisations:


The Illinois Library Association Conference:


A definite highlight was a trip to Springfield and Peoria, Illinois, to attend the Annual Illinois Library Association Conference.  The theme of the conference was: Transformation: see tomorrow today and the Mortenson Associates enthusiastically participated in a session on “Global transformations” with short presentations on their different countries and libraries.  We had time to visit the Exhibits Hall, to attend other sessions of interest and to network with the librarians from Illinois. The Conference had a general feeling of excitement, a positive vibe and a feeling of something good that is yet to happen…


Mortenson Associates at the Illinois Library Association Conference




The OCLC Online Computer Library Center Headquarters in Dublin Ohio:


I have been involved with OCLC and WorldCat for many years and it was an eye-opening experience to see the many dedicated hardworking people behind the scenes that really want to deliver the best possible service.  It was fascinating to walk through the Operations Command Centre to see where WorldCat “lives” – in three larger than life mainframe servers.  It was possible to see that at one particular moment 5000 cataloguers from all over the world were working on Connexion Client at the same time!  It is indeed the combination of people and technology that contributes to the huge success of OCLC (



Inside the OCLC headquarters



The OCLC Operations Command Centre


The American Library Association Headquarters in Chicago:


During a trip to Chicago we had the opportunity to visit the American Library Association Headquarters (  It was heart-warming to experience how passionate American library professionals are about their libraries and library association.  Their positive attitude and enthusiasm reminded me of Mr Robert Moropa’s saying about joining our own national library association: It is not about what LIASA can do for me, but rather what I can contribute to LIASA ... We can learn from our American colleagues, be enthusiastic LIASA members and be proud representatives of the UPLS and its many achievements.


The Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS):


Information on LIS education at the University of Illinois was provided through various information sessions at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) ( ), which is ranked highly amongst other schools of library and information science in the United States.  Students are being introduced to the status of the profession through theoretical and practical study of the principles, foundations and ideas of the discipline of library and information science, whilst working closely with the Undergraduate Library and actively participating in the Mortenson Center programs.



Reporting on some of the activities, library visits and learning opportunities experienced during the Mortenson Fall Program will not be complete without also mentioning the fun, laughter and social gatherings …


The City of Chicago: the Associates had the wonderful opportunity to spend some free time in Chicago.  Everyone agreed that the trip to Chicago in a luxury bus, the train ride back to Urbana, and everything in between contributed to a special wow experience.  We stayed in the Club Quarters Hotel which is beautifully situated on the Chicago River amongst majestic old buildings and modern architectural structures such as the Trump Towers.  We had the opportunity to see and experience the vibe of Chicago nightlife, visit the Millennium Park and the Sears Towers, and enjoy an architectural boat cruise on the Chicago River.  It was an unforgettable fun experience and contributed to the special dynamics of the group as a whole.


Images from Chicago


During a visit to the Lincoln Trail Libraries System, which support online access and shared online catalogs in academic, public, school and special libraries in East Central Illinois, the Associates had great fun learning about the Fish Philosophy as alternative approach to customer service ( ).   The Fish Philosophy identifies four key principles to increase energy and morale in the workplace, to please the customer/client/patron and to change the outlook of the working environment for the better:  


- play (fun and light heartedness)

- make their day (focus on engaging others in ways that will lift their spirit)

- be there (living in the present moment and giving others full attention)

- and choose your attitude (is the glass half full or half empty).


The Fish Philosophy is indeed something that starts with the individual’s attitude and the presentation contributed to the already existing energetic and positive attitude amongst the Associates.  


The saying goes: when in Rome, do as the Romans do ... well we did just that by organising a Halloween party, having a pumpkin carving contest and celebrating this huge American tradition in our own fun way.



Halloween pumpkin carving fun


It has been an incredible journey ...  learning, laughing, having fun … at the end of every day’s busy schedule, the Associates gathered in one of the many interesting coffee shops in Urbana or downtown Champaign … discussing the day’s activities, overcoming language barriers, sharing news from home, or perhaps just a comforting hug ... priceless!



Meeting for coffee after each day’s busy schedule ...



The Mortenson staff originally referred to the 2009 Associates as the 2009 Rock Band.  It was an honour to be a part of this particular group, which in the end was renamed the 2009 Illini Dream Team!


I would like to thank Ujala Satgoor, Robert Moropa and the Carnegie Corporation of New York for this wonderful opportunity to broaden my horizons, to learn and explore.  I was able to learn so many new aspects of our profession.  Not only from the program content, the Mortenson staff, lecturers and speakers, different library professionals that I have met, but also from my fellow-Associates, their libraries and their countries. 


A thought to ponder:


Tomorrow’s leaders walk through the doors of your library every day.

 You give them the tools for the journey.


Martha de Waal

Programme Co-ordinator

Centre for African Library Leadership

University of Pretoria Library Services

November 2009


Kollegas vanuit die Suide lê besoek af in die Noorde op 30 Oktober 2009


Kollegas van J S Gericke Biblioteek, Universiteit van Stellenbosch, het ons op 30 Oktober besoek om oor allerlei gemeenskaplike sake te gesels.


Pieter du Plessis (Fakulteit AgriWetenskappe), Carine Tymbios (Fakulteit Ekonomiese en Bestuurswetenskappe) en Sarie Wilbers (Fakulteit Opvoedkunde) het rondom 'n koppie tee en heerlike eetgoed wat deur Diana en Magda verskaf is met Elna Randall, Johann van Wyk en Fatima Darries gesels.


Voooraf is hulle deur Hilda Kriel ingelig oor ons strategiese doelwitte as ook die Universiteit se doelwit om as Wêreldklas Universiteit gereken te word.


Alhoewel hulle hoofsaaklik besoek afgelê het om te gesels oor die Research Commons, het die gesprek in alle rigtings rakende navorsing, opleiding, knellende begrotings en ook Web2 Produkte gehandel.


Veral hier kon Johann 'n waardevolle bydra lewer en gesels oor sy ervaring en aanbiedinge.


Dit was lekker om weer met kollegas te gesels en te besef dat probleme maar oral voorkom en dat veral die tekort aan fondse, die aanstelling van personeel, aankoop van noodsaaklike bronne en verdere uitbreidings ons oral kortwiek.


Ons hoop om hierdie kollegas in Februarie 2010 te sien tydens die IFLA vergadering.



(Voorste ry van links na regs) Johann van Wyk & Pieter du Plessis (US Fakulteit  AgriWetenskappe)

(Agterste ry van links na regs) Fatima Darries, Elna Randall, Hilda Kriel, Carine Tymbios (US Fakulteit Ekonomiese & Bestuurswetenskappe)

Sarie Wilbers (US Fakulteit Opvoedkunde)

Bygedrae deur Elna Randall


September project - “connecting the world one library at a time”


On the 18th September 2009 the Library took part in the September Project.


The primary goal of the September project was “connecting the world one library at a time”.


The September Project focused on staging events that explored topics such as democracy, freedom, justice and the community.


The events presented were diverse in nature ranging from book readings to interactive Panel discussions.


The library presented an exhibition on the level of freedom to information which we as a country currently enjoy. This was achieved by displaying literary works that had been banned under the previous regime.


Since the inception of democracy in South Africa in 1994, the country has been privy to a previously unknown level of freedom with regards to the spreading of information. The writers whom had been banned for so many years now finally can obtain the praise which they so richly deserve. Their works provide a unique insight into some of South Africa’s darkest days. To ignore these authors would be an insult to the freedom we have fought so hard to obtain and currently as a nation enjoy, We will also be disregarding the lessons of the past and thus risk repeating them.


The exhibition also showcased the procedure involved to obtain permission to consult a banned book. At that time it had to be taken very seriously.


The procedure was as follows:

  1. Students who wanted to consult sources kept in the Reserved Collection needed a written motivation from their department stating that they required access to said sources for study purposes. The library provided a standard form which had to be completed and signed by the student and the lecturer.

  2. The completed form was handed in. Once the form had been received, checked and permission had been granted by the deputy university librarian, the sources were issued to the student for a certain period of time, as indicated on the form.

  3. The form was subsequently filed in the register, so that the library had a record of such requests.

This register still exists, and is on display below.



Authors included in this exhibition, whose books were banned during Apartheid, were:


Rian Malan

Alan Paton

Alex La Guma

D.P. Kunene

J.M. Coetzee

André P. Brink


More information about books that were banned can be found on the following websites:


Contributed Neil de Kock


Soga Library Ladies disrobe for a good cause!


The Onderstepoort calendar is an annual project of the Onderstepoort Student Committee. It supports the animals in need project of the students and an amount of R 11 500 has already been raised this year.


The 2010 Calendar Committee decided to feature the library in the 2010 edition. Robert and the husbands will be pleased to know that they didn’t quite make the centrefold.


Anyone interested in acquiring one of these masterpieces, can contact our library. Calendars are sold at R 60-00 each.




PS As the students stated, no animals were harmed in the making of this calendar. (The Beagles were very privileged!)


Contributed by Susan Mash


Desember boek van die maand / December book of the month


A complete guide to the frogs of Southern Africa / Louis du Preez  & Vincent Carruthers




Contributed by Katrien Malan


"These foul and loathsome animals are abhorrent because of their cold body, pale colour, cartilaginous skeleton, filthy skin, fierce aspect, calculating eye, offensive smell, harsh voice, sqaulid habitation, and terrible venom; and so their Creator has not exerted his powers to make many of them" Carolus Linnaeus (father of modern taxonomy and one of the great naturalists of his time), referring to amphibians, 1758

Harmless, colourful, melodious and ecologically vital, frogs are the antithesis of Linnaeus's disdain. Some 6 000 species of amphibians are known worldwide and more are discovered every year.  At the same time, the decline and extinction of species is occurring at a disturbingly high rate, indicating widespread environmental malaise.

This beautiful and authoritative book is the most comprehensive treatment of frogs of the region ever produced.  A Complete Guide to the Frogs of Southern Africa covers frog and tadpole biology and behaviour.  All 160 frog species (with their tadpole stages) are fully described, giving conservation status, calls, habitat and habits.  To aid identification, there are large, full-colour images of each species, detailed keys and clear summary panels showing 'Distinctive characters' and 'Key ID points'.  Calls for most species are recorded on the accompanying CD, and spectrograms are provided, offering the surest method of identifying these secretive and often cryptic creatures.

For all nature lovers, amateur 'froggers', students, as well as professional scientists, this is an inspiring and significant guide.



Season's greetings / Seisoengroete


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