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          Januarie 2008 Uitgawe 1  January 2008 Issue 1  

Message from our director / Boodskap van ons direkteur

Welcome back to the Library. I wish each one of you a successful 2008. May your dreams come true.


This year promises to be an exciting one in more ways than one. To start off with we are already experiencing “Load shedding” compliments of “E(eish)skom”. This will ensure that we never experience dull moments in 2008 (only dark ones). In between these dark moments we will celebrate the Centenary of the University. The Library is lining up the “Bookfest”, the Leadership Institute, dynamic training and development programme and a huge surprise for the staff members etc, etc, etc. The coordinators, who are leading the Library’s efforts and activities around the Centenary will provide us with more information as it becomes available. I request you to become a part of these Centenary events.


At the beginning of 2007 I mentioned that the Library was faced with the challenge of supporting the University in attaining its strategic objectives one of which is to be one of the top universities internationally. The University of Cape Town has demonstrated to other SA universities that this goal or objective can be achieved. UCT has made history by being the first SA University to make it on to the Times Supplement top 200 international universities (even though they are at 200!). This clearly shows that it can be done. The University therefore will pursue this objective with more vigour to realise this and all the other strategic objectives in 2008. It is important that we should always bear in mind that an internationally competitive University requires an internationally competitive Library.

Let us all be resolved that we will play our parts in ensuring that 2008 becomes a great year for all of us.


R Moropa



Welkom terug by die Biblioteek. Ek wens elkeen van julle 'n suksesvolle 2008 toe. Mag al julle drome waar word.

Hierdie jaar belowe om 'n baie opwindende een te wees. Om mee te begin, ondervind ons al klaar "beurtkrag" met die komplimente van "E(eish)skom". Dit verseker dat ons hierdie jaar nooit 'n vervelige oomblik gaan belewe nie, net donker oomblikke. Tussen die donker oomblikke deur gaan ons die Universiteit se Eeufees vier. Wat die Biblioteek gaan aanbied is die Boekefees, die Leierskap Instituut, dinamiese opleiding- en ontwikkelingsprogramme en 'n groot verrrassing vir die personeel, ens. ens. ens. Die koördineerders van die Biblioteek se bydraes tot die Eeufees sal ons van meer inligting voorsien soos wat dit beskikbaar word. Ek versoek julle om almal deel te word van die Eeufeesgebeure.

Aan die begin van 2007 het ek julle daarop gewys dat die Biblioteek daartoe verbind is om die Universiteit te ondersteun in sy strategieë, een waarvan daarop gerig is om een van die top internasionale universiteite te wees. Die Universiteit van Kaapstad het nou gedemonstreer dat daardie doel wel bereik kan word. Hulle het geskiedenis gemaak deur die eerste SA universiteit te wees wat ingesluit word onder die Times Supplement se 200 mees vooraanstaande universiteite in die wêreld. Hulle is nou wel 200ste, maar hulle is daar! Die universiteit gaan hom met meer ywer daarop toespits om hierdie en ander strategiese doelwitte in 2008 te bereik. Dit is beklangrik om te onthou dat 'n universiteit van internasionale standaard 'n biblioteekdiens van internasionale standaard vereis!

Laat dit ons almal se voorneme wees om van 2008 'n grootse jaar te maak.


R Moropa


Digital Scholarship Conference at the University of Botswana (UB)

This conference was hosted on 12 and 13 December 2007 by the University of Botswana Digital Scholarship Task Force and the office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs.


The objectives of the conference were:

  • Inform the development of an institutional strategy for digital scholarship at UB

  • Provide a plan for future directions for e-Learning and e-Research at UB

  • Bring to the fore implications of digital scholarship for UB in terms of training needs, cyberinfrastructure, intellectual property issues etc

  • Inform the development of an electronic publishing policy for UB

  • Propel the University of Botswana to the forefront of digital scholarship developments

Dr Heila Pienaar was invited to give a keynote address on: "Digital Scholarship and the role of the university library" (https://www.up.ac.za/dspace/handle/2263/4133).

She also visited the UB Library to discuss the role of the library with senior staff members.


Contributed by Heila Pienaar



Baie geluk aan Marie van Schalkwyk (Vlak 6) wat verloof geraak het, ons wens julle alles van die beste toe.


Congratulations to Thembi Ledwaba who married Braam Akinola during December 2007 and Maria Skosana (Basic Medical Sciences and Dentistry Library) who married Elias Mtsweni on 11 January 2008. We wish you all the best.


Contributed by Salomie Stolz


News from Special Collections


Which new books have been added to the Africana collection?
Who is saying good-by?
What does the wise owl have to say?



Contributed by Katrien Malan



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How to order new business cards

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Word FUN / Woord PRET

Fit the English term to the correct Afrikaans term / Pas die regte Afrikaanse term by sy Engelse eweknie

Follow this link....

Source: Penlink; Des 2007 - ABSA
You are welcome to send through contributions in any other language, along with the matching English term to Christelle Steyn .


January book of the month

  How to identify trees in Southern Africa ©2007 /

Braam van Wyk & Piet van Wyk


Contributed by Katrien Malan


Tree identification is generally perceived as difficult, all the more so in a botanically diverse region such as southern Africa, where about 2 100 species occur naturally, not to mention several hundreds more that have been introduced from elsewhere in the world.

How to Identify Trees in Southern Africa - a first of its kind for the region - provides the background knowledge essential for tree identification. The book promotes an approach that will equip readers to use any field guide to trees with greater ease and more confidence. Starting with the basics of plant form, it systematically uncovers the structure of trees to enable a clear understanding of what to look for when trying to identify an unknown tree.

The book is divided into two parts: Part One, well-supported with colour illustrations and photographs, describes the various parts of a tree and their significance for identification. Part Two features a key to 43 tree groups based on easy-to-observe stem and leaf features. As a first step towards identification, the group-recognition approach has proved to be more helpful to the layperson than the often-used formal botanical families. An icon is used to depict the principal characters of a group, thus making it easier for the beginner to record and conceptualize tree diversity. Group accounts present explanatory notes on group characters and tips on species identification. A selection of tree species is described and illustrated, and a list of all the southern African plant families represented in each group is supplied (greater coverage of species is featured in the authors' Field Guide to Trees of Southern Africa, 1997)


Read more....

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