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         Februarie 2009 Uitgawe 1  February2009 Issue 1  

Internal Communications Audit


Efficient internal communication is key to the success of any organisation.


During the last part of 2008, an Honours student from the Department of Marketing and Communication Management, Mandy Marks, conducted an Internal Communications Audit in the Department of Library Services. "The aim of the study was to evaluate the current communication environment and perceptions employees had regarding communication efforts."


The assessment was undertaken through the use of a self-administered questionnaire from the International Communication Association, to determine if gaps existed between the current situation and what employees perceive to be the ideal communication situation. Communication elements, behaviours and processes were evaluated. Staff participated voluntarily and 96 respondents participated, which represents 59.3% of the total population.


In her report, received by Management in November 2008, she stated: "Respondents were, on average, satisfied with the various aspects relating to the communication efficiency of the Department of Library Services. The dimensions that rated the lowest scores included receiving information from others and action on information being sent. Employees did, however, feel very positive about the overall communication efficiency of the Library as well as the quality of service being rendered to learners."


This study provides a valuable benchmark for the communication climate and information flow in the Department of Library Services.


Contributed by Hilda Kriel


e-Research visit to the UK & USA October 2008


drs Heila Pienaar (UP) and Martie van Deventer (CSIR) were sponsored by SERA to visit several UK & USA projects in support of e-Research at the two institutions.


Library of Congress


We convinced John Van Oudenaren, Director, World Digital Library Project (WDL)  to include UP Library in the project. The Library will take leadership with regard to the rock art and Pretoriana collections. It is the only library south of the Sahara that is a member of the WDL.


Elizabeth Dulabahn, Director, Integration Management, Office of Strategic Initiatives feels that there is a miss-match between the way librarians want to give access and users search for information.  The LC web site is currently undergoing a major review for that reason – users are just not able to navigate to the content they are looking for.  Most problems are caused by inconsistencies in the metadata.  They are hoping that tag clouds may resolve some of the problems and are currently experimenting with collections in Flickr  where both formal metadata and tag clouds are provided for. The Flickr project is a huge success.


University of Purdue


Michael J. McLennan, Project leader & manager of the HUBzero research gateway platform advised us to start a VRE by using the Joomla! open source toolkit and to slot the HUBzero platform in when it becomes open source in 2009 / 2010 as HUBzero was developed by using the Joomla! code.


At the Library we had interviews with Jim Mullins, Dean of Library, the Library management team & several information specialists.


Librarians work in the libraries while information specialists are part of formal research project teams. They focus on metadata schemes and the information management needs of research teams and their contribution is highly appreciated by these academics.


UK JISC VRE projects


We discussed the current situation of the UK JISC VRE (Virtual Research Environment) projects with Mathew Dovey (UK JISC e-Research manager) and Fredirique van Till (UK JISC VRE manager). They regard VERA as the most successful VRE project (archaeology)  because it involves the entire value chain from the actual digging to the myExperiment component. With VERA they have found that the publishing cycle has been reduced from 12 to 3 months.


Mathew Dovey is also a speaker at the African Digital Scholarship & Curation Conference in May 2009


International Internet Librarian Conference 2008


We presented a paper  on the SA Malaria VRE project. The paper was discussed quite a bit and we received several questions from the audience – it was our impression that it was one of the better papers at the conference.


Oxford e-Research Centre


Luis Martinez-Uribe, Digital Repositories Research co-ordinator is busy with a project on researcher’s data management needs . The interview schedule can also be used to interview UP academics and CSIR researchers to discover the data management needs.


We also had a discussion with dr Neil Caithness, the e-Research Centre Project facilitator (and a South African). He is interested in finding funding for the African Centre for Gene Technology (UP & CSIR) & to collaborate with malaria research.



British Library (BL)


We discussed the British Library’s Research Information Centre (RIC) with the project leader,  Stephen Andrews. RIC can be seen as a generic VRE that the British Library is developing in collaboration with MS Research. He is keen to use SA as a mirror site, but a MS Sharepoint license is necessary to run the system.


Fun & Games


We also visited some interesting places in the USA & UK!



                                  The modern London                                                                                Wetlands, London



                        Hammersmith Station, London                                                      Air and Space Museum, Washington


Contributed by Heila Pienaar


Februarie boek van die maand / February book of the month



The Karoo Cookbook© 2008 / compiled by Rose Willis and photography by Ryno





Source : The Karoo Cookbook© 2008/compiled by Rose Willis photography by Ryno



Contributed by Katrien Malan



From the earliest days of South Africa's history, food has set the social scene in the Karoo.  It was a treat, a reward, and a way to welcome guests and bid farewell to friends.  Karoo food is as limitless as the land - vast, diverse, all consuming.  And like the land, the cuisine captivates visitors, enticing them back time and time again to experience the culinary delights.

Karoo lamb is famous the world over for its delicious flavour and tenderness, and visitors to the region, even from the earliest days, make a point of trying out this speciality.  Today farms supply every need as far as fresh or dried fruit are concerned and the small stock farmed throughout the Karoo provides a tasty range of mutton, lamb and goat.  Pork, poultry and beef help ring the changes and venison and ostrich cater for those who are watching their waistlines.

Karoo kitchens are redolent of roasting lamb, venison, pies, hearty casseroles, or coffee, rusks and fragrant home-made bread, and their doors are always open to welcome friends, family and visitors to share in this bounty.  The rich tradition of Karoo cuisine and hospitality dates back to a time when there were no hotels in the area and travellers were welcomed into homes to bring news to these isolated areas.

The collection of recipes in The Karoo Cookbook portrays this region's diverse social fabric and, while some dishes such as Mutton Bredie and Venison Stew are rooted in tradition, others like Beef Fillet with Anchovy Stuffing or Karoo "oysters" with Wild Mushrooms and Red Wine Sauce are as modern and adventurous as tomorrow.

The recipes in The Karoo Cookbook have been gathered from those who live (or have lived) in and love the Karoo. These warm, hospitable people all enjoy entertaining and have generously contributed their recipes so that others may bring some of the magic of this place into their own homes.

Something about the author:

Rose Willis's great love for the Karoo began in the 1980's, when she and her husband, Wally Kriek, bought a house allegedly designed by Sir Herbert Baker for Beaufort West's first magistrate.  It was in great need of TLC, but it had a mountain almost in its backyard and a huge, farm-style kitchen.  Rose, a city girl, had never lived in a dorpie before, but the Karoo allowed her to indulge her dual love of historic research and cooking.  She discovered that this was a world where townspeople and farm folk easily shared recipes - and the stories behind them - so she began collecting these taste treats, which led to the publication of this book.

After the death of her husband in 2003, Rose moved to Bloemfontein to be closer to her family.  She has not lost touch with her beloved Karoo and still publishes Rose's Round-up, a monthly  newsletter she created in 1990 to promote the area.  Rose now serves on The Free State Archives Council, is president of The Town and Country Ladies Group and also teaches English to pre-school children.


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