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          Julie 2008 Uitgawe 1  July 2008 Issue 1  

Leapfrogging between the UP Dept. of Library Services and the NRF


About a month ago we were approached by the National Research Foundation (NRF) with the request that we assist them with training NRF employees on all the processes involved in setting up a repository. The NRF has received funding from Carnegie to embark on a National ETD Repository Project, and to assist three higher education institutions in setting up their own repositories. In the end the NRF will be responsible for the creation of a national metadata repository which will in future include the integration of the NEXUS Database. Metadata will be harvested from individual institutional repositories, including from UPSpace. The NRF will provide funding and support for a central open source metadata repository which will reflect and link to the full text ETD’s on institutional IR’s. DSpace will be used as platform by the individual higher education institutions.


Since the NRF didn’t have any experience in setting up repositories using DSpace, they approached us to present a workshop for them. This workshop was presented on 17 and 18 June, and proved to be of great value for both the NRF and ourselves. Heila Pienaar, Ina Smith, Amelia Breytenbach, Leonard Daniels and Christelle Steyn were involved in putting all together in a very short period of time. Topics covered were: Current state of Institutional Repositories, Planning for an IR, Installing an IR, Using and administering your IR, Introduction to metadata, Policies and Procedures, Evaluation, Marketing and Exposure.


Feedback was very positive. According to Henda van der Berg (Coordinator: Information Services & Advice Unit) “the presenters and support with IT issues were excellent. This workshop/training would be beneficial for every institution in SA that plan to start implementing an institutional repository.”

Aan die IR span


Baie dankie vir die uitstekende kursus wat julle spesiaal vir ons aangebied het. Dit gaan ontsettend baie vir ons beteken met die implementering van die ETD pakhuise by 3 instansies.


Ek het gister deur die handleiding gewerk en alles was so duidelik en maklik verstaanbaar!! 


Vriendelike groete



E-mail: 20 June 2008

Daisy Selematsela (Manager: Information Services & Advice Unit) regard this as a new partnership which was formed between the UP Dept. of Library Services and the NRF, and according to her they feel very positive towards working with us in future.


We are also looking forward towards presenting two more Institutional Repository Workshops later this year. From 28 to 30 July it will be presented to members from LIASA (on request of Rachel More, Director: Library Services, Medunsa), and from 1 to 3 October to colleagues from all over the country and Africa. Through these workshops we would like to assist other institutions in putting research conducted in South Africa and Africa on the map, thereby helping to advance the profile and impact of research from Africa on international level.



                                  Taking a break …                                                              Daisy receives her certificate from Robert



                             Heila, Henda and Robert                                              A very proud Phindiwe receives her certificate from Robert


Comtributed by Ina Smith


DITCHE National Library IT Event 2008


I was privileged enough to attend the DITCHE National Library IT Event at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University from the 20th to the 22nd of May 2008. This event - a gathering specifically for those with IT responsibilities working in academic libraries in the higher education sector in Southern Africa - was hosted and sponsored by TENET.


The purpose of the event was to deepen and strengthen the bonds that exist within the Library IT community. I attended the gathering with my IST Library Unit Leader Leonora Wydeman, unit member Tumishi Madihlaba and library colleagues Ria Groenewald and Ina Smith.


The three days consisted of various presentations and discussions with the focus on the following main aspects:


  • Digisation and repositories and the critical issues and challenges in creating a digital preservation policy

  • The impact and practical application of current and emerging technology (software and hardware) in the library environment


The following points will indicate aspects that stood out and drew my attention:


Greenstone Digital Library Software: making inroads into Southern Africa


A presentation delivered by Stephen Visage from UNAM concerning a suite of software for building and distributing digital library collections.


Greenstone is not a digital library but a tool for building digital libraries. It provides a way of organizing information and publishing it on the Internet in the form of a fully-searchable, metadata-driven digital library. It has been developed and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the Human Info NGO in Belgium. It is open-source, multilingual software, issued under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


The following African digital library collections are examples of Greenstone in action (with UNAM being Support Project leader):

  • Sudanese Association of Libraries and Information (SALI) Digital Library

  • Sudan Open Archive

  • Rwanda HIV/SIDA

  • University of Namibia

Also partaking in research and development are various organizations from Zimbabwe and Lesotho.


What I appreciate of the software is that it is open-source and runs on all versions of Windows, Linux and Mac OS-X. It can also be installed on a personal computer or laptop and you can offer content on CD-ROM.  Apparently it is very easy to install and I will test this as soon as possible.


Technology @ the Central University of Technology, Free State’s Library and Information Centre


A presentation delivered by Dora Ackerman and Lee Goliath concerning IT and serving their clients’ needs.


It was quite interesting for me to hear (and see) how their library was adapted to focus more on typical IT Lab provision than on direct provision of Library and database access.


Their general setup (hardware, software and security) compares well with our established protocols.


One thing that we can learn from them is the proper use of student helpers (“runners”) that are clearly identifiable and assist students in the computing areas with basic issues.


Peregrinations in the Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 world


A presentation delivered by Hennie Rautenbach concerning new hardware and software developments that have an impact on our daily interaction with our clients.


A broad spectrum of items was mentioned but what stood out was the Asus Eee PC (with luck Stephen had an example present) and the use of RSS feeds and other electronic sources to keep abreast of developments.


The Asus Eee PC is a subnotebook computer notable for its relatively small display, solid-state permanent storage and MS Windows or Linux-based operating system.


A subject that Hennie brought up was the use of Thin clients (and also Stephen brought it up and the effectiveness of their use at UNAM) – something we can look at for future research, testing and maybe implementation.


There were then also two presentations delivered by my colleagues:


Towards a digital preservation policy for institutional repositories:


Delivered by Ria Groenewald and Ina Smith.


Very well received and indicated that they are on the right track and that other institutions look toward our Library for assistance and leadership.


Comtributed by Hennie Muller


Visitor from “Incredible India”


On 25 June 2008 we received the following request from Dr Shamprasad M. Pujar Deputy Librarian, Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, India:


“I am exploring the possibility of visiting your library to know more about your UPSpace repository and other ICT applications. I had discussions with Dr A.R.D. Prasad, who is Associate Professor at DRTC, Bangalore, India regarding my possibility of visiting your university. He mentioned to me about you and expressed his happiness over your UPSpace user interface.”


This request resulted in Dr Pajar visiting us on 30 June. A huge thank you to the following colleagues who made their time and expertise available to Dr Pajar: Bettie de Kock (Web 2.0 and Gaming), Anette Lessing (Millennium Library Management System) and Tumishi Madihlaba (Phonet Family of Systems). Thanks also to Ujala and Robert for making him feel welcome. We are now convinced that Ujala can really speak Hindi, and even recognised a few words ourselves! :) Dr Pujar was overwhelmed with what we have achieved, and he hopes to keep in contact with us re all the developments at our library.


From left to right:  Ina Smith, Ujala Satgoor, Robert Moropa, Dr Pujar


Contributed by Ina Smith


Getting Internet Access is easy!


Finding the right Internet option is all about personal preference and access needs.  And fortunately there is more than one option to choose from.

You first need to decide between Broadband and Dial-up.  After that you can choose the option best suited to your



Most service providers will provide very good support & guidance in choosing the option that suits their clients best.  Some even have guides on their websites, which take you through a step by step process to see what is best for you. (e.g. Mweb)


Following are short explanations of some of the options available:



  • ADSL
    Broadband ADSL is technology that splits your existing phone line (provided by Telkom) into two channels. One is used to handle voice communication while the other channel is used for high-speed data connection (Internet access – provided by a service provider of your choice). This means that you can enjoy high-speed, always-on Internet in your home and/or office, and still make voice calls on the same line!

  • iBurst
    Get access to super-fast Internet speeds without cables or wires. iBurst Wireless Broadband technology uses antennas and radio frequencies to bring you high-speed mobile connectivity. So as long as you’re in an area that gets coverage – connecting to the Internet is easy!  No need for a Telkom line. Network coverage is available in major metropolitan areas in South Africa. (View the coverage map)

  • 3G/HSDPA
    As long as you are in an area that has cell phone coverage – you will never be stuck without Internet access again! That’s because 3G / HSDPA is technology that gives you an Internet connection that works wherever there is cell phone reception.  It works with Laptops & Desktops. No need for a Telkom line.  Excellent network coverage (Vodacom MTN) in all major metropolitan areas in South Africa.

If you only go online once a day for short periods of time, then this is the option for you! Dial-Up is the simplest of all the Internet access products and if you have a telephone line - then all you need is a dial-up modem and a Dial-Up account.  However, if you find you want to spend more time online, it may be more cost-effective to choose one of our Broadband access products.


Comtributed by Christelle Steyn




Die Fakulteitsbiblioteek Geesteswetenskappe en Besondere Versamelings het weer ‘n keer saamgespan en ‘n blitsige boekverkoping gereël op 28 en 29 Mei 2008 in die portaal van die Merensky-biblioteek. Soos telkemale tevore was dit weer eens ‘n fees!


As ons moet sê wat die lekkerste is van die boekverkoping, is dit om die belangstelling en reaksie van kykers en kopers te sien, te hoor, saam met hulle te deel in die vreugdes van boeke en nogmaals boeke. Ons het gereelde kliënte wat dae voor die tyd wil weet wanneer en hoe laat en as die uur aanbreek, is hulle opgewonde dáár. Gemoedere kan selfs partykeer hoog loop as die “stormloop” begin.


En dan is daar natuurlik ons klompie wat agter die toonbank staan en die “till” slaan: Katrien en Christine en Calvyn en Rita, en natuurlik Ora wat altyd bereid is om te help. Al die geselsies met ons kliënte – die mense agter die boeke, die luister na hulle stories, waarom hulle weer en weer kom, rondblaai, hier kyk, daar kyk, dosente van vele departemente, studente uit alle studierigtings; dít maak die boekverkoping ‘n verrykende en plesierige geleentheid.


Dit is nogal verstommend wat so ‘n boekverkoping oplewer met die tweerande, vyfrande en tienrande wat betaal word. En … dis soveel lekkerder om te weet iewers êrens kry iemand plesier uit die lees van ‘n boek wat dalk bestem was vir die papiermeule!


‘n Groot dankie aan almal wat gehelp het om van die twee dae ‘n sukses te maak: Anja, Elliot, January, Blok, Calvyn, Ora en Christine. 


Saamgestel deur Katrien Malan en Rita Badenhorst




Bygedrae deur Katrien Malan


Library Photos, Fotki and Exhibitions / Biblioteekfoto's, Fotki en Uitstallings


Please note that Una Mgwenya will be responsible for the taking of photos, of Library related events, Fotki and all the exhibitions.  Contact details:  Tel:  (012) 420 4291, Email:


Neem asseblief kennis dat Una Mgwenya in die toekoms verantwoordelik gaan wees vir die neem van Biblioteekfoto's, Fotki en uitstallings. Kontakbesonderhede:  Tel:  (012) 420 4291,



Contibuted by Magda


Julie boek van die maand / July book of the month


The Art & Heritage Collections of the University of Pretoria© 2008/Alexander Duffey, Sian Tiley-Nel, Gerard de Kamper and

Joey Ernst



Contributed by Katrien Malan



Throughout the world there are educational institutions which have collections of artefacts and artworks, in many instances these objects were acquired over a period of time and in most cases they were accumulated as part of the academic programmes of those institutions. In the case of the collections of the University of Pretoria it is also true, but the University also owns a number of magnificent collections which were donated in their entirety to the institution by a single benefactor.  The van Tilburg and Van Gybland-Oosterhoff collections are examples of these.  The scope of these collections is so large that there are very few institutions in the world which can boast of collections equalling them

The Art and Heritage Collections of the University of Pretoria is the first comprehensive survey of some of the major collections of the University of Pretoria ever published. The book highlights some of the most important artefacts and artworks accumulated by the university in its first 100 years.  With the benefit of fresh knowledge and modern attitudes, the authors embark on a detailed description and appraisal of six of the University of Pretoria's most important collections.  Impeccably constructed, the book deals with the histories, descriptions and noteworthy individual pieces in these collections.

The reader is treated to excellent reproductions of ceramics and other artefacts from the Van Tilburg collection, rare and historically unique objects from the Mapungubwe collection, major sculptures from the Anton van Wouw and Edoardo Villa collections, beautiful and important artworks from the University of Pretoria Art Collection and unique and very rare objects and artefacts from the Van Gybland-Oosterhoff collection.

The Art and Heritage Collections of the University of Pretoria is an important contribution to the cultural history of South Africa



Baie geluk aan Retha Kruidenier wat haar meestersgraad ontvang het gedurende die 2008 Herfspromosieplegtigheid.


Contributed by Salomie Stolz


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