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       Junie 2009 Uitgawe 1  June 2009 Issue 1  



On 5 May 2009 the Veterinary Science Library was officially named the Jotello F. Soga Library in honour of the first South African who qualified as a veterinarian. He studied in Scotland at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies (later part of the University of Edinburgh) and qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1886.


Guests at the special Naming Ceremony included representatives of all role players in the veterinary education scene – the Chancellor of the University, Prof Wiseman Nkuhle, the UP Executive, Deans and directors of UP, Heads of the OVI and the ARC, and the CEO of the SA Veterinary Association, Dr Colin Cameron and the President of the SA Veterinary Council. The President of the Black Veterinary Forum and the Director, Veterinary Services of the Dept of Agriculture were included in the guest list. The Department of Library Services was also well represented.


The most important guests were the Soga family members, with Mrs Carole Gallagher, great granddaughter of Jotello Soga flying from the UK to do the unveiling of the bronze bust.


The Chancellor welcomed the guests and paid tribute to the Faculty’s significance in promoting veterinary education in Africa, as well as the essential role played by the Library in supporting the Faculty as well as providing information and CE support to practitioners throughout South Africa. For his full speech visit the Jotello F.Soga Library Blog


Mr Jesse Lewis was the guest speaker. He is an American with a great interest in South African history, and it was his article on Jotello Soga which appeared in a supplement of the Beeld and the Burger in 2007 which alerted us to this early veterinarian and his relevance as a role model for young people especially from the rural communities, wishing to embark on a veterinary career.


We would like to mention the important role played by our Director in all the negotiations and arrangements, enabling us to name our library in this fashion. Robert, with the valuable assistance of his wife, helped with contacting the Soga family and obtaining their approval, as well as assisting with the process of getting Senate and Council approval.


As the Soga family representative Mr Camagu Soga from Kingwilliamstown pointed out in his special message at the Ceremony, we can proudly carry the Jotello F. Soga name and ensure that his significance will inspire future generations of veterinarians in this country.



                Ms Thembi Soga (family member of Dr Jotello Soga) &                               Ms Carole Gallagher (Great ganddaugther of Dr Jotello Soga),  Prof Wiseman Nkuhle,

            Ms Carole Gallagher  (Great ganddaugther of Dr Jotello Soga)                       Chancellor of the University & Mrs Nkuhle, Mr Robert Moropa (Director: UP Department

                                                                                                                                           of Library Services) and Ms Thembi Soga (family member of Dr Jotello Soga)



     Staff members of the Jotello F. Soga Library                Prof Gerry Swan (Dean: Faculty of Veterinary Sciences)         Guests:  Mrs Ria Groenewald, Dr Heila Pienaar,

                                                                                              Ms Carole Gallagher , Mr Robert Moropa and                            Mrs Elsabé Olivier, Mrs Susan Marsh and

                                                                                   Mrs Erica van der Westhuizen (Manager: Jotello F. Soga Library)                 Mrs Erica van der Westhuizen


Contributed by Erica van der Westhuizen


e-Research Seminar and Workshop held at the CSIR Knowledge Commons: 11th May 2009


The African Digital Scholarship and Curation Conference ( attracted a number of international leaders in the field of e-Research to South Africa.  In order to capitalise on this opportunity, the University of Pretoria (Prof Robin Crewe: Vice-Principal) and the CSIR (Dr Thulani Dlamini: Group Executive: R&D), under the ambit of the SERA Alliance, co-hosted a short seminar/workshop on e-Research prior to the conference.


The main purpose was to extract lessons learnt by overseas players active in the field of e-Research and to dovetail these with local agendas with the view of using these as input considerations for the review and mobilisation of the South African e-Research blue print.  In addition the seminar also created an opportunity for sharing of experiences and lessons learnt in the e-Research domain and capturing delegate views on a roadmap for South Africa, with emphasis on:


  • Crafting the vision; key elements to consider

  • Critical requirements for success

  • Infrastructure requirements for collaborative environments

  • Issues like IP, security, data preservation and curation


Despite the very limited time available and highly condensed format of the workshop, the organisers, presenters and delegates generally expressed satisfaction with the quality of dialogue and knowledge exchange that took place and confidence in the local players’ ability to map out and implement a collaborative programme to benefit the SA research community.


The immediate and primary focus will be on the inclusive development of a strategic framework for a five to 10 year horizon for South Africa and to have this adequately funded, resourced and governed to serve the SA research community with the technology backbone and service for effective and efficient linkages to similar users and providers locally and abroad.


Seven invited presenters and 22 invited delegates representing a spectrum of stakeholders, took part in the session.


The seminar-workshop proceedings were facilitated by Mr Awie Vlok, CSIR Innovation Leadership and Learning Academy (CiLLA).


The workshop was initiated and organised by Dr Heila Pienaar, Deputy Director, Library Services, University of Pretoria and Dr Martie van Deventer, Portfolio Manager, CSIR Information Services.



 5Lee Dirks, Matthew Davey, Dr Giaretta from the UK & Dr Martie van Deventer from the CSIR


                      5Lee Dirks  & Dr Giaretta from the UK                              5Prof Robin Crewe & Dr Heila Pienaar                    5Prof Jane Morris & Dr Heila Pienaar


Contributed by Heila Pienaar


UP on the Diamond Route: an open access mandate for research articles


Senate recently approved a new policy which will make it compulsory for UP staff and students to submit their journal articles to UPSpace. This milestone came after intense lobbying in 2008 and was greeted with enthusiasm by the international open access community because it is also the first OA mandate in Africa!


Such mandates are highly regarded because it is a clear statement of the university’s commitment to open access (Read Peter Suber’s story in Open Access News at We are in good company: many of the top universities such as Harvard and Stanford have mandates and they plan to use them to influence the publishing system.


If we can implement the policy successfully it will mean more readership and hence more citations for researchers and good exposure for the university. It will also assist in simplifying the annual research reporting of faculties. Indeed a way for us to save them time and make them shine!


The success of this mandate can be ascribed to the success story that UPSpace clearly is, the excellent service rendered through UPeTD since the theses mandate was approved in 2004 and the fruitful collaboration between the Open Scholarship Office and the Dept of Research and Innovation Support on the annual research report. For the 2008 report Elsabé Olivier and her team not only managed to link theses, dissertations and many articles but we “discovered” 60+ articles which were not submitted by the faculties. Indeed a substantial number which will bring in a handsome sum of money for the university.


Read more about

The mandate:

The research report collaboration:


Some comments received:


Mooi so meisies!  Hoop daar is gou ander van ons wat Tukkies se voorbeeld sal kan volg!

Martie van Deventer, CSIR


Congratulations to the University of Pretoria - this is indeed a milestone and I hope that our other South African (and African) Universities will follow suit in the very near future.

Pat Liebetrau, DISA Project, UKZN


Congratulations to the University of Pretoria!
with best wishes,
Iryna Kuchma, eIFL


Congratulations once again for bringing the mandate to fruition.

Leslie Chan, University of Toronto



Stevan Harnad, University of Southampton, generally regarded as the father of open access

Great news!

Prof. Arthur Sale, University of Tasmania, and international OA guru


This is wonderful news.  Congratulations to all involved!
Peter Suber, SPARC


This is great news. I would like to blog ( this on gray area and it helps to be able to say 'this is what you would get if you took this route (particularly at a university that is somewhat behindhand, like UCT). Congratulations. I will raise a glass to you tonight.

Eve Gray
Read Eve’s story at


Congratulations and well done! All that hard work paid off.
Alma Swan, international OA consultant



Lee Dirks and Tony Hey, Microsoft


Congratulations and well done indeed.  This should certainly make the process for other SA HE institutions easier to try and motivate for the same.  Thank  you for exploring the way for us. Keep up the good work!
Wouter Klapwijk, Stellenbosch University


Contributed by Monica Hammes


Results of the Library Photo Competition


The e-Service decided to initiate a photo competition in support of SA Library Week which took place from 16 March – 17 April 2009. The purpose of the competition was to gather as many photos possible in order to use them on the library web, UPSpace, or for other marketing purposes. The theme was "UP Libraries" and we had 43 people who entered the competition.  This boils down to almost 130 photos that had to be evaluated, since most entries consisted of 3 photos each.


A huge thank you to our judges, Rolf Tönsing, Anja Roberts & Bertha le Roux, who took on this monumental task of evaluating the photos and deciding on the winners!  There were so many brilliant photographs that it very hard to choose only three.  But after lots of hard work and hours of collaboration the judges decided on our three winners.



                                2nd place:  Erna Laubscher








                                                      1st place:  Hyeong-Chan Kim


1st Prize:           R 2 000-00 gift voucher from New World, Menlyn
2nd Prize:           R 1 000-00 gift voucher from New World, Menlyn
3rd Prize:           R 500-00 gift voucher from New World, Menlyn

                                                                                                                                                      3rd place:  Claire Jordaan


Our winners receiving their prizes from Anja



                     Hyeong-Chan Kim                                                Erna Laubscher                                                             On behalf of Claire Jordaan




Congratulations to our winners, we hope you enjoy your prizes!  Thank you to everyone that entered the competition, we were amazed to receive so many entries.  We hope to make this an annual event, watch this space in 2010!


Contributed by Christelle Steyn


A Successful Lib 2.0 workshop!


Following the need for training and support on implementing Library / Web 2.0 technologies in our work environment, we decided to host a Library / Web 2.0 Workshop at the end of April.  Exceeding all expectations, the workshop was soon fully booked, with many enquiries about a possible second workshop.  Even having the workshop in between two public holidays did not scare anyone off from arriving promptly on the first day.


The aim of this workshop was to equip colleagues from all sectors with the necessary skills to use and implement Lib / Web 2.0 technologies in their various work environments.  It was presented over 3 days, 28 – 30 April, and the three presenters were Christelle Steyn, Ina Smith and Janice De Wee (from the CSIR).  Some of the tools covered in the workshop were: Blogs, GoogleTalk, Facebook, Google Groups, Google Sites, YouTube, etc.




Thanks to everyone involved it turned out to be a success, even though I (Christelle) lost my voice and could not present on the 2nd day, and on the 3rd day the Internet went down and we could do no practical work.




As always Leonard and Daan were brilliant and we are very grateful to have them as part of the team.  And special thanks to Ina and Janice, who had to take over my presentations on the 2nd day and did an absolutely wonderful job!  Also a very special thank you to Robert, who personally handed each delegate a certificate.




A few of the comments from our delegates:


The workshop was very informative, I enjoyed myself so much. I have realized that you are so well advanced in terms of new technologies, can you update/inform us of other workshops in the pipeline.


Dankie vir die werkswinkel, ek het van die meeste van die apps geweet, maar die manier hoe julle alles inmekaar laat vloei het, het dit duideliker gemaak hoe ‘n mens die verskillende aspekte van Google (wiki, blog, video’s ens) kan gebruik om ‘n lekker opwindende diens vir studente te gee!


Thanks for a well presented workshop.  Thanks for all your kindness and patience.  Thanks as well for all the coffee/tea eats and lunch.  It was nice meeting you all!
Etrecia de Villiers


Hope to attend more of those kind of workshops.


The enthusiasm of the crew usually is a real tonic.  Network or no network, we did what we had to do!  Thank you!


Contributed by Christelle Steyn


April boek van die maand / April book of the month


The Art of Illumination : an anthology of manuscripts from the sixth to the sixteenth century © 1969 P. D'Ancona & E. Aeschlimann









Contributed by Katrien Malan



The illumination of manuscripts is an art-form which has only recently taken its rightful place beside panel and wall painting in the history of art.  Quite apart from its purely aesthetic appeal - rich in invention, excitement, skill and often dramatic impact - manuscript illumination throws light on whole periods of art history for which there is little other pictorial evidence, or where frescoes and panel paintings have suffered from retouching and restoration.  Miniature paintings nearly always come down to us fresh and unspoiled, and since their scale permits them frequently to be reproduced in original size, we have the unique opportunity of enjoying and studying an art-form in the manner in which it was intended - in the book.


The present publication offers a rich and fascinating anthology of illuminated manuscripts from the sixth to the sixteenth century.  The selection includes not only pages from many great and familiar Bibles, Psalters, Gospel Books and Books of Hours, but also less well-known illustrations which are often profoundly imaginative and pictorially exciting.  The choice of plates, 24 of which are in full colour, extends from the graceful early Byzantine illustrations and the more monumental Carolingian folios, to the late and ornate pages painted by 16 th century Italian artists.  There are examples of English, Irish, German, Austrian, Flemish, French, Italian and Spanish illumination, some shown in enlarged details.


To introduce these impressive corpus of plates, Professor Aeschlimann and the late Professor d'Ancoma - both renowned authorities - have written a concise and informative survey of the history of miniature painting, tracing the development of the different schools and analysing briefly their stylistic features.  There are also full and detailed notes on each plate, as well as a Bibliography







Baie geluk aan mev Isobel Rycroft (voorheen Van der Walt) van die Musiekbiblioteek wat op 21 Maart 2009 in die huwelik getree

het met Eric Rycroft.


Ons wens hulle 'n lang en gelukkige huwelikslewe saam.

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