Internasionale dag vir die Eliminering van Rassediskriminasie -

21 Maart 2009


International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination -

21 March 2009


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         Maart 2009 Uitgawe 1  March 2009 Issue 1  

Two of our staff members have attained international recognition

Dear Colleagues


Please join me in congratulating Amelia Breytenbach and Ria Groenewald who have won an award for their recent publication in an Emerald journal.  Please see the letter below that I copied for ease of reference.


Well done Amelia and Ria.  We are indeed proud of you.


Robert Moropa



Dear Mrs Amelia Breytenbach


Emerald Literati Network

2009 Awards for Excellence


Every year Emerald invites each journal’s Editorial Team to nominate what they believe has been that title’s Outstanding Paper and up to three Highly Commended Papers from the previous 12 months. Your paper has been included among these and I am pleased to inform you that your article entitled The African elephant:  a digital collection of anatomical sketches as part of the University of Pretoria's institutional repository - a case study published in OCLC Systems & Services: International digital library perspectives has been chosen as an Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2009.


The award winning papers are chosen following consultation amongst the journal’s Editorial Team, many of whom are eminent academics or managers. Your paper has been selected as it was one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2008.


Further information regarding the Awards for Excellence can be found at the following site:


We will be adding the 2009 winners shortly.  You should expect to receive your award certificate through the post within the next couple of months.


Alternatively, we do aim to present the awards where possible at relevant conference events. If you are attending a conference where we have Emerald representation, I may be able to organise a presentation for you. Please view the link below which will direct you to the Emerald conference list:


If you could reply to this e-mail with details of any conferences you plan to attend, I will see what I can arrange for you. If a presentation can be arranged, please note that I will inform you as soon as I can, please do not assume a presentation will be organised if I have not confirmed this with you.  


Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and once again, thank you for writing for an Emerald journal and congratulations on your success!


Kind Regards,


Emma Stevenson

External Relations Assistant

Emerald Group Publishing Limited

Howard House

Wagon Lane

Bingley BD16 1WA

United Kingdom


UP Dept. of Library Services plays an important role in Africa


It was a great honour to once again be approached by Peter Burnett, Head of Library Development, INASP (International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications), Oxford to conduct training in institutional repositories and one or two related activities. INASP sponsored Rosemary Ottando, librarian from the University of Nairobi (Kenya), to come and visit us during the week of 23-27 February. Prior to this training, Rosemary didn’t know what a repository was, and she had never scanned anything before.  Leonard, Ria and I all guided her through installing the software, managing a repository, and scanning theses and inaugural addresses in preparation for submission to a repository. By the end of the week Rosemary indicated that she would be able to assist in the implementation of an IR at her institution, she grasped all the steps involved in digitization, and she would be able to assist the ICT Unit at her institution during the implementation process. She experienced the training as being well done and well organized, and expressed her appreciation for our willingness to assist. A report was compiled on Rosemary’s progress and also forwarded to Peter Burnett, who responded as follows:


“Thank you for sending me a copy of your report on Rosemary's work/study

visit to Pretoria.


May I say how professional and thorough the structure of her visit

appears to have been. You really did dedicate significant time to her,

which I'm sure was greatly appreciated. I'm sure that the University of

Nairobi's IR implementation will be all the more successful as a result

of the time you spent with her.


On behalf of INASP may I thank all of you for hosting this visit. I hope

we can continue to work together in the future.”


We regard events such as the above as a way to make a contribution and to share our expertise with the community around us, and have had huge successes so far. Thanks to all my colleagues for making other peoples’ (African) dreams come true!


From left to right: Ria Groenewald (Digitization Co-ordinator),

Rosemary Ottando (University of Nairobi), Ina Smith (IR Manager), Christelle Steyn (Web Manager)


Contributed by  Ina Smith


Delegation of the Institute for African and Asian Studies - visit


A delegation of the Institute for African and Asian Studies at the Humboldt University in Berlin visited the University of Pretoria from 16-18 February. They were sponsored by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and were on a fact finding mission with a view to an application to DAAD for a possible exchange programme for researchers and students in African history, literature, culture and linguistics. Included in their tour was a visit to Special Collections, arranged by Prof Lize Kriel of the Dept of Historical and Heritage Studies. They were given a tour of the collections and invited to peruse a  small exhibition representative of the Africana information resources in their fields of interest.


We also showed them our digital collections on UPSpace and they seemed duly impressed, saying that Humboldt had nothing to compare.


Contributed by Pieter van der Merwe


News from the UPSpace office ..

Just a few activities in progress/ highlights we would like to share with you:
-  So far 7 060 full text items have been archived on UPSpace

-  5 full text open access journals are available through the UPSpace platform, thereby reflecting ownership by the faculties/ departments
-  UPSpace now has its own news blog, available at, accessible for anyone to read in the world
-  Collections for departments are now in the process of being linked back to the UP Research Reports (also for previous years)
-  We have started submitting theses, dissertations and mini-dissertations on UPSpace (mandatory submission to UPeTD is still the policy). However - by making it available on more than one platform and on this central UP research archive, it makes UP research even more visible and highly retrievable because of the excellent metadata - also according to each department.
-  We are in the process of adding more Web 2.0 functionalities to UPSpace .. Be on the lookout for these! It promises to be very exciting!
-  During December Architecture students have scanned 3 000 items in two weeks time, and are in the process of derivating these to be submitted  to UPSpace! Well done to them!
-  The Campus Building Guide electronic version was uploaded to UPSpace with kind permission from Prof Schalk Claasen
-  Nicholas Clarke (Department of Arhitecture) will be presenting the Gerard Moerdijk Memorial lecture at the Voortrekker Monument on the 5th March, from the Gerard Moerdyk Collection on UPSpace !


Hettie Groenewald & Ina Smith


The new Library web


Our new web is up and running, with most of the content integrated with the new “look”.  The rest will soon be migrated.  We are now also aligned with the UP web. There are a few nice new features that I would like everyone to be aware of.

On our homepage we have added search blocks, so that any client can find basic information right away. 


We also have the new chat function on all pages, where clients can ask web related questions if I am online.  And since January, its been working very well.  We still have to configure it so that we don’t need a firewall password – but please be patient until we can solve this.


Then there is the link on each page to bookmark / share the page.  With this you can even add the page to your Facebook if you want to.    And “Ask a Librarian” now also have a pop-up chat box on each page.


Another change is the menu at the top of our page.  This now has drop-downs to facilitate quick access to various pages.


A few things in the pipeline – RSS feeds for our news items, an interactive calendar, a more extensive catalogue search box for the homepage and many more!


Contributed by Christelle Steyn




With red balloons left over from our Valentine’s Day we visited the nearby Onderstepoort School in February this year.


The learners there range from pre-school to Grade 8.


Johannes Moropotli and Joe Sindane chatted to the children about where we came from and why we were visiting them with books and sweets.


We made good use of the closing down sale at Fascination Books, with children’s books and colouring and puzzle books for each class.

A donation sticker was pasted in each book.


The photo (right) shows Johannes, Erica, teacher Constance Lekhuleng and Joe with the pre-school class



       From r. Joe, Principal  Shoki Matlejoane, Erica, Marguerite Nel and Johannes –            Onderstepoort School learners, with books donated by

                       after delivering books and sweets and drawing materials to                                          Veterinary Science Library staff             

the Onderstepoort School, February 2009                                                                             


For further photos visit our website:

 Our thanks to Antoinette Lourens for all the photos and the web story.


We will follow up this visit with a tour of the Faculty and the library for the learners and their teachers, next month. In this way we are supporting the Faculty’s goal of making learners in the rural areas more aware of the important role of the veterinarian and veterinary nurse in promoting human and animal health.


Contributed by Erica van der Westhuizen




Op 13 Februarie het vlak 5 se dames besluit om ‘n ander mening aan Valentynsdag te gee. Al 5 van ons is al verby die ouderdom waar harte, rose of sjokolade van vroegdag tot laatnag afgelewer word.


After a lot of laughter and fun we decided on an old fashioned hat day (could not find a nice selection of red hats).


Baie gou is hoede georganiseer danksy Henta en Elsie se depressie dae toe niks weg gegooi is nie.


From left, our own and only lady of the shadows,  Hetta G  (kon nie ‘n lang sigaretkoker en sigarette opspoor nie). Langs haar staan mev die orreliste van die Hervormde Kerk van die Biblioteek Gemeente, Pretoria Oos, Me Elna Randall (die langbroek is nodig vir die trap van die orrel in alle rigtings).


Next to her is our Highness, the new Mayor of Tshwane, Me Elsie Verheem. The gold chain was stolen just before her inauguration last year. Then, last but not least standing: our own “Vonkelvrou”, Me Sunetta Steynberg. (so statig en verstandig).


Sitting is Mev Ds Neels Muller. Always ready to lend a helping hand (and doing a balancing trick trying not to damage the borrowed antique table !)


Die dames het ewe elegant die normale uitstekende diens gelewer, maar die gesigsuitdrukkings van die kliënte het die lagspiere goed geprikkel, en sommiges is teruggevoer na hul kinderjare deur die uitrustings.

There were those that looked away abruptly and totally ignored us, whilst others were astonished and very amused. David had the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing every time he came past us.


Dit is verbasend hoe so ‘n bietjie lawwigheid so ‘n Vrydag die 13de kan opkikker.  Vir elkeen van ons was dit ’n heerlike dag en ons het net daar en dan besluit om dit ’n maandelikse instelling te maak om iets lekkers te doen.  It really lifted the spirits and I am not talking about those that come in bottles.


Contributed by The ladies of level 5


Photo Competition as part of SA Library Week 16 - 21 March 2009


The e-Service has decided to initiate a photo competition in support of SA Library Week which will take place from 16 - 21 March 2009. The theme of this photo competition will be "UP Libraries ", and all photographers (whether amateurs or more advanced photographers) will be invited to take pictures of any UP library building on any UP campus, inside or out. Prospective photographers can submit as many photos as they want, as long as it reflects the theme mentioned. Entries will be free of charge.


The purpose of this competition is to gather as many photos possible in order to use them on the library web, UPSpace, or for other marketing material by the library. Prices to be won will include e.g. a digital camera and iPods.


More information on this competition to follow soon. Please do not send entries yet. The competition will be announced via Campus News, the Library Web as well as the ainfo mailing list.


Read more about SA Library Week at


Contributed by Christelle Steyn & Ina Smith


Maart boek van die maand / March book of the month

Onderstepoort 1908 - 2008 © 2008 / editors:
D.W. Verwoerd & R.D. Bigalke



Contributed by Katrien Malan



Onderstepoort 1908-2008 portrays an intriguing history and makes fascinating reading. Although not intended to be one, it is a textbook on animal diseases in South Africa; it is also a textbook on perseverance, innovation, human relations and the art of negotiation and problem solving, while providing glimpses of the future and where we are going. The book is essentially a resumé of the challenges that faced researchers, scientists and diagnosticians over the past 100 years, who came forth with solutions to the problems posed by animal diseases that were in many instances unknown - not only in South Africa but also in much of the rest of the world. Many of the solutions found by its dedicated and devoted gallery of scientists, researchers, technologists and teachers were often a world's first, and many remain valid and in use today. The golden thread of the book is the wonderful insight it gives into the people who made history, the interplay of human relations, the leaders who effected changes in direction; the human successes and failures, veterinary politics, and personality clashes, all recounted with a good deal of underlying and essential veterinary humour. It is a book that asks to be read again and again - not only by veterinarians, scientists and researchers, but also by students, farmers, agriculturalists, historians, animal lovers and those who have heard the name of Onderstepoort and wish to know more about this historic cradle of veterinary science in southern Africa


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