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        Maart 2010 Uitgawe 1 • March 2010 Issue 1  

2009 LibQUAL+R survey


The Library Services conducted a LibQUAL+R survey during May 2009. Regular client surveys are done to measure client satisfaction. In-house surveys have been done from 2004 to 2006, and LibQUAL in 2005 and 2009. (


Fig 1 Client Satisfaction Rating


On 19 August 2009 the prize winners of the LibQUAL Survey received their prizes:



       Ms Bianca Scolten, 3rd year Consumer Science student                 Ms Ceri Taylor, 2nd year BA student who wins the printer

                            who wins the netbook


Winners in terms of participation:


 - Jotello F Soga Library (highest % participation - 18.99)

 - NAS/EBIT Library (biggest number of participants - 1302)


The total response for the survey was 3721 (3259 in English and 462 in Afrikaans), 2264 undergraduate and 835 postgraduate students, and 389 staff. There were 1867 comments (1704 in English and 163 in Afrikaans).


Fig 2 Response by Library and Subject Area


Subject Area


Engineering & Technology




Biological Sciences


Agriculture & Related Subjects


Computer Science


Physical Sciences


Mathematical Sciences


Architecture, Building, & Planning


Social, Economic, & Political Studies


Librarianship & Information Science


Creative Arts & Design













Klinikala (Kalafong)


Witbank Hospital





Fig 3 Radar Chart



To learn more about LibQUAL radar charts, see :


Fig 4 Gap Analysis

There were improvements on the 2005 results :


  • The number and percentage of participation was higher

  • The postgraduate students were more satisfied

  • The overall score moved from 6.73 to 7.03

  • The expectations and perceptions was higher in all 22 questions

  • There were more positive comments (1172)

  • There were fewer negative comments (1405)

  • The Minimum and Maximum expectations were overall higher. The Library is important

  • The overall score is better than 4 international universities (Glasgow, Singapore National, and Utrecht, universities used in the 2008 benchmarking project, and Florida State, a US university).


Fig 5 Word Cloud of comments for the Merensky 2 Library


The Survey (253 academic staff + 835 postgraduate student respondents) indicates the following in terms of research contribution :


• 84% commend the staff for their willingness to help, for their professional behaviour and for their knowledgeability


• 80% find the library web site an enabling tool


• The information resources are below their expectations and needs


The Survey (2264 undergraduate student respondents) indicates the following in terms of teaching and learning contribution:


• 81% find the library web site an enabling tool for independent work


• 80% commend the staff for their willingness to help


• 80% find the electronic resources needed for their studies


• 79% regard the library as a haven for study, learning and research



Contributed by Gerda Beukes


Suid-Afrikaansgebore komponis Isak Roux van Duitsland tree op in Johannesburg


Die wereldbekende Suid-Afrikaansgebore komponis Isak Roux wat al jare in Stuttgart, Duitsland woon en werk het Eridine Roux as gas uitgenooi om sy vertoning van een van sy komposisies Coming Home, in die Johannesburg Pro Musica Theatre in Florida Park by te woon op 16 Desember 2009.


Aangesien die Universiteit van Pretoria se Suid-Afrikaanse Musiekversamelings reeds etlike jare al Roux se komposisies aankoop met die grootste versameling van sy werke in Suid-Afrika, was ek bevoorreg om die uitnodiging van Roux uit Duitsland te ontvang. 


Die werk wat hy uitgevoer het is ook reeds in ons besit.


Roux het telkens van 'n stampvol teater 'n welverdiende staande applous ontvang!


Moira de Swardt, a reporter concluded in her artcle in Artslink about the performance as follows:


"The cantata was designed as a triumhant vision of our past, present and future as a testimony to the power and creative endurance of the human spirit. Coming Home is a jazz, Gospel Cantata, based on the parable of the prodigal son, one of the most powerful stories of reconciliation ever told. Composed by Isak Roux, this work summarised the concept of reconciliation - performed on the day of Reconciliation! Under the baton of Kutlwano Masote, with soloists Sibongile Mngoma, Timothy Moloi and Siyabonga Maqungo, accompanied by the Chanber Choir of South Africa, this opus trilled and charmed. It was so special that I could not restrain the joy and pride of being South African, a child of God, and being part of an audience privileged to share in a wonderful performance of a magnificent cantata."


The end was greeted with three or four full seconds of silence before the audience burst into applause. That silence was the greatest tribute I have ever heard an audience pay a work. 


Contributed by Eridine Roux


Controlled Vocabulary and Thesaurus Design: An ALCTS/PCC Cataloging for the 21st Century Workshop for the Digital Library Environment


From November 2nd – December 11th, 2009 I had the opportunity to enrolled in an online workshop presented by Prof. Steven Miller of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, United States of America. Prof. Miller is a Senior Lecturer at the UWM School of Information Studies.  He teaches masters degree and continuing education courses in information organisation, metadata, cataloging and information architecture. The workshop was limited to 25 participants worldwide.


The six-week online workshop provides an introduction to the topics of controlled vocabulary and thesaurus design.  The workshop is designed for practicing catalogers and for anyone interested in designing controlled vocabularies and thesauri for digital libraries, websites or online library-like applications. It includes hands-on exercises that are aimed to build knowledge and skills.  The following aspects form the platform of the course:


  • Introduction to controlled vocabulary and thesaurus design

  • Types of controlled vocabularies: lists, synonym rings, taxonomies, thesauri

  • Thesaurus planning and design

  • Thesaurus construction and development

  • Hierarchical structure and relationships

  • Thesaurus display and navigation

  • Thesaurus implementation and management

  • Future directions: Semantic web, RDF and linked data


The workshop was structured into weekly units with deadlines for submitting exercises at the end of each week.  The training material was delivered through the D2L online learning courseware at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  The lectures were delivered in PDF files and accompanying video presentations in both Windows Media and Real Player formats.  Interaction with the instructor and the participants took place through listserv-like discussions internal to the workshop site.


The value of this workshop was the knowledge gained about the construction of a controlled vocabulary, the software packages for thesaurus construction, how controlled vocabulary fits in the picture of the Semantic web, linked data and the value of a structured vocabulary in the digital environment. The workshop developed a basis to exercise judgment for making controlled vocabulary decisions and to apply best practices in the maintaining of thesauri and controlled vocabulary.


Implementing the knowledge in the working environment will include:

  • monitoring of controlled vocabulary in UPSpace

  • streamlining the process of assigning controlled vocabulary

  • implementing search refinement options in UPSpace to search controlled vocabulary more effectively

  • establishing facets for some of the collections.

Another project incorporating controlled vocabulary is the development and implementation of a Google custom search engine for the South African National Veterinary Repository webpage. The refinement and indexing tools of the Google custom search will be used to manipulate the search engine to retrieve better results through the metadata and controlled vocabulary assigned to the metadata records of veterinary items in UPSpace. The test SANVR search engine can be access at


The workshop was an enriching experience in the sense of communicating and learning from and with people around the world about new trends and developments in the digital environment. I would like to thank Ms Ujala Satgoor and the Committee who granted the money from the Skills Development Fund for the wonderful opportunity to enroll in this workshop.


Contributed by Amelia Breytenbach


Maart boek van die maand / March book of the month


A life in transition© 2008 / Alex Boraine



Contributed by Katrien Malan


Alex Boraine's life is a fascinating story of fighting injustice and turning dreams into reality.  A child of the Great Depression, he rose from lowly beginnings in a working-class family to become head of the Methodist Church, and MP for the Progressive Federal party, and deputy chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

 This is an insider's account of a range of important institutions and events in South African history: the halls of parliament in the 1970s and 1980s, the controversial conference with the ANC in Dakar in 1987, and the hearings of the TRC in the mid-1990s.  Boraine gives insights into people he met along the way, including Harry Oppenheimer, Steve Biko, Van Zyl Slabbert, Thabo Mbeki and Desmond Tutu.  He also takes us beyond South Africa to some of the world's most turbulent trouble spots, from Serbia to Sierra Leone, Liberia to Sri Lanka.

Something about the author:

Alex Boraine was born in Cape Town in 1931.  After entering the ministry, he studied at Rhodes, Oxford and Drew University in the USA.  He was appointed youngest-ever President of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in 1970, worked as an employment practices consultant for Anglo American, and was elected to parliament as an MP for the Progressive Party in 1974. He resigned in 1986 and, together with Frederik van Zyl Slabbert, founded IDASA, which organised the 1987 meeting with ANC leaders in Dakar, Senegal.

Boraine was one of the main architects of the Truth And Reconciliation Commission, and served beside Desmond Tutu as its deputy chairperson from 1996 to 1998.  After teaching transitional justice at the New York University Law School, he became the founding president of the International Center for Transitional Justice, and has travelled to many contries that are in transition from dictatorship to democracy, at the invitation of governments and NGOs' to share the South African experience and to assist countries in their search for a democratic culture and sustainable peace


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