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November / Desember 2008 Uitgawe 1
November / December 2008 Issue 1
Millennium System training at the University of Venda: 8-12 September 2008
Library staff members from the University of Pretoria and Unisa were requested by GAELIC to train library staff members from the University of Venda (Univen) on the Millennium Library System.

Marietjie van der Westhuizen, Heleen Steyn, Henta Mulder, Sunette Steyn (Unisa) and Anette Lessing took the road of 460 km to Thohoyandou and was rewarded with the beauty of the scenic Vhembe district of the Limpopo Province.

Univen Library recently migrated from the Innopac character based system to the Millennium Web based interface. We offered hands-on training in 5 parallel sessions for the various modules. A total of 21 staff members were trained and they have participated with enthusiasm. We also received good feedback from the library management.

The trainers enjoyed their stay at the Venda Tusk Hotel and were grateful for this comfort as a full day’s training can be quite exhausting.

On our way we popped in at Christel Smith’s Roman Pizza in Makhado. She was overwhelmed with joy to see us and treated us with pizza, soft drinks and a tour of the kitchen.

Click HERE to view a short video of Univen Library.

Contributed by Anette Lessing

Education Innovation Commendation: a reason for celebration!

The Information Specialists from the Health Sciences Libraries and Bettie de Kock received a commentation from the Department of Education Innovation for the development of a new training programme for the first year medical and dental students. One of the key elements of the programme was the computer game, developed by Bettie, Maureen Brassel, Myleen Oosthuizen and Susan Scheepers. The computer game is a simulation of a person moving through a human body with the organs, vertebrae etc. clearly visible. This created the familiar atmosphere for the medical and dental students and they could relate to the experience. Several clues were hidden and the avatar had to get the clues in the correct order to complete the questions in the end. This was a new way to teach the catalogue to the students and they were extremely positive about this way of learning.

The theme of the training was “A journey through knowledge” and all the elements were planned as part of this journey. Bettie’s Passport, the CIL handbook Navigating Information Literacy and the handout “The MD Consult Boarding Pass” were some of the elements of the programme. Even the library tour fitted in with the idea.

Mike Volschenk, Susan Marsh, Estelle Grobler, Anneline van der Gryp and Magriet Lee developed 80 different examples (so that the students can not copy each other’s answers) and all the Information Specialists from the Health Sciences Libraries were responsible for presenting the programme. The library was very busy for the first week in July, with 80 students at a time visiting the library for training.

The response on the programme was very positive and although a few complained about the extensive programme, most of the students asked that we keep the programme as it is. The second part of the training took place in October, which was also evaluated by the students as a positive experience.

The commendation from the EI Department was the cherry on top of a very successful year.

Contributed by Magriet Lee

HERS-SA ACADEMY 2008 - UCT Graduate School of Business, Cape Town

HERS-SA is a managed network to improve the status of women in higher education in South Africa. It has grown from HERS Mid-America, which has been running professional development activities for women in higher education in the United States since 1975.

Ms Ujala Satgoor was selected by the University of Pretoria to participate in the HERS-SA ACADEMY in Cape Town from September 21-27. She joined seventy three senior women from thirty three universities in Africa and the United States who spent a week at the UCT Graduate School of Business in Cape Town focusing on higher education. The annual HERS-SA ACADEMY brings together women with leadership experience and those with leadership potential to participate in a dynamic, week-long professional development programme. “The HERS-SA ACADEMY aims to encourage women to aspire to and apply for the most senior positions in universities” said Dr Lesley Shackleton, Chair of the HERS-SA Board. “Currently women are in a depressing minority at leadership levels. We feel that it is important to address this in the pivotal higher education sector as this is where our leaders of tomorrow are being educated.”

The HERS-SA ACADEMY is modeled on the HERS America Summer Institute. Morning plenary sessions provide a “big-picture” understanding of the South African higher education environment and the academic and administrative challenges facing universities. A highlight of this year’s ACADEMY was the final “Top Jobs” session in which three women Deputy Vice Chancellors and one of our few women Vice Chancellors shared their personal stories. The range of topics included:
• The role of HESA. Dr Theuns Eloff, Chair: HESA
• The Strategic Management of Donor Relations. Shelagh Gastrow
• Research Leadership. Prof R Bharuthram, DVC:Research, UWC
• Building Academic Excellence. Prof Jan Botha, Director: Academic Planning &QA, US
• University Finance. The questions you should ask. Joyce Mashebela and Dr Engela van Staden, Director: Strategic Management Support, TUT
• Registrar as Leader. Dr Ingrid Miller, Registrar: UWC
• Successful University Staffing Strategies. Reena Budree, Executive Director: Human Resources & Equity, UKZN

During the afternoon the women were able to choose from a wide selection of workshops focused on individual career development. Some of these workshops addressed the topics of Conflict Management; Personal IT for busy women (how to use the latest gadgets such as PDAs, GPS, online shopping, etc); Building research capacity; The Dean as Academic Leader; Disciplinary Hearings; Sexual harassment: policies and processes; etc.

In addition to the formal sessions, informal networking enabled delegates to interact with and learn from colleagues in 18 South African universities, 9 universities from other parts of Africa and 6 institutions in the USA. Discussions were lively, and often noisy, but always stimulating.

The Academy is undoubtedly an intense environment that encourages networking, sharing and the exchange of ideas and experiences. The important realization for many is that “I am not alone in this journey to the top!” There are many women in higher education who are facing the same challenges and mindsets, hence the need for collegial support, mentoring and networking. There are greater opportunities for women today to pursue careers in higher education however the belief that she can do it needs to be strengthened. I would strongly recommend the attendance at the HER-SA Academy by colleagues who aim for senior careers in higher education.

Contributed by Ujala Satgoor


As part of the Faculty of Veterinary Science's centenary celebrations the Faculty co-hosted the Pan African Centenary Veterinary Conference at Onderstepoort, 6-9 October.

The Veterinary Science Library used the opportunity to feature its various collections in UPSpace in a display which ran for the duration of the conference.
Special posters were designed by Ria Groenewald to highlight the Open Access research articles in OpenUP, the Arnold Theiler Memorial Lectures collection in UPSpace, Christine Seegers biomedical illustrations in UPSpace, and slide material from various departments at the Faculty.
A powerpoint presentation designed by Antoinette Lourens ran throughout the conference, explaining the importance of digitising unique information sources.

The SA National Veterinary Repository was also highlighted as it contains much material of historical importance, especially covering the Theiler period.

Sir Arnold Theiler (1867 - 1936) was the official veterinarian of the ZAR when Paul Kruger was president of the Boer Republic. He gained worldwide recognition for his research on animal diseases of South Africa. He is also remarkable in that he started the Faculty of Veterinary Science in 1920, the only one in South Africa.

Dr Jotello Soga (1865- 1906) is significant as he was the first South African to qualify as a veterinarian (1886, University of Edinburgh). He is also known as a researcher (on medicinal uses of plants) so it is fitting that he should be remembered at special veterinary occasions as well. At the opening ceremony of the conference and at the Conference Banquet that evening both the Minister of Agriculture Lulu Xingwana and State President Mothlanthe made special mention of this first South African to qualify as a veterinarian and his important role in the field and in research.

The Library staff were thrilled to meet the direct descendants of both Sir Arnold Theiler and Dr Jotello Soga. In the photo taken at the library display can be seen in front from left to right: Mr Gallagher, Dr Emily Mogojane, Carole Gallagher (great granddaughter of Dr Soga), Elizabeth Theiler Martin (grand daughter of Sir Arnold) and her husband behind her, next to the Dean, Prof Gerry Swan and Erica van der Westhuizen.

It was a privilege to show them around the library and discuss the role their eminent forefathers played in the veterinary scene at the end of the 19th Century and beginning of the 20th C.

Theiler's granddaughter, Elizabeth Theiler Martin and her husband were most interested in viewing some of the photo albums showing Sir Arnold and Lady Emma on their world travels. Included were photos of Elizabeth's father, Max Theiler in his youth. Dr Max Theiler was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work on the yellow fever vaccine in 1951.

Contributed by Erica van der Westhuizen

Thinking Outside the Borders Library Leadership Institute: A Resounding Success

The much awaited Thinking Outside the Borders Library Leadership Institute was piloted at the University of Pretoria from 05-08 November 2008. The general feeling was that it was a resounding success. “New friendships were forged; intense discussions until the wee hours of the morning; sleep deprivation; general confusion amidst vague rules; laughter with and at each other; full and intense days; an unexpected programme; a privilege to have been included” – these are some of the comments shared by the participants during the course of the three days.

Thirty librarians from South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe arrived on Wednesday November 05 2008 full of trepidation and anticipation. From the time they registered on Wednesday at the Graduate Centre to their time of departure on Saturday, they followed a full programme that included a variety of learning formats and presentation styles. The group was able to interact with senior library practitioners who have emerged as library leaders nationally ad internationally. This list included Barbara Ford, Kay Raseroka, Susan Schnuer, Rachel More, Rene Schoombee, Karin Kitching, Buhle Mbambo-Thata, and our own Director, Robert Moropa.

Registration on Wednesday November 05 2008. From Left to right: Swets representatives Dirk Lens (Regional Director), Di Man and Philip De Kock. Delegates from KZN, Eastern Cape and Botswana. Take a note of the attractive centenary bag!

A novel way of relieving the stress and tension that built up in anticipation of the three days was to hold a drumming session. It had everybody paying close attention to the rhythm and timing (with many of us believing that we were in perfect rhythm, but alas!) What a lot of fun and sore palms at the end of the session!

Christelle and Refilwe at the Court entrance

Delegates stand in front of a 6m handcrafted beaded South African flag at the Constitutional Court.

A visit to the Constitutional Court was a poignant and thought provoking experience. The stark, harsh reality of the former prison serves as a constant reminder of the importance of the Constitution and the Constitutional Court in upholding human rights in South Africa.




Participants were exposed to a variety of presenters, topics and presentation styles. Each guest presenter, together with their unique style and experience, ensured that all sessions were relevant and well received. Presenters included members of our staff, Robert Moropa, Monica Hammes, Hilda Kriel, Lita Ferguson and Ujala Satgoor. External presenters were Barbara Ford, Rachel More, Kay Raseroka, Susan Schnuer, Rene Schoombee, Sean Moodley, Karin Kitching and Philip De Kock.

Group tasks and activities worked excellently to enable participants to make new friends and discover hidden talents amongst each other. The planned activities enabled one to introspect as well as engage in groups.

This Institute served to cement our ties with the University of Illinois through the Mortenson Center for
International Library Programs. Barbara Ford and Susan Schnuer, Director and Associate Director respectively, willingly shared their experiences, ideas and expertise with participants during the course of the programme. As originators of the Institute, they have entrusted the hosting of subsequent Institutes in our hands. What an excellent partnership!

I would like to acknowledge all who participated and contributed to making this an intense but stimulating and empowering experience.

Contributed by Ujala Satgoor
Peer reviewing exercise of the Stellenbosch University Library


In August Monica Hammes participated in a peer reviewing exercise of the Stellenbosch University Library. The leader of the panel was ms Anne Bell, library director of the University of Warwick Library


Back: Anne Bell, Ellen Tise, Elda Nolte, Marié Roux, Front: Reggie Raju, Monica Hammes

Contributed by Monica Hammes

November book of the month

Facsimile reproduction of the Gutenberg Bible 

Contributed by Katrien Malan

1455 Gutenberg Bible: The first book ever printed

Facsimile reproduction

"The first thing ever printed by the inventor of the printing press, was a Latin Bible printed in Germany in 1455. A magnificent work of art, these Bibles were hand-illuminated with many full-colour images and decorations.

One would think that the first book would have been very primitive and of poor quality, but this is not the case. Gutenberg's Bible was a stunningly beautiful work done in beautiful type style, and then hand-illuminated in a rainbow of colours, as well as liquid gold. Even the paper used was of the highest quality and bore unusual and artful watermarks."


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