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November / Desember 2008 Uitgawe 1
November / December 2008 Issue 1
BookJol marketing campaign received the MACE award

2008 is a year that saw several accolades being heaped upon the Library and its activities. The BookJol marketing campaign designed by Corporate Communication and Marketing (CC&M) received the MACE (Marketing, Advancement & Communication in Education) formerly the UNITECH Excellence Award as the first runner-up in the category of Campaigns Special Event in October 2008. This is awarded in recognition for outstanding performance among marketing practitioners in Higher and Further Education.
The bold, eye catching marketing media, which included posters, T-shirts, bookmarks, flyers, programmes, billboards, etc certainly caught the eyes of the judges who declared this an outstanding campaign.


Contributed by Ujala Satgoor

Virtual Campus Launch 3 October 2008
Department of Architecture’s contribution to the Centenary celebrations of the University of Pretoria, and we were privileged to host the occasion !
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the launch in one way or another.

Detail about the project…
Leon Pienaar as lecturer to the 3rd year Architecture students, was aware of a 3D model project competition launched on Google Earth, and created an opportunity for an assignment for the students to create virtual campus buildings and at the same time participate in the Google Earth project
Artlantis and SketchUp software were used, and by uploading the images and models onto UPSpace collections, a unique project was launched, portraying the synergy between the Library’s UPSpace team and the department of Architecture.
Editing the material prior for submission was done by Monika Läuferts, PhD student at the department of Architecture.
Ina Smith created the 51 Collections, and used the Campus Guide (which is in process as a Centenary project -thanks prof Schalk Claasen) to add the necessary information. Christelle Steyn created a beautiful web page :

Submitting the items was done by Monika, Christelle and myself. Marié Theron also contributed photos of the O.R. Tambo library to the Law Building collection. Leonè Muller reviewed the records, and Pieter van der Merwe added the metadata.
Additional material identified by Department of Architecture was scanned and uploaded by Henning van Aswegen from the Department to the Architecture Archive Collection and mapped.
Links was made on the introduction pages to other campus buildings, architects and the Faculty Libraries.

Christelle and Ina added the info to Wikipedia

Links to Google Earth was made, and Leon linked the models on Google Earth to UPSpace.

By using the SketchUP software (that could be downloaded from the web) virtual reality is created, zooming in on Google Earth !

What better way to conclude in the words of Prof Roger Fisher 2006 (Department of Architecture)
“What this demonstrates to me is that where traditionally each of the activities of the different academic groupings would have been siloed into their own way of doing, this project has created an opportunity for a synergy where the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts, including an enthusiasm in the students they will only discover in use and not in invention”

Contributed by Hettie Groenewald

Open Access Day celebrations, 14 October 2008
The first international Open Access Day was used as an opportunity to raise awareness for this very important movement. The Open Scholarship Office and library staff members distributed posters promoting Open Access in the main library and faculty libraries. Many prominent faculty members and researchers also participated by pledging their support to Open Access and their personal messages were displayed in a PowerPoint show which ran during the course of the week.

Students in brightly coloured Open Access T-shirts walked around in the library enlightening fellow-students on the advantages of the Open Access material and encouraging them to make use of the University of Pretoria’s Open Access repositories UPSpace and UPeTD.

All students need to know about Open Access. Dineo Tshosa telling students more about the Open Access initiatives at the University of Pretoria

Do you want to know more about Open Access? Read about it:

Endorsement of Open Access by deans and other research leaders sent a powerful message. Read their comments at

Contributed by Monica Hammes & Elsabé Olivier

Collaboration, sharing and learning through electronic mailing lists

Being a member of local, national and international mailing lists offer you the opportunity to not only receive, but also give back to the library and information community.

What is an electronic mailing list?
An electronic mailing list (sometimes written as elist or e-list) is a special usage of e-mail that allows for widespread distribution of information to many Internet users. It is similar to a traditional mailing list — a list of names and addresses — as might be kept by an organization for sending publications to its members or customers. Also referred to as a discussion list.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe to a mailing list?
Google the mailing list, and look out for “Subscribe to mailing list”. Follow the instructions for that specific mailing list.

How do I post an e-mail to a mailing list?
Simply enter the e-mail address for the mailing list in the “To” box of a newly created e-mail, and compile your e-mail as you would normally do. Some general rules apply when posting to a mailing list:

  • Mail to the group should be of broad interest to the group as a whole, and relevant to the theme of that mailing list.
  • Please be conscientious of the volume of mail posted. Send personal mail directly to the person concerned.
  • No flaming!  Any messages of complaint about another subscriber should be sent directly to that person or to the list administrator.
  • The writings and opinions posted to the mailing list are strictly the opinions of the writer and do not contain any endorsements or guarantees of any kind, unless otherwise noted.
  • Postings that could be construed as defamatory, libellous, or offensive to individuals, organizations, or institutions should not be posted to a list.
  • Membership on the list constitutes an undertaking to abide by the ground rules and to be considerate of other members when posting mail to the list.

How do I create my own mailing list?
You can create a mailing list in many ways:

  • In Facebook – use “Groups”
  • Through Google Groups
  • Register a UP mailing list: Create a new login at , and then click on “Create List”

National mailing lists

Institutional repositories

SA Online User Group

Special Libraries & Info Services Group

Sabinet News

Library & Information Association of SA

Law librarians

International mailing lists

Web-related issues for librarians

IFLANET mailing lists

Local mailing lists

University of Pretoria Mailing Lists

Dept of Library Services Mailing Lists

The above are just a few examples. Of course there are many more, relevant to very specific areas of interest.

Contributed by Ina Smith

Fatima Darries introduces herself


I am taking up the invitation extended to new staff members at UP AIS to introduce myself to you by way of this newsletter. I joined the staff of UP Library Services at the beginning of November. I am new to UP and to living in Pretoria, having lived in Cape Town, surrounded by four higher education institutions, all my life.

I studied at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and completed all my degrees there, including my masters degree in 2002.
I started working in 1993 and worked on contract at UCT in the cataloguing department and at ATICC (AIDS, Training, Information and Counselling Centre) in Cape Town. I started working at Cape Technikon, as it was then called, in 1995 on contract, also in the cataloguing department.

The following year I started working after hours as an information librarian. This was my first permanent post. For several months during that year, 1996, I worked three jobs! I worked at ATICC in the morning, at the cataloging department at Cape Technikon the afternoon, finishing off the contract, and in the evening on the user services end of things at Cape Technikon.

I became a member of LIASA in 1998, the year that the Western Cape Branch started up. After I had completed my masters in 2002, I served as Branch secretary. It was only when I served on the branch that I became aware of the issues in public and school libraries. It was here that I gained a broader perspective on LIS in SA. But I also saw a lack of a regional forum for higher education librarians and so started up activities in the Western Cape under the LIASA HELIG (Higher Education Libraries Interest Group) banner, which we named WCHELIG, pronounced wi-tjêliek. For a very long while, the Western Cape was the only active HELIG branch. Inspired by the success of the strategies and plans of WCHELIG, KZN, Free State and Gauteng South branches are to start up activities during the 2008-2010 term of office. I am proud of this particular legacy. Not only is WCHELIG continuing successfully, the current national convenor of WCHELIG, Ntabiseng Kotsokoane, succeeded me as WCHELIG chair. So WCHELIG also produced the national leader. The other branches starting up, is a lovely cherry on top.

It is difficult to decide of what I am proudest of, this legacy or winning the first LIASA SABINET Online Librarian of the year award in 2006.

Most recently, I completed my term of office as chair of the Western Cape, and chair of the Local Organising Committee of the 10th Annual LIASA Conference to mid August 2008.

I acted as Senior Librarian of User services – which at the time was at deputy director level at the Cape Technikon – during the pre-merger phase of Cape Technikon and Peninsual Technikon, during 2003 to end 2004. When I left CPUT in October this year, one of the staff who indirectly reported to me during that time, thanked me for taking them through the merger. I was deeply humbled by this acknowledgement.

Currently, I am the African region and South African editor of E-LIS, a subject repository for LIS. More about this at
Some of my cyber places: and

I am very pleased now to be at the University of Pretoria, a research led and driven institution, and an academic library that is leading the sector. I look forward to leading the EMS faculty library team, and meeting and working with all of you in the process.

Contributed by Fatima Darries

December book of the month

Craft South Africa © 2002/Susan Sellschop, Wendy Goldblatt, Doreen Hemp 


Contributed by Katrien Malan

Craft South Africa in an African context there is really no distinction between "craft" and "art".

Craft South Africa is a visual celebration of South Africa's extraordinary wealth of handmade objects and the people who craft them. From elegant traditional water-storage pots made in rural areas to sophisticated silver jewellery fashioned in urban studios, from headdresses that have adorned Zulu maidens for over a century to contemporary tapestries that explore new materials such as safety pins, the tradition of inspired craft remains a vital expression of the communal nature of South African society.

The authors, all experts in the field of South African craft, develop three themes:

Traditional looks at objects created in ways that have remained unchanged for decades. Many of these objects, originally used for practical everyday activities, now have pride of place in homes from Johannesburg to New York.

Transitional explores craft objects that have their roots in traditional methods of materials but have been adapted to incorporate new materials and techniques - for instance telephone wire baskets that combine traditional basket-making technique with a new material to create highly sought-after decor objects.

Contemporary celebrates the creation, using both old and new materials, of contemporary designer ware and one-of-a-kind craft objects.

Craft South Africa is a fascinating tale of the intuitive creativity of craftspeople in a country of widely diverse people, all contributing their knowledge, skill and, frequently, their humour and whimsy to a pool of crafts that is unique to South Africa


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