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Visit to Australia by Marguerite Nel and Tertia Coetsee - September 2009


Tertia Coetsee and Marguerite Nel from the Jotello F. Soga Library attended the 10th International Congress on Medical Librarianship and the 6th International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists (6ICAHIS) from 31 August to 5 September 2009 in Brisbane Australia.  They were funded by the Library Services Conference funds as well as the self-generated funds of the Jotello F. Soga Library.  They were awarded a scholarship from the ICML organisers which further helped to cover their costs. Erica van der Westhuizen also attended the veterinary librarians’ conference, 6ICAHIS, and she funded herself.


This Congress is held every four or five years giving the health library sector an opportunity to come together to address major issues confronting the profession.


The 6th International Conference of Animal Health Information Specialists (ICAHIS) was held with the ICML. This was the second time the ICAHIS Conference was held in association with the ICML. Following on from the 5th Conference held in South Africa in July 2005, which was hosted by us, it was a great opportunity meeting again other librarians specialising in animal health from around the world to discuss a range of issues relevant to our profession.


Five hundred delegates from over 43 countries attended the 2009 ICML conference in Brisbane. The keynote speakers were outstanding and of a very high quality. To give you an idea, we want to mention some of the outstanding papers:


Jeffery Drazen is the Editor in Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. He discussed the importance of communicating research findings, specifically referring to a research project to develop a new medicine which was supposed to lower cholesterol.


Prof Ian Frazer is the Director of Diamantina Institute for Cancer, Immunology and Metabolic Medicine, University of Queensland. He discussed the important role of libraries to preserve knowledge and research for the future.


Another interesting and entertaining presenter was Prof John Pearns, who looked at reasons why some publications become best sellers and others not.


The scientific programme consisted of 6 concurrent sessions each day. One of these sessions was devoted to the ICAHIS conference. There was also an exhibition of posters in the exhibition area.


A paper titled Information services and products for Phytomedicine and Ethno-veterinary medicine: supporting new research niche areas in Africa, was delivered at the ICAHIS session by Tertia and Marguerite. Marguerite also presented another paper, An Investigation into the Information Behaviour of Veterinary Practitioners in South Africa at the same conference.  Erica presented a paper, African indigenous knowledge: dissemination of IK related information in the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute Library and the Jotello F. Soga Library, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria, which she prepared in collaboration with David Swanepoel, from the Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute Library. All these papers are held in a collection in the UQ eSpace repository. The URL is: It will soon also be available on our own repository, UPSpace.


During the closing ceremony, a brief overview was given on the whole conference and everybody agreed this was one of the best organised ICML conferences ever.


Library visits




The tour to the University of Queensland libraries focused mainly on the physical

facilities. We were impressed with the “State of the Art” facilities and resources

which include amongst others a garden, spaces for multiple learning styles and

access to information technologies.


Open spaces with large areas for study and collaboration, study cubicles in quiet areas as well as a variety of seminar rooms are available with modern, hi tech furniture and facilities to facilitate study and research. Wireless network access is available for all enrolled students.  Special areas and facilities are allocated to post graduate students.




The Badham library serves the Veterinary faculty of the University of Sydney. Here facilities were less impressive than at the Queensland library. They deliver more or less the same services as our Jotello F Soga library, which also serves the Veterinary faculty. The team leader of this library, Karen Black and her team also showed us their electronic products. They focus a lot on developing student’s research and information skills. There is also an increased interest in digital repositories and preservation of the knowledge products of the university as well as the community. They outsource much of the digitization process. Our overall impression was that our digital repository is more developed at this stage.


Australia is a first world country, but the University of Pretoria, although in a totally different environment, competes at the same level. When looking at their services and products, we actually felt proud of what we are able to achieve with less money and resources.


We learned a lot from the conference as well as all the visits to other university libraries. We built new contacts through networking with professionals from all over the world, caught up with old

friends, shared ideas and laughed and discussed similar situations and obstacles. But at the end, we felt proud to be South Africans – to be connected to the University of Pretoria Libraries and to know that we are part of a world - leading institution.


Thank you for the opportunity to represent the University of Pretoria Library at a significant international event.


[More photos can be viewed at]


Contributed by Marguerite Nel


A hugely successful Open Access Day celebration 21 October 2009!


The Open Scholarship Office took part in the global Open Access awareness-raising campaign and celebrated Open Access day the 21 October. A very successful event was planned with the cooperation of the Department of Research and Innovation Support and the Conference Hall 100 was brimming with interested researchers to listen to Prof Pierre de Villiers, editor of South African Family Practice and CEO of Open Journals Publishing who unveiled the secrets of Open Access journals in his presentation: “Open Access journals demystified” ( Three Open Access editors shared their experiences of Open access publishing: prof Yolanda Dreyer of HTS Teologiese Studies / Theological Studies (, Prof Gert Roodt, of Journal of Industrial Psychology ( and Prof Dirk Human of Verbum et Ecclesia. An Open Access presentation “Unzip your research” ( was also displayed on the plasma screens of all the faculty libraries and at the Hatfield campus.


Probably the most exciting news of the day was the launching of AOAJSA - the list of open access journals accredited by the South African Department of Education which qualify for funding, complied by Monica Hammes and Marie Swanepoel. This news was widely published (LIASA, Sabinews, ir-hub and even the Open access web site and welcomed by researchers and other library staff. We were even contacted by various journal editord to discuss the possibility of getting included in this list!


Some of the positive comments were:


This is a great resource and, judging from the questions at a talk I gave at UWC, a very necessary one. I'll blog it later today.” – Eve Gray (Independent publishing consultancy, based in Cape Town)


“You have done it again....put SA on the OA map - congratulations! – Dale Peters (Scientific Technical Manager DRIVER II, State and University Library of Goettingen)


“Net 'n kort nota om jou en jou span geluk te wens met die vordering wat julle maak tov Open Access.  Dit is werklik indrukwekkend! Mooi so en doen so voort!” – Martie van Deventer (Portfolio Manager, CSIR Information Services)


“Thanks UP for sharing the list with us. It will be very helpful when advocating open access publishing (gold route) on our campuses amongst our researchers.” – Ina Smith (newly appointed Digital Librarian, Stellenbosch University)


During Open Access week openUP brochures and newly developed Quick guides were circulated amongst all academic departments due to the diligence of the Open Access team: Fatima Darries, Hettie Groenewald, Elsa Coertze, Susan Marsh, Clarisse Venter and Anneline van der Gryp. Connie Lepota, Joy Wilson, Karabo Rampete, Mabel Mashifane and Mari Geyser paraded in Open Access T-shirts and others took part in the Open Access slogan competition. There were 4 finalists:


Level 5 : “Jack and Jill went up the hill to publish a pile of words, It used to be a long way to go, but open access provides an easy flow, for everyone to go.”


Marié Theron: “I am words tied in chains, visiting rights only provided by my publisher, I am an article, Listen to my plea I have so much to share, Please - be the judgment OPEN ACCESS for life, I am an article, my words ready to be released to all humankind, I am an article.”


Sindy Hlabangwane: “Open Access widens the global circles of those who can participate in knowledge sharing and benefit from it.”


And finally the winner Erica van der Westhuizen: “Local is lekker, but Worldwide is better- Open Access will take your Research there!”


Thanks to everybody who supported this event and who took part and secured its success!



                                               Prof Gert Roodt                                                                                                      Prof Pierre de Villiers


                                    Prof Yolanda Dreyer                                                Launching of the Verbum et Ecclesia as an Open Access Journal


Contributed by Elsabé Olivier




The theme of the conference was: Library and Information Services on the move


There comes a time in an information worker’s career when conference attendance becomes a reality through external grants such as the DAC grant and internal conference funding being made available to staff. This year four of us travelled together to attend the 11th Annual LIASA Conference in Bloemfontein – what an experience! It was so interesting to network and swap business cards with peers from other institutions. Unlike previous years I was given the opportunity to attend the Pre- conference workshop FAIFE: “Copyright, Copyleft and everything in between: a digital solution” - what an eye-opening experience.  I never get enough about copyright issues therefore I urge each one of you working directly with clients to attend these kinds of workshops. The presentations made by delegates were remarkable, relevant, and very informative.


Various speakers and experts have been invited to address issues involving our profession and sharing their expertise with us. While I cannot share everything I have learned in different sessions at the conference, the following paper was delivered by Barbara Lison from Free Hanseatic City of Bremen North Germany “Changing Societies need Innovative libraries”. As she said “we live in a rapid changing world which is not only caused by the globalization of science and economy”. With the success of internet technology the transformation of traditional societies has reached the high speed development which has not been unknown before. How do we change as librarians to be innovative? As librarians or information workers we need to remain relevant and continue to add value to our services by providing solutions to the needs of our coming generation. The following can be improved to render a good service: self empowerment, eagerness to learn, willingness to try unusual things, We should improve our professional engagement skills, imagination, open mindedness, internal benchmarking is necessary, inclusion in discussions, and training. Networking with our colleagues in our different faculty libraries is a start that may help to further our education. Better salary and/or promotion should act as a motivator for better delivery.


There are several challenges in our profession but we have to do something and fight the battles of ignorance. Our challenge is that we need to move forward, we need to remain at our institutions and continue to add value to our service by providing innovative learning methods for our coming generation. At a professional level, the opportunity of attending conference is that I was able to refine my research topic for my Masters degree next year.


I am throwing a challenge to all of you, colleagues, are you or is your library innovative? Are you on the move?  A changing society needs innovative libraries and librarians. How can we be good librarians? Join the library and information association and be involved. The future belongs to us.


      We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to: Department of Library Services and Department of Arts and Culture for their continuous support for creating this opportunity for staff to attend firstly national conferences so that it broadens our horizons and helps to create strong network links amongst information workers from different types of libraries.


     Contributed by Sindy Magdeline Hlabangwane



The LIASA 11th Annual Conference with the theme “LIASA on the move” was held in Bloemfontein from 28th September to 2nd October 2009. The conference targeted Librarians from different types of libraries. The University of Pretoria was represented by Robert MOROPA, Ujala SATGOOR, Fatima DARRIES, Sindy HLABANGWANE, David MAHLANGU and Prescilla REETSENG. Four of UP’s delegates’ registration were paid for by the Department of Arts and Culture’s grant.


Different pre-conference-workshop sessions and CICD training sessions were held on 2009/09/28. The Presentation skills workshop was presented by Kwelanga Training. The objective of the workshop was to share the necessary tips when one is preparing for an interview, meeting, coaching session etc. The lecturer clarified the ten steps to a perfect presentation i.e. Make sure you are clear, Define a clear, concise objective that meets time constraints and the needs of your audience, Brainstorm and mind-map your ideas to formulate the structure of the body of your presentation, Plan and write the conclusion, Research and write the body, Plan and write the introduction, Time your presentation, Practice your presentation, using Visual aids and confident questions and answer session skills. Lesson learned “It takes practice to get it right and it is important to remember that all Good presenters were once very bad presenters”.


The ILL Interest Group also held its Pre-Conference Workshop attended by 18 delegates. Various topics were discussed during the workshop; David really enjoyed the topic on “Common errors in ILL services and how to avoid them”. In his opinion the workshop was very beneficial as half of the delegates were newly appointed ILL staff members, and the workshop was geared to inform them of new developments. With his experience and sound knowledge of ILL, He had an opportunity to share his expertise with fellow delegates.


We started the conference on the 29th with a meeting for DAC grantees; Naomi HAASBROEK thanked DAC for sponsoring the 81 grantees with a R3500 registration fee. The LIASA President (Rachel MORE) declared the conference and exhibitions officially open.


On the 30th September all interest groups met in parallel sessions to receive annual feedback, to celebrate achievements and to plan for the future. The IGBIS (Interest group for Bibliographic Standards) sent out a plea to all Cataloguers to join IGBIS and to register their training needs with Santi STEYN at LIASA has set aside R133.600.00 for training of Cataloguers, delegates will only pay R100.00 for registration. The speaker emphasised that IGBIS only presents cataloguing training sessions on request, so, it all depends on Cataloguers to identify relevant training needs “Kgomo go tsoshwa ye e tsoshang”. The speaker invited members to subscribe to groups via to enlist their details on and to read IGBIS-In-Touch newsletter as important information is communicated via the newsletter.


The 2nd ILL workshop was also held on the 30th September. The annual feedback report was given and this was followed by the topic on “Impact of Open Access on ILL”. During this lecture it was evident that most ILL staff members were clueless about open access and do not even know its impact on both Universities & researchers, and  more importantly how it impact on their  work. Due to time constraints, it was suggested that follow up training on Open Access be arranged for next year. Julia PARIS from UJ gave a presentation on “Interlending Bootcamp”, she emphasized the need for delegates to be positive and create a friendly working environment in their libraries, and also to improve the image of library by being professional at all times. We had a social cocktail in the afternoon.


On the 1st October, experienced Information professionals shared their success stories and put across some future challenges for libraries and librarians. They recommended that for libraries to strive library managers should reconsider changing the rules that govern libraries to accommodate the future and present needs of their client e.g. how does a librarian deliver information service that will reach clients fast via mobile phones if the client is not allowed to use their phones in the library. How does a librarian communicate to clients via tools such as facebook if the clients are not allowed to use facebook. Libraries should be more visible and accessible, there should be clearly marked signages directing clients to the library. Libraries should serve as tourist places for clients, a place where they can meet and share ideas and discover the friendly and welcoming service. Libraries should provide information in the medium preferred by their clients.


We were privileged to attend the Gala Dinner still on the 1st October, At this event the winners of the Librarian of the year 2009 award were announced, The winner Ms Busi DlAMINI (Gauteng South) was awarded R30 000 donated by UKS, the runner-up Nohra MOERAT (Western Cape) received R20 000 donated by EBSCO and the third winner Rasby RAMUGONDO (Bloemfontein) was awarded R10 000 donated by SABINET. Dora ARKERMAN, chair of Local Organising Committee shared her success stories and challenges she faced while organising the conference. Dora was the winner for Librarian of the year 2008 award. She congratulated the 2009 winner Busi DLAMINI and thanked LIASA for the support she got whilst touring the world. The president also congratulated Ellen TISE on her appointment as the president of IFLA.


On the last day of the conference we had an annual LIASA general meeting, where motions were deliberated, LIASA as the voice of the profession is responsible for investigating unfair appointments into positions, no members will be allowed to be just members of interest groups without being members of LIASA, The membership fee has been increased to R350.00 per annum. The LIASA President challenged members to raise R1 000 000.00 towards the building of the organisation and please donations are welcome.


For our David MAHLANGU attending this conference was “a dream come” true, this was the first LIASA conference he had ever attended in 8 years of his career as a Librarian.


We would like to invite all the Librarians and Library support staff to support LIASA (The voice of the LIS profession) by joining or renewing their members. The early bird membership fee for 2010 is R275.00. LIASA provides us with the opportunity to meet faces of colleagues across the world and discuss professional issues, learn and grow within the profession and to build external relationships and strong networks with fellow LIS professionals.


We would like to thank the Management of UP Library, LIASA & Dept of Arts & Culture for the wonderful opportunity afforded to us to attend the conference. We are looking forward to the 12th Annual LIASA conference to be held from 27th September to 01 October 2010 at St. George’s hotel. Gauteng North is hosting the conference so please let us join forces and make LIASA proud. For more information about the conference and papers delivered please visit


Contributed by Robert, Ujala, Fatima, David & Prescilla (Proudly LIASA Members, we are on the move).


Compiled by Prescilla REETSENG


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