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        Oktober 2009 Uitgawe 1 • October 2009 Issue 1  


On 25 September 2009 Mr Robert Moropa was pleased to inform the staff members that the UP Department of Library Services had, with effect from 01 August 2009, become a member of the Research Library Consortium (RLC). The RLC is made up of the following academic libraries:

  1. Rhodes University (RU)

  2. Stellenbosch University (SU)

  3. University of Cape Town (UCT)

  4. University of Kwa-Zulu Natal (UKZN)

  5. University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) and

  6. University of Pretoria (UP)

Members of the RLC are beneficiaries of a Carnegie Corporation of New York (CCNY) grant of US$2.5 million for a project that will run from 1 August 2009 to 31 July 2012 (Phase 2).  (Phase 1 of this project started on 1 August 2006 and ended on 31 July 2009.  During the first phase, RLC comprised UCT, UKZN and Wits Libraries). 


The current project (i.e.: Phase 2) aims to build on and expand the success of the Phase I of the Research Libraries Consortium’s three-pronged model for enhancing research support in South Africa. This phase now includes the Libraries at UP, SU ad RU.


The key objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. Creation of Research Commons: to create a dedicated space for post-graduates and researchers, called "Research Commons" in each of the RLC member libraries. 

  2. Development of Library Skills to Support Research: to strengthen and upgrade the skills of the Information Specialists with a view to enabling them to provide top class services to researchers efficiently and effectively.  To this end 14 carefully selected Information Specialists from the UP Library Services will take part in three intensive 12-day residential Library Academies to be held in South Africa.  Five Information Specialists,  selected from  the 14 alumni of the Academies will spend six weeks in major US research libraries during 2010 and 2011. 

  3. Implementation of the Research Portal: To instal PRIMO discovery software, SFX, Metalib and other related software in the libraries of the RLC.  This is a research portal that will enhance the capacity to manage electronic journals, linking directly to full text, and searching across multiple databases, and

In addition to the above,

Upgrading of Leadership and Management skills of second level executive managers: In 2012 a 12-day Executive Development seminar will be held for relevant staff members selected from the RLC member libraries.  The aim of this seminar will be to strengthen succession planning at executive level within the RLC libraries.

Ms Joan Rapp (Executive Director of Libraries, UCT) is the Project Director of this project, and Ms Pat Busby is the Project Manager.  This project will be run and managed by the Project Committee comprising Ms Rapp (Project Director) and the Library Directors of the UKZN, UP, RU, SU, Wits and Ms Busby (the Project Manager). An Advisory Board, made up of a Deputy Vice-Chancellor from each of the six member universities, their Library Directors, the Project Manager (ex officio), and an international expert, Mr. Arnold Hirshon, will exercise oversight over the implementation of the project and project expenditure in an advisory capacity.


This was indeed great news. This project will benefit all of us - directly and indirectly - as well as UP as a whole. 


Contributed by Robert Moropa


Openbare lesing en fotografiese uitstalling deur Roger Ballen / Lecture and photographic exhibition by Roger Ballen -

22 September 2009


'n Openbare lesing is gelewer deur die bekende fotograaf Roger Ballen oor sy onlangse boek, Boarding House in die Musaion, Universiteit van Pretoria, Hatfieldkampus.  Die lesing is bygewoon deur plus minus 250 mense onder andere fotografiese entoesiaste, dosente en studente van verskeie fotografiese kolleges.


Roger Ballen, wat in New York in 1950 gebore is, lewe en werk al meer as 30 jaar in Johannesburg. Ballen het as geoloog en mynkonsultant gewerk voordat hy sy loopbaan as fotograaf begin het deur klein dorpies in landelike Suid-Afrika en hul geïsoleerde inwoners te dokumenteer.


Ballen het verskeie fotografiese toekennings ontvang en het al wêreldwyd uitgestal. Sy foto’s word by versamelings van die Museum of Modern Art, New York; die Centre Georges Pompidou, Parys; die Victoria and Albert Museum, Londen en die Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam ingesluit.


Die fokus van Roger Ballen se fotografiese werk was vyf jaar lank op ’n vreemde en bekorende plek naby Johannesburg wat hy "Boarding House" noem. "Hierdie foto’s is soos beelde van ’n dagdroom, meesleurend en diepsinnig, formeel gesofistikeerd en gevul met lae ryk detail, flitse donker humor en ’n veranderde sin van plek. Met die uitwissing van die grense tussen dokumentêre fotografie en kuns in sy werk is dit beide ’n kragtige openbare stelling en ’n komplekse sielkundige studie." Boarding House.


Die fotografiese uitstalling is geopen in die Merensky II Biblioteek op  21 September en sal aanhou tot 31 Oktober 2009.  Roger Ballen het die uitstalling op  21 September 2009 besoek en was geweldig beïndruk met die uitleg van die uitstalling en die belangstelling.


Die uitstalling was 'n gesamentlike inisiatief van die UP se Departement Biblioteekdienste, Departement van Korporatiewe Kommunikasie en Bemarking en Bookma®k.



          The exhibition in the Merensky II Library                                  Roger Ballen and Mr Robert Moropa                    Back from left:  Una Mgwenya, Roger's Assistant,

                                                                                                                                                                                               Hilda Kriel, Rassie Erasmus (Bookma®k).

                                                                                                                                                                                                  Monica Hammes and Ujala Satgoor 

                                                                                                                                                                                       Front from left:  Robert Moropa and Roger Ballen


A public lecture by well-known photographer, Roger Ballen on his latest book: Boarding House took place in the Musaion, University of Pretoria, Hatfield campus. It was attended by approximately 250 people which included photography enthusiasts and students and lectures from several photographic colleges.


Roger Ballen, born in New York in 1950, has lived and worked in Johannesburg for more than 30 years. Ballen worked as a geologist and mining consultant before starting his career as a photographer by documenting the small villages of rural South Africa and their isolated inhabitants


Ballen has received numerous photographic awards and has exhibited world wide. His photographs are included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York; the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris; the Victoria and Albert Museum, London and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.


For five years, the focus of Roger Ballen’s photographic work has been a strange and alluring place near Johannesburg he calls the Boarding House. "These photographs are like images from a waking dream, compelling and thought-provoking, formally sophisticated and filled with layers of rich detail, flashes of dark humour, and an altered sense of place. Blurring the boundaries between documentary photography and art, his work is both a powerful social statement and a complex psychological study." Boarding House.


The photographic exhibition at the Merensky II Library was opened on 21 September and will run until  31 October 2009.  Roger Ballen visited the exhibition on 21 September 2009 and was extremely pleased with the layout of the exhibition and response to it. 


This was a collaborative initiative between UP's  Department of Library Services,  Department of Corporate  Communications and Marketing and Bookma®k.





The Faculty of Veterinary Science invited the 1996 winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine, Prof Peter Doherty to deliver the Sir Arnold Theiler Memorial Lecture on Faculty Day 27 August this year.


It was a fascinating lecture with some great visual material.  We have a copy of his book, The Beginner’s Guide to winning the Nobel Prize in our library and it now has his signature.


He also kindly gave permission for us to place his lecture in UPSpace in the Theiler Memorial Lectures Collection. The title of his lecture was: Adventures in infection and immunity. This was Science at its most entertaining!


This was my last Faculty Day. I would like to thank my colleagues for once again showing the Faculty and visitors what the Dept of Library Services undertakes to keep their clients’ information and research needs their top priority. The digitised collections in UPSpace are a valuable contribution to the preservation and accessibility of unique research material for the veterinary and animal health community worldwide.



           Amelia Breytenbach sharing information with two students                            From left:  Amelia Breytenbach, Marguerite Nel, Ria Groenewald and Tertia Coetsee


Contributed by Erica van der Westhuizen

Jotello F. Soga Lilbrary



Die Fakulteit Veeartsenykunde het op 27 Augustus 2009, hulle Fakulteitsdag gehad.  Ek was (danksy Erica) weer betrokke by die Jotello F. Soga-biblioteek se uitstalling.


Hierdie jaar het ons die South African National Veterinary Repository bemark ( Die pamflet wat ons saamgestel het uit die pakhuis materiaal was beskikbaar, tesame met ‘n oorsigtelike Power Point aanbieding wat Amelia saamgestel het vir die doel.


Die dekaan het gevoel dat die studente betrek moet word by die dag se verrigtinge en die biblioteek uitstalling was besoek deur heelwat studente, personeel, gaste van die Fakulteit en uitstallers.


Die studente se belangstelling, veral wat die skyfie-projekte aanbetref was baie opvallend.  Hulle wou ook feitlik sonder uitsondering weet of hulle toegang tot die inligting sal kan kry na hulle afgestudeer het – waarop ons natuurlik ‘n groot JA kon antwoord.


‘n Opvallende eerste was die dosente wat hulle gaste gebring het om na hulle materiaal op die pakhuis te kom kyk!  Dit is natuurlik ‘n baie goeie teken, alhoewel die uitstalling nie op een spesifieke projek gekonsentreer het nie.


Dankie VET-span vir die geleentheid om digitisering en die pakhuis van die South African National Veterinary Repository (SANVR) ook op hierdie wyse te kon bemark.



Contributed Ria Groenewald


Celebrating Open Access week - 19-23 October 2009

As you all know the world will be celebrating open access during the week of 19-23 October. To get into the spirit of the celebrations we invite you to take part in a competition for library staff only.

Please voice your support for open access in any of the following ways, any of our 3 languages: 

  • a short paragraph (max 4 sentences)

  • a short poem, limirick, rhyme, haiku

  • a short video (max 2 minutes)

Information and inspiration can be found on the following web sites:

Slideshow (Michigan University):

The winner will receive a R200 book voucher and the winning entry (with the winners name and photograph) will become part of the Library's Open Access show.

Closing date: Wednesday 14 October 2009

Please send entries to either Fatima ( or Monica (


Have fun!


Elsabe, Fatima and Monica



Soos julle weet vier die wêreld oop toegang gedurende die week van 19-23 Oktober. Om in die regte stemming daarvoor te kom, nooi ons julle uit om deel te neem aan 'n kompetisie vir biblioteekpersoneel.


Beskryf jou steun vir oop toegang op enige van die volgende maniere, in enige van ons 3 tale: 

  • 'n kort paragraf (maks 4 sinne)

  • 'n kort gediggie, rympie, limiriek, haiku

  • 'n kort video (maks 2 minute)

Inligting en inspirasie is beskikbaar by die volgende webwerwe:



Die wenner sal 'n koopbewys vir 'n boekwinkel ter waarde van R200 ontvang en die wenitem (met die wenner se naam en foto) sal deel wees van die biblioteek se Oop Toegang skyfievertoning.


Sluitingsdatum: Woensdag 14 Oktober 2009.


Stuur inskrywings asseblief aan Fatima ( of Monica (


Laat waai!


Elsabe, Fatima en Monica


Library equipment for students with disabilities


The designated lab on the 4th floor of the library houses equipment intended to serve students with visual and cognitive or learning disabilities.


Students with visual disabilities such as low vision or blindness are unable to read and write in the conventional manner and must therefore make use of specialised computer software. Students with cognitive and learning disabilities are able to perform better with regards to reading and writing but are also able to improve with the use of computer software designed to facilitate the reading and learning process.


For students with low vision the lab is equipped with Zoomtext : a software package that enlarges the text and where it is required, also reads out loud the material on a computer. Zoomtext can be adjusted for each individual student, magnification levels can be increased or decreased and colours can be manipulated to suit the particular visual impairment.


For blind students the lab is equipped with JAWS (Job Access With Speech). As the name implies, this program is used to convert text on menus, folders, applications and documents into recognisable speech. All text is read aloud to the user of  the computer. JAWS brings blind students into contact with reading material which would otherwise be inaccessible to them. .


For students with cognitive and learning disabilities the lab is equipped with WYNN learning systems. WYNN is a program utilising a dual contact method for reading material. Colours are used with great effect to focus the user on written words and a speech synthesiser can be used to help with the pronunciation of unfamiliar words. The WYNN program is also effective for use by students suffering from ADHD or Dyslexia as it facilitates the reading process and helps the student to make effective summaries.


In order to make reading material available on the computers equipped with the above mentioned software packages, the lab also houses a scanner and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software that enables a person to scan documents such as articles or books and convert the material to a recognisable format on the computer. This OCR software, known as Open Book, has proven very useful and when used in conjunction with the other programs mentioned earlier, lends a lot of autonomy to students who would otherwise need constant help from their peers to overcome the obstacle of getting reading material that is accessible to them.


The lab currently has 4 computers: 1 with Zoomtext, 2 with JAWS and Open Book which are connected to a scanner, and 1 with WYNN only.


Contributed by: Wilna Marais, Tebogo Mogakane and Juan Erwee


Library services for visual impaired students and students with learning disabilities


The information specialist, responsible for the relevant Department is the first point of contact for any library related enquiries.


1.  Textbooks and e-books


1.  The client has to provide the information specialist with the information on the text book needed.


2.  The information specialist sends the request (including the contact details of the client) to Mrs W Marais ( / 012 4204803).


3. Mrs Marais contacts the client to establish in which format the information is needed and refers him / her to the Unit for Students with Specific Needs for access to the necessary facilities.


4. If the information is not available in the required electronic format, the publisher is contacted for an electronic copy of the information in a usable format. If the electronic format is not available, the publisher will be approached for permission to scan the book / article to make it available electronically.


5. The client and information specialist will be kept informed during this process and the client will be notified as soon as the information is available.


6. If the information has to be brailed, Mrs Marais will contact the Unit for Students with Specific Needs.  The Unit will notify the client as soon as the brailed information is available.



2.  Journals


1. The client has to provide the information specialist with the research topic and relevant keywords.


2. The information specialist will search on different databases on behalf of the client.


3. A list of references and abstracts on the topic and relevant keywords will be sent to the client.


4. The client then has to select relevant articles with the help of a departmental assistant/lecturer  and arrange with him / her to download the information .


5.  If the full text is not available electronically, the assistant/lecturer must request it on interlibrary loan on behalf of the client.


6. When the article is available only in paper format, the client must arrange with the assistant/lecturer for photocopies to be made in the library. The Unit for Students with Specific Needs can then be contacted to change the information into the required format.


Contributed by: Wilna Marais


Digitisation Office scan original artwork painted during 1687-1770 for UNISA Library


"The Digitisation Office was contracted to scan original artwork painted during 1687-1770, for SANBI. Printed copies of the images were displayed during the Unisa Library celebration of its two millionth book, entitled The Highgrove Florilegium: Watercolours Depicting Plants Grown in the garden at High grove on the 23rd of September 2009.


Elliot was responsible for the scanning with the Suprascan DigiBook scanner - a job well done!"





Contributed by:  Ria Groenewald


Leonard Daniels and Kenny Moremi attended  a DSpace Technical Workshop and a LIASA Pre-Conference


Leonard Daniels and Kenny Moremi attended a week-long Dspace Technical Workshop at Stellenbosch University from 7-11 September 2009 in Cape Town. The Workshop provided a compact understanding of Dspace from installation, management and customization of Dspace to reflect institution's corporate image. Leonard also facilitated some of the modules. This workshop has equipped us to be able to manage our institutional repositories better.


On 28 September they again attended LIASA Pre-Conference at Central University of Technology in Bloemfontein and presented each a workshop on Institutional Repositories. Kenny facilitated the Introduction to Repositories (paper compiled by Ina Smith) while Leonard provided a practical technical part of Dspace such as simplified method of Dspace installation. The sessions were very interactive and attendants are curious that we should have follow-up workshops next year.


Contributed by:  Anette Lessing


Erica van der Westhuizen retired


Erica started her career at UP in 1981 and retired at the end of  September 2009. This is a short overview of her amazing 28 years as the leader of the Veterinary Science library now named Jotello F. Soga Library.


She was educated at Victoria Girls’ High School, Grahamstown. She graduated at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, and received a  Higher Diploma in Librarianship at the University of Cape Town.


Erica worked in various libraries including UNISA before joining the University of Pretoria, where she was appointed head of the Veterinary Science Library, 1 November 1981. She has delivered  papers at various library conferences locally and overseas, such as at the International Conferences of Animal Health Information Specialists (ICAHIS) held in the UK, Denmark, Hungary, South Africa and Australia. In Africa she attended conferences in Brazzaville, Congo and Lusaka, Zambia and has visited many of the veterinary libraries of African countries. A well seasoned traveller, other countries she has visited include Germany, Poland, UK and Scotland.


She was the organizer (and founder) of Vet Books for Africa and organised the 1 st Conference on Animal Health Information Workers in Africa, held at the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Ondestepoort in 1995. Organised the 5th ICAHIS conference in 2005 including Pre-conference workshops. Was a committee member of HICSA (Health Information Community of South Africa) for many years. Actively involved in AHILA (Association of Health Information and Libraries in Africa), managing the bank account for the organization. IFLA. Durban 2006.


Erica was the compiler of comprehensive animal bibliographies, amongst others the Ostrich Bibliography and African Rhinoceros Bibliography.


She had an infectious enthusiasm for livening up the work environment with numerous exhibitions, posters, photographs, a mobile, pot plants, art works, getting the staff involved in group projects like the library quilt. A visitor to the library once remarked on how colourful the library was.


Erica also loved tea parties and celebrations - big and small. In recent years there were  the Vet Library celebrating 20 years in the Arnold Theiler Building and at the same time unveiling the library quilt, and the naming ceremony in May of this year when the library became the Jotello F. Soga Library. Even the staff's birthday "tea parties" were festive occasions. It all contributed to a feeling of togetherness, being a team and a family.


Any successful library is built on the shoulders of a skilful and dedicated boss. This was also the case at the Jotello F. Soga Library for many years. Erica, as a dear friend and valued colleague of the Dept. of Library Science and the Faculty of Veterinary Science, built good working relations with users, national and international veterinary libraries and library colleagues. Her dedication to the Jotello F. Soga Library makes this Library an important asset for users of veterinary information.  As a mentor the guidance, skills and constant dedication she communicated help us to meet the challenges the Veterinary Library face now and in future. We will always remember her sense of humour, responsibility, warm companionship and caring for others. “Thank you” seems an inadequate way to express our gratitude for her long and rich contribution to the Veterinary Library.  To Erica, enjoy your retirement and we wonder what will next attract your energy!


Contributed by the Jotello F. Soga Library staff members


Casual Day - 4 September 2009


This year's theme was "Join the team"


What is Casual Day?


"Casual Day is a FUNdraising project benefiting persons with disabilities. Each year NCPPDSA call upon everybody to dress differently on the first Friday of September and to wear the Casual Day sticker to show their support for disabled people." "Casual Day is a project of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in SA (NCPPDSA) and  ABSA is their primary partner. They provide an infrastructure for sticker distribution and support the project financially."


Teams of 4 September 2009 Casual Day



       Staff members of the Faculty Library for Natural- & Agricultural Sciences,                             Staff members of the Circulation and Learning Centre (Level 3)

        Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology  (Level 5)


Thank you for supporting Casual Day.


Contributed by: Una Mgwenya


Oktober boek van die maand / Octber book of the month


Vrypas © 2009 / Dot Serfontein




Contributed by Katrien Malan


Vrypas / Dot Serfontein

 Op tagtig, verklaar Dot Serfontein, neem mens kennis van die ouderdom se bedryfsrisiko's - en neem dan vir lief daarmee dat selfs die Bybel stilbly oor wat na tagtig met mens gaan gebeur. Jy vertel van dinge waaroor jy vroeër geswyg het en jy swyg oor dinge waarvan jy vroeër vertel het - want as jy dié mylpaal oorgesteek het, het jy die vrypas om te maak soos jy wil, sonder dat dit teen jou aangeteken staan.

Teen die agtergrond van agt dekades se sosiale, politieke en ekonomiese gebeure ( van die letsels van die Anglo-Boereoorlog, die 1914 Rebellie en die Groot Depressie, tot die verkiesing van 1948, apartheidsidealisme en die "politieke kapitulasie" van die negentigerjare) projekteer Dot Serfontein hier die gesins- en familiebande wat haar lewe as Vrystaatse Afrikaner gevorm het.  Die leser leer ken 'n individu wat elke lewensfase met geesdrif en vurigheid aanpak en nie terugdeins om die tradisie van tyd tot tyd met 'n bietjie waagmoed en 'n porsie oorgeërfde stroomopgeit uit te daag nie.

"As ons spense vol is van wat vir ons van waarde is, kan ons harte oor brakplekke spring ; as ons niks anders kan doen nie, lag ons net saam"


Library Intranet Newsletter Publication / Publikasie van die Biblioteek Intranet Nuusbrief


Indien jy enige kommentaar of voorstelle oor die nuusbrief het, epos ons asseblief by - ons hoor graag jou opinie.


If you have any comments or suggestions about our newsletter, then please mail us on - we are very keen to hear your opinions.



To contribute, please e-mail Diana Gerritsen. Contributions can be in Afrikaans or English.


Om 'n bydrae te maak e-pos asb. vir Diana Gerritsen. Bydraes kan in Afrikaans of Engels wees.




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