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          Oktober 2008 Uitgawe 1  October2008 Issue 1  

News from the Learning Centre


During the past year many exciting things happening in the Learning Centre.


Most of the clients, visiting the Learning Centre are from the Net Generation. Prensky, in his book  Don’t bother me Mum, I’m learning  states that the Net Generation come from digitally rich worlds and that their motto is usually “Engage me or enrage me!”. This statement inspired us to create a 3D game for information literacy training.



Game for inexperienced players                                                                      Game for experienced players


The game was used for the first time during the January 2008’s training sessions. Some remarks from the students were “insanely cool!”, “a fun way to learn about the library” and “quite helpful”. Each avatar (student) received a library Passport after the training sessions. Bettie de Kock assisted by Hilda Kriel, Ujala Satgoor and Gerda Ehlers as well as input from several other role players, created a Passport for the new citizens of the library. This Passport contained important and useful information on using the Library.  Shotcodes of Yahoo and Facebook were included in the passport and a DVD, especially created for the purpose, transformed the information literacy training sessions from boring to cool. These initiatives also inspired the medical library to create a game for their students with assistance from Bettie de Kock.  A lung , a theatre and a x-ray room featured in the virtual world that was created. Characters like Einspine (Einstein), Dr. Quack and Mucus met the approval of the medical students. The story line was funny and engaged the players.



Mucus with the slimy kiss!                                                                               The famous Einspine!


Sonja Delport also decided to take on the challenge to create a game for the Educational library with the help of Bettie de Kock.


While many exciting things were happing in our “first life” we also started exploring Second Life. Second Life is a virtual world where avatars from around the world engage in whatever fancies them. Several libraries deliver service in Second Life and students were invited to join us, to explore this virtual environment. History was made when the students dressed the librarian “avatar” with brand new clothes and a new look! We are new citizens in this world and are still exploring, flying, teleporting and experiencing.


Hilda Kriel mentioned during a brainstorm session that we should create a virtual learning environment. A VLE website was created especially for the undergraduate students. http://www.library.up.ac.za/learning/index.htm

It was important to make the VLE as user-friendly and practical as possible for the undergraduate students. E-learning tools were used with our information products and services. We hope this VLE will become a real One Stop Assignment page for undergraduate students. A “chat with a librarian”- tool and cell phone corner was created on this page.



One stop assignment page                                                                               Qwidget "Chat with a librarian" and     Shotcode               


Several other products were created with the Net Generation in mind.

A Podcast and vidcast were created, and our first mobile blog saw the light .

Bettie de Kock, Heila Pienaar and  Christelle Steyn created a Library Facebook.


Louisa Buys created a blog to promote all the DVD’s on level 3. Have a look at Movies@merensky on the VLE. Another first for the library is the widget (applicator) on this page that enables clients to search the library catalogue directly from the blog.




Podcast vidcast, facebook and skype helpdesk                                  Mobile blog    



Blog: Movies@Merensky                                                                                                                     Widget    


Having two plasma screens in the Learning Centre created new opportunities for marketing and training.  Presentations alert students about mind mapping, opera mini, e-collections on the institutional repository etc. Mari van Schalkwyk, one of our undergraduate information specialists from Humanities, assists with this.


As Bettie de Kock is also the information specialist for Education Innovation, she is in a unique position to align library services and products with the department’s initiatives to enhance learning and teaching. Wednesdays she has office hours in the Department and this arrangement proves to be very fruitful.


Hilda Kriel, Bettie de Kock and Gerda Ehlers presented “Teleporting from boring to cool” at  the SAOUG conference during May 2008 where it was selected as one of the winners of the “Diamonds from Africa” award for the best papers presented at the conference. Winners of this award are invited to submit their papers to Emerald for publication. The library at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is using the DVD that was created for this presentation, to initiate similar activities at their library.


We believe that the library should meet the students where they are, not only in the virtual environment but also in the physical world. Although this has been a dream for many years, we had to wait for wireless technology to be rolled out on campus. Since August Gerda Ehlers meets students with her laptop in the coffee shops. She delivers service from Steers, every day from 10:30 – 12:00. Enquiries vary from information searches to more general enquiries, referencing and assistance with email and password problems. An additional benefit is that Steers is close to the Engineering faculty and engineering students, who have limited time to visit the library can get “express service” between classes.


Teleporting and flying with the Nets can be hard work, but it is a lot of fun!


Contributed by Bettie de Kock & Hilda Kriel


October book of the month

101 Beloved bars of Southern Africa© 2007/Chris Marais & Pat Hopkins





Contributed by Katrien Malan


101 Beloved Bars of Southern Africa is really a travel book with lots of interesting pit stops built into it.  Long-time road writers, humorists and tipplers-at-large Pat Hopkins and Chris Marais each take half of southern Africa and drink it dry on a mission to seek out and expose some of the wackiest, wildest and most beloved watering holes south of the Sahara.  In this book you will discover why a beer tastes good in one pub and not in another; the dubious pleasures of Vattikakki Witblits; why drinking in a Karoo bar actually boosts your health and longevity; how to get drunk in a baobab tree; where Elvis Presley's love child drinks; the art of bokdrol spitting; and much, much more.  101 Beloved Bars of Southern Africa has everything a drinking man or woman needs for a companion guide to some of the best boozy establishments of southern Africa

Something about the authors:

Pat Hopkins is a history and political science graduate from the University of Natal.  He is an award-winning writer, travel journalist and author of more than a dozen books, including The Boy, Eccentric South Africa, Cringe, the Beloved Country, Ghosts of South Africa and Voëlvry.  He lives in Johannesburg with his wife and two daughters.

Chris Marais, a writer and photographer who has worked on assignment in more than 50 countries  around the world, normally travels with his wife, Julienne du Toit.  Together they have produced A Drink of Dry Land, Namibia Space, Shorelines and Coast to Coast.  This is his first co-production with his old friend and drinking buddy, Pat Hopkins.

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