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          September 2008 Uitgawe 1  September2008 Issue 1  

"Lobbying and public relations. Concepts for public libraries." A Workshop hosted by the Goethe Centre, Windhoek, Namibia.       28 - 30 July 2008.


I had the wonderful opportunity of being a first time visitor to Windhoek when I attended the above workshop as a presenter and co-facilitator with a colleague from Germany, Dr Hannalore Vogt, the City Librarian at Wurtzburg Library.


The Goethe-Institute is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany with a global reach. It actively promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and fosters international cultural cooperation. It conveys a comprehensive picture of Germany by providing information on Germany's cultural, social and political life.


The Goethe-Center in co-operation with the Namibian-German Foundation for Cultural Co-operation is the only German cultural center in Namibia. Their aim is to promote the German language through language classes and through courses for teachers of “German as Foreign Language”. They furthermore thrive to foster intercultural co-operation between Namibia and Germany with a special focus on reconciliation between the colonial history and the Namibia of today.


The Goethe-Center and the British Council share a historical space and present their services in the colonial Estorff Building in the heart of Windhoek. The two institutions use this exceptional opportunity to coordinate their work especially in the fields of library and information services.


Libraries as Gateways to Information & Democracy: Improving Networking,

Advocacy and Lobbying Strategies


This is a series of workshops being held by various Goethe Institutes and Centres during the

course of 2008 on improving networking, advocacy and lobbying strategies for public libraries

in five Sub-Saharan African countries. The countries involved in this initiative are Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria and Togo.


The aim of this project is to invite political stakeholders, key persons from civic society and information professionals to discuss and develop strategies to improve the situation of (public) libraries by:

  • strengthening library associations

  • drawing the attention of politicians to the importance of libraries

  • securing better funding, infrastructure and training,

in order to empower libraries to better fulfil their role in providing access to information and education. Furthermore, the role of libraries in providing access to information and supporting democracy is discussed and strategies for improving networking, advocacy and lobbying for libraries are developed. The final results of these workshops will be presented at a conference to be held in Johannesburg on November 28 2008.


The Windhoek workshop, which was attended by 40 librarians representing public, school, and government libraries, brainstormed ideas for a national advocacy campaign to raise awareness of and the profile of public libraries in Namibia, as well as the design of a marketing strategy for the Greenwell Matongo Community Library, which is a partnership initiative with Finland. This workshop received wide media attention. The programme details are available at



Brainstorming session in the courtyard of the Goethe Centre.


My presentations focused on the need for public libraries to be seen as active partners for community and local economic development; elements of partnerships; examples of and lessons learnt from successful partnerships.


These presentations were:

  • Strength in Partnerships: The Way for Libraries

  • "Libraries: Partners for Development" – a public lecture hosted by the Namibian Information Workers Association (NIWA)

  • "Librarians are Leaders! Developing leadership skills amongst new professionals" - a presentation made to LIS students at the University of Namibia.

As with many other interactions with colleagues from neighbouring countries, I strongly feel that we need to work closely to share our skills and knowledge with these colleagues as the differences between our services are extremely stark. Despite our own challenges, South African library services are again upheld as a shining example in a country that has only 25 public libraries!


Contributed by Ujala Satgoor


ELPUB 2008 in Toronto, Kanada


Kanada tower by die meeste van ons beelde van intense koue en sneeu op, maar ek was bevoorreg om die kampus van die Universiteit van Toronto in skakerings van groen te beleef tydens die bywoning van die afgelope ELPUB 2008 konferensie.


ELPUB is the acronym for ELectronic PUBlishing and the main goal of this conference platform is to bring together researchers, lecturers, librarians, managers, users and all those interested in issues regarding electronic publishing in widely differing contexts. The twelfth conference was held in Toronto this year and the theme was Open Scholarship: Authority, Community and Sustainability in the Age of Web 2.0. The papers covered a wide range of topics and can be accessed via the ELPUB Digital Library’s repository 


Dit was veral die aanbieding van Steven Harnad, een van die aktiewe voorstanders van die Oop toegang filosofie, wat my aangegryp het. Dit was vir my insiggewend en verblydend dat hy die basiese beginsels wat ons toepas in openUP ondersteun het, in die opsig dat die argivering van navorsingsartikels hoogste prioriteit moet geniet in pakhuise en dat navorsers aangemoedig moet word om self hul artikels te laai.


I represented the University of Pretoria with a poster titled: Open Scholarship eCopyright @ UP. Rainbow options: negotiating for the proverbial pot of gold This poster reported on the progress made by the Open Scholarship office in negotiating copyright and archiving policies with South African publishers in order to archive the UP authored research articles in the university’s institutional repository, UPSpace.


Twee amptelike besoeke is ook ingepas tydens hierdie toer. Die 20ste Junie is ek hartlik ontvang deur Naomi Krym van die Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) wat geleë is in Ottawa en die 23 Junie het Barbara Porrett van die International Development Research Centre my te word gestaan. Dit bly ‘n voorreg om te toer en jou werksaamhede internasionaal te vergelyk – my hartlike dank vir die geleentheid!



Pictured at the ELPUB conference: Gideon Christian - a research intern with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) based in Ottawa, Canada who visited the Open Scholarship Office in May 2008.



   Naomi Krym, CISTI’s Business Development Officer                                                                                                               Elsabé Olivier and Rolando Coto Solani                                 and colleagues.                                                                                                                                              from the University of Costa Rica


Contributed by Elsabé Olivier






The Veterinary Science Library once again participated in this biannual event by sharing the Faculty’s exhibition stand. This important occasion in the veterinary calendar is an opportunity for marketing the library’s services and products to veterinary practitioners.  With CPD (Continuing Professional Development) now compulsory for practitioners the library plays a role in helping with the earning of points.  We run an electronic monitoring system, keeping a record of the articles requested by veterinarians who have enrolled for our contents pages service.


Antoinette Lourens and Erica van der Westhuizen promoted the Library Services the first 2 days of the conference, and were followed by Tertia Coetsee and Marguerite Nel for the next 2 days.


We were kept very busy as most of the attendees visited the exhibits. There was no time for us to attend any of the lectures unfortunately, as we had been able to do at past conferences. (No time for gambling either!)


We hope that all the contacts made and information communicated about how the library can help practitioners to keep up-to-date will result in an expansion of our “external” market, for the benefit of animal health in South Africa.





                  Antoinette Lourens promoting our services                                                       From left to right: Tertia Coetsee, Antoinette Lourens,

                                                                                                                                                                Erica van der Westhuizen and Marguerite Nel


Contributed by Erica van der Westhuizen


 UP Library Receives R15000 from the TuksAlumni Alma Mater Fund


On 19 August 2008, the Library received a gift of R15 000.00 from the TuksAlumni Alma Mater Fund. We will ensure that this gift is used to add value to the Library. The nine UP faculties also received gifts of R10 000 each.


This Fund, previously known as Project 202000, has two focus areas namely the General Bursary Fund and the Special Projects Fund.  The Bursary Fund awards annual bursaries in various faculties to meritorious students while the Special Projects Fund supports worthy causes such as the UP Library, the advancement of campus culture, music and art and the UP Crisis Line. 


As a service, we must continue to ensure that every registered alumnus who uses the Library, is a satisfied user!


Contributed by Ujala Satgoor


OpenUP & Copyright negotiations


As Open Access Manager I often have to negotiate copyright and archiving policies with mostly South African publishers in order to deposit electronic copies of UP authored articles in our repository, UPSpace. South African publishers usually do not have any copyright policies regarding self-archiving in repositories and the openUP Office plays an important role in promoting Open access and influencing publishers to either adjust their current or develop new copyright archiving policies. This copyright project started in earnest in February 2007 and until date approximately 450 journal titles have been added to the growing list which is consulted by the submitters of Research articles before articles are deposited in the Research article collections and mapped to openUP.


The good news is that most of the South African publishers support Open access and even allow the archiving of the published PDF version, although it sometimes necessitates the art of persuasion and negotiation! In June I received an invitation to a meeting from the Director of Publications of the Africa Institute of South Africa,

Solani Ngobeni, to discuss this request and the terms and the associated conditions                   Elsabé Olivier and Solani Ngobeni

to archive the journal, Africa Insight.


During this meeting Solani agreed to the archiving of the finalized PDF version as it appears in print and a new agreement of cooperation between openUP and the Africa Institute of South Africa was signed.


Contributed by Elsabé Olivier


September boek van die maand / September book of the month


Tukkies oorskou sy eerste honderd jaar 1908-2008© 2008/

Flip van der Watt



In Tukkies Oorskou sy Eerste Honderd Jaar het prof. Flip van der Watt, kerk- en kultuurhistorikus van formaat, deur middel van kort, tematiese essays verskillende fasette van die ontstaan, wasdom en prestasies van die Universiteit van Pretoria meesterlik toegelig.  Dit is geen dorre, volledig kronologiese geskiedenis van Tukkies nie, maar die outeur het nietemin daarin geslaag om 'n magdom inligting aangaande die Universiteit in 'n maklike verteerbare vorm deur middel van flitsbeeldkameë in 'n vloeiende en onderhoudende skryfstyl byeen te bring.  Die outeur het nie daarvan teruggedeins om omstrede en sensitiewe onderwerpe, soos byvoorbeeld die taalkwessie, aan te sny en met 'n groot mate van objektiwiteit te skets nie.  Die talle, deeglik geselekteerde illustrasies sluit uitmuntend by Van der Watt se teks aan en het daartoe bygedra dat hierdie publikasie 'n keurige en waardige eeufeesbundel is.

Prof Cobus Ferreira

Contributed by Katrien Malan


Hierdie boek reflekteer die passie van 'n toegewyde voormalige studentedekaan en professor aan die Universiteit van Pretoria.  Die knap sketse raak 'n verskeidenheid onderwerpe uit die verlede aan wat sowel sy persoonlike herinneringe, as maandelange navorsing in die UP Argief weergee.  Die produk is 'n interessante en betroubare blik op hierdie ryke verlede.

Prof Karen Harris: Direkteur UP Argief.

Die outeur:  Prof Flip van der Watt is in 1974 aangestel as professor in en hoof van die Departement Kerkgeskiedenis aan die Universiteit van Pretoria.  In 1987 word hy dekaan van die Teologiese fakulteit en vanaf 1989 tot en met sy aftrede in 2002 is hy die studentedeaan.  Sy vakkundige navorsing en publikasies besorg in 1988 aan hom die S.A. Akademie vir Wetenskap en Kuns se Totiusprys vir onder meer sy vierdelige studie oor die geskiedenis van die Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk; hy is die ontvanger van die FAK se prestigeprys (1992) en vir sy bydrae tot die bevordering van die Suid-Afrikaanse kerkgeskiedenis; en hy is ook twee keer vereer met die Verteenwoordigende Studenteraad se Dux Docens-toekenning.

Die afgelope aantal jare wy hy hom daaraan om fasette van die Universiteit se ryke geskiedenis te boek te stel: sy groot belangstelling in sport lei tot Tukkieruby by die Millenium (2000) ; en in 2002 is hy redakteur van die vierde deel van die Ad Destinatum-reeks waarin UP se geskiedenis vir die periode 1993-2000 kroniekagtig weergegee word; en in sy voorlaaste boek word die Universiteit se elf rektore saaklik onder die titel Rectores Magnifici (2003) bekend gestel.


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