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South African Tribal huts & homestead by Jean Morris & Ben Levitas
South African Tribal huts & homestead by Jean Morris & Ben Levitas


A Shangaan village which shows the traditional huts with covered verandahs, formed by poles under the circumference of the roots.

A Venda village where the huts are clustered together.


Preface :

The huts and homesteads of the tribal people of South Africa vary considerable in design and decoration. The geometric pattrens painted on the mud walls of the Ndebele of the Transvaal are completely diffrent from straw 'beehive' shaped huts of the Zulu who reside in Natal. The stone walled hits of the Basotho who live on the mountainous plateau of Lesotho, in turn differ greatly from those of other tribes.

Each hut is fashioned around a general pattern which is in accordance with the tribal tradition. No two huts are exactly alike because each is custom made according to the tastes of its owner. The uniqueness of the building material with which each hut is built is another factor which accounts for this diversity.

Photographs by Jean Morris & Text by Ben Levitas














Printed from the book " South African Tribal Life Today"

Source : Mill Street, South Africa : College Press.1987. South African Tribal huts & homestead photographs by Jean Morris text by Ben Levitas.
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