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Lives of courage : women for a new South Africa / Diana E. H Russell
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About the book:

This book is about the diversity of women that have made a contribution in the fight against apartheid in South Africa; diverse in their race, ethnicity, social class, age, occupation, political affiliation as well as kinds of opposition work.

Ending apartheid was a successful revolution but it required that many people put their lives at risk. The focus of this book is on those women whose political work had required them taking significant risks. It is also the reminder of how little credit the women received in the anti-apartheid movement for risking their lives.


About the author:

Diana H.E Russell was born and raised in South Africa; is a professor of sociology at Mills College, Oakland, California.

Source:Russell E.H.D. 1989. Lives of courage : women for a new South Africa , New York: Basic Books.
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