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The Anglo-Boer war 1899-1902 by Fransjohan Pretorius
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About the book:

From 1899-1902 South Africa was convulsed by the conflict between one of the world's greatest powers- Britain and the tenacious fighting force of two small Afrikaner republics, the ZAR(Transvaal) and the Orange Free State. Faced with the threat of losing their independence, the Boers rallied with a single-minded determination which gained them great sympathy in Europe and the USA.

This book outlines the course of the war, through the formal stages to the guerrilla struggle of the bitter enders. Finally it focuses on individual aspects of the war that are often overlooked in a more general approach. Here are Boer life on commando, the British Tommy's experience of a hostile veld, and the role of blacks in the warfare - an aspect until recently unprobed.


Source: Pretorius, Fransjohan.1985.The Anglo-Boer war 1899 - 1902. Cape Town, South Africa: Struik Publishers.

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