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 South African Timber Buildings A Crafted Revived / Rosemary Rudd
 South African Timber Buildings A Crafted Revived / Rosemary Rudd


Fingo Village house, erected circa 1850.

House in the Quigney 1877.


Preface :

Many of the hostorical buildings illustrated in this book still exist today, having been lovingly restorted and well maintained. Pleasingly, a number of them have been declared National Monuments.





































This book is a 'journal' of the histroy of timber construction, so it had to begin at the beginning, so to speak, and that was with the first wood and iron structres in the country. However, the historical buildings featured in the book are worthy of more than mere mention.




Source : South African Timber Buildings A Craft Revived / Rosemary Rudd.
Publisher [Cape Town]: Clifton Publishers (Pty) Limited, 2006.
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