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 Women and art in South Africa © 1996 / Marion Arnold

Women and art in South Africa / Marion Arnold

Women and art in South Africa.  In this pioneering study, Marion Arnold explores the connections, hitherto hidden or neglected, between women and art in South Africa.  By doing so, she recovers the rich histories of South African women artists and celebrates their creativity in the visual arts

In a series of related essays teeming with fresh insights, Marion Arnold asks new questions about the ways women have portrayed themselves, depicted landscapes, painted images of plants and sculpted the body.  She examines, too, portraits of women (both black and whit)e in service and the long history of representations (usually by men) of the female 'other'

Throughout the book, the connections Marion Arnold makes between ideas, artists and their works are always illuminating and often unexpected.  Here are not only familiar names viewed afresh - such as Maggie Laubser, Irma Stern, Helen Sebidi and Jane Alexander - but lesser-known artists who are rediscovered and brought to life

Dr Marion Arnold lectures in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Stellenbosch.  Her two most recent books examine the work of Irma Stern and Thomas Baines (the latter book written with Jane Carruthers). She is a practising artist who has exhibited widely in South Africa and is represented in major collections


Cover Illustration : Subject to authority by Marion Arnold  
George French Angas, Nazea, wife of Karel, a Malay priest (1846-1847)  
Frans Claerhout, Birth (n.d.)    
Source: Women and art in South Africa / Marion Arnold
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