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The Africana collection consists of books in all disciplines limited to Africa south of the Sahara. Since 1980, the emphasis is on the Southern African region with special interest in material, published or unpublished, pertaining to Pretoria. The collection is divided into an old (ZAOUV : pre-1980 publications) and new (ZA : 1980+) component.

Housed and labelled separately but including many Africana works, are the collections of a number of eminent persons which have been acquired since the 1920’s:

- Prof. J du Plessis, theologian at Stellenbosch.
- The NHK (Nederduits Hervormde Kerk) group of collections made up of the collections of Prof. P.J. Muller (ZHM), 1854-1922, Rev. Jac van Belkum (ZHvB), 1851-1933, and Rev. L.E. Brandt (ZHB). The latter incorporates the collection of Rev. N.J. van Warmelo whose daughter, the colourful author Johanna Brandt, was married to Rev. LE Brandt.
- Lutherse Seminarium (ZHL), a collection donated by the Holland-Zuid-Afrikaanse Unie in 1939.
- Adv. J. de V Roos (ZR), 1884-1940, auditor-general of the Union of South Africa, 1918-1929.
- Dr M.M. Nolte (ZN), attorney and notary based at Ermelo.
- Sir J. H. Brand, President of the Orange Free State (1864 - 1888) and his father Sir Christoffel Brand, jurist and politician, first Speaker of the Cape Parliament.
- T.F. Burgers, President of the South African Republic 1872 – 1877.
- A pamphlet collection consisting of approximately 11 000 items covering a wide range of subjects. It includes items dating from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.


Jurriaanse Collection (JUR)

Kept separately in its own room is the Jurriaanse Collection. Dr Aardt Jurriaanse, a Dutchman, studied medicine in the Netherlands and came to South Africa during the Anglo Boer War with a medical corps in aid of the Boers. He stayed on in South Africa after the war and worked as a general practitioner in the Ermelo district of the old Transvaal where he also farmed until the end of his life. His collection of books covers the classics in literature and medicine.


UP Publications (TUK)

This collection consists of publications by the staff, research units/student bodies or any association/organization of the University of Pretoria. Also included are all publications that deal with the University of Pretoria or publications that were published with financial assistance from the University of Pretoria.

Masters & Doctoral research outputs of UP students are regarded and preserved as special UP Publications (ZAPR and ZAPROUV). This collection contains a copy of each dissertation/thesis by Masters and Doctoral students enrolled at all the faculties at the University of Pretoria.


Reserved Collection (RES)

This collection is made up of non-Africana books of antiquarian value and so-called high risk books that require protection/preservation. It includes classic works in the fields of medicine and mathematics. Other interesting items are first edition facsimiles of Da Vinci's notebooks, 17th and 18th century Bibles and 19th century works on European arts and literature.


Netherlands Cultural History Library Collection (KHI & KHN)

This collection is the most extensive Dutch collection in the Southern Hemisphere and consists of approximately 20 000 volumes covering all disciplines. Most of the old and rare books of this collection published before 1900 have been catalogued and separated from the main collection. Some of the modern works have been integrated with the general collection of the Library, while the rest are housed in the Old Merensky Library. They are accessible only via a card catalogue.


South African Music Collections

- Anna Bender Collection (ZAMUS BENDER), 1919-2004 - Mimi Coertse Collection (ZAMUS COERTSE)
- Stefans Grové Collection (ZAMUS FZ GROVE, STEFANS), 1922-2014 - Sarie Lamprecht Collection (ZAMUS LAMPRECHT), 1923-2005
- Marita Napier Collection, 1939-2004 - FZ van der Merwe Collection (ZAMUS FZ)


Digital Collections

These collections can be found on UPSpace, the digital research repository of the University of Pretoria.