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  Subject Portals: Blackfly

( Diptera: Simuliidae )

  List of Blackfly Experts
Name Address Contact information
Palmer, R. W. Nepid Consultants,
P.O. Box 4349,
White River, 1240,
South Africa.
e-mail : rob@nepid.co.za
Rivers-Moore, N. A. Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife,
PO Box 13053,
Cascades 3202,
South Africa
e-mail : blackfly1@vodamail.co.za
Bath G.F. Dept. of Production Animal Studies,
Faculty of Veterinary Science,
Private Bag X04,
Onderstepoort 0110,
South Africa
e-mail : gareth.bath@up.ac.za

  Blackfly Research Centres

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