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    Projects of the Veterinary Science Library : African Goats


Information on goats and goat production systems in Africa




Past Conferences
  Livestock Health and Production Group 2001


The 8th International Conference on Goats, Pretoria, South Africa
Future Conferences
  IGA Regional Conference in Bella (Potenza), Italy, May 24-26, 2007
  9th International Conference on Goats, Cancun, Mexico, 2008
  Current status of goat research
  Milk production from goats for households and small-scale farmers in
South Africa  
  Research and training strategies for goat production systems in
South Africa:1998
(full text proceedings of a workshop)  
  Goat meat in human nutrition
  Nutrient requirements of goats (2004)
  7th International Conference on Goats, 2000, Tours, France
  8th International Conference on Goats, 4-9 July 2004, Pretoria, South Africa (Proceedings, SAJAS, vol. 34, issue 5, 2004 with permission of the editor)

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