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    Projects of the Veterinary Science Library : Vet Books for Africa

Proposal : Vet Books for Africa : 2006
November 2006 - January 2007

Project Proposal
1. Project Overview
Books for Africa is the continuation of a project started in 1993 and is running as a biannual event. In this project, the Books for Africa team takes books to remote African veterinary faculties, thereby updating and expanding their libraries and improving the interaction between the University of Pretoria, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Onderstepoort and these establishments.

The aims of Books for Africa 2006 team are broadly defined:
i. To ensure the safe delivery of these veterinary journals, textbooks and multimedia to the veterinary faculties.
ii. To position South Africa as a leading country with regards to veterinary science as well as to promote the Faculty of Veterinary Science as an institute of academic excellence internationally.
iii. To promote the relations between the different African veterinary faculties.
iv. To serve as a medium for publicity to various sponsors and companies.

The distribution of the information contained in the books and journals will serve to enrich the Veterinary field in other parts of the African continent as well as the lives of those people and animals that will benefit there from.

The project will take place during November and December 2006, starting at Onderstepoort, and then visiting universities in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya and Uganda.

The project team consists of 8 veterinary students from Onderstepoort who are enthusiastic about achieving the above mentioned goals. We rely on help from any company, institution or individual, to make this trip a success and therefore make an appeal for any sponsorship or support that can be granted to our project.

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2. Project outline

a) Project description
Books for Africa is a non-profit organisation affiliated to the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Pretoria. Any surplus funds generated are donated to the next committee in order to help them achieve their desired outcomes. The project consists of a forty day conference trip into Africa, using an estimated two vehicles and catering for eight people.

b) Project objectives
Books for Africa has, in the past, been self-sufficient in terms of funding (sponsorships) with future aim to continue in this fashion. To achieve the aims as previously stated, the following objectives have to be met:
i. Establish a Project Committee consisting of eight members and delegate specific portfolios to each member.
ii. Secure a list of suitable venues upon which an itinerary can be based.
iii. Submit a forecasted program for the proposed project to the relevant university authorities and gain approval.
iv. Secure relevant sponsorships and communicate benefits and costs.

c) Project strategy
The following factors can be listed as critical to the success of the project:
i. Obtaining a sufficient amount of books.
ii. Communicating with other universities
iii. The communication effort of (i) and (ii) to delegates. This involves the establishment of marketing champions at the various international veterinary faculties. These factors will, again, form the focal point of the Project strategy.

d) Management committee
A Project Committee to organise and manage Books for Africa 2006 was selected by the current leaders of the project who were selected by the 2004 Committee.

e) Preliminary budgets
A detailed preliminary budget is attached (Appendix A).

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3. Project scope

a) Marketing Strategy
The marketing campaign will involve the following aspects:
i. The establishment of a website.
ii. The utilisation and involvement of sponsorships that will contribute financially as well as give the event credibility.
(The aspects mentioned above are discussed in more detail below)

  • i) Marketing champions
    Using a database of previous delegates, individuals at all international campuses will be identified and contacted to arrange the necessary dates and times. This has previously been very successful and will therefore be carried out again. As an incentive, these individuals could be rewarded with a gift in the form of a bag, a t-shirt or a book. The Dean’s office at every faculty can also be contacted for this function.

  • ii) Website
    A website will be designed and will reflect all the necessary information and visuals required by companies seeking additional information.

  • iii) Sponsorships
    A wide variety of possible sponsors and sponsorship opportunities exist. This will be explained in more detail in section 3d

    b) Target group and targeted countries
    The main focus of the communications effort is obviously focused on the universities and more specifically veterinary faculties. A list of international universities will be obtained from the International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) from where targeted campuses will be sourced.
    A list of targeted countries and universities is attached (Appendix B).

    c) Itinerary and duration of the project
    A detailed Itinerary is attached (Appendix C).

    d) Sponsorship opportunities
    Books for Africa has, in the past, been self-sufficient in terms of funding and we aim to continue in this fashion. In order to do so, sponsorships and financial support are essential. Various companies and institutions will be approached to assist us in this matter.
    In doing so sponsors would gain the opportunity to be associated with this prestigious event and also have the opportunity to market themselves and their brands both locally and internationally.
    All Sponsors will have access to the detailed financial reports off Books for Africa and also be issued with a tax certificate as to enjoy the tax benefits associated with such a sponsorship (As under section 18 and 56 of the Income Tax Act).
    A list of sponsorship and assistance packages are available in Appendix D.

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    4. Appendices

  • Appendix A: BOOKS FOR AFRICA 2006 - PROVISIONAL BUDGET SUMMARY 16 February 2006
  • Appendix B: Countries and universities targeted
  • Appendix C: Detailed itinerary
  • Appendix D: Advertising/Sponsorship options for Books for Africa 2006

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